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14_ I should command

"Sky," she breathes out into the phone.
Emma can't help but smile.

God, she missed her voice a lot even though she is supposed to mad at her but that's so long gone.

"Natalie, You called!" She exclaims happily walking back into the hall.

The other end is silent. But she can sense her smiling broadly behind the phone.

"You-you're not mad at me?" Natalie asks Emma, her voice filled with uncertainty.

Emma chuckles lightly. "Why would I be mad at you? It's a long-forgotten story, Nat. How are you?"

Natalie feels breathless. Is she the same person who yelled in her face for betraying her?

"I-- I'm good. I-- Are you okay?"

Natalie can imagine Emma frowning deeply, her forehead creasing.

"Am I okay? What kind of question is that? I'm doing so well. And I'm not having a mental breakdown if you are asking that."

Natalie raises a brow. "No, I didn't mean that. Where are you? I want to see you so badly."

Emma jokes, "I'm so not going to date you, Natalie."

"I already have a girlfriend, dumbo," she replies, a smile in her voice.

Emma gasps. "Oh my god, tell me that she is a blonde or a redhead."

Natalie laughs behind the phone. "She is a blonde. Beautiful and brilliant in every sense but she can be annoying as hell sometimes."

"Can't blame her," Emma laughs as Victoria raises a brow in the questioning of who is on the phone with her.

Emma covers the phone and whispers, "It's my ex-best friend."

Victoria pulls a thumbs up and smiles.

Emma winks and gets back to Natalie on the phone.

"Where and when can I meet you?" Asks Natalie shuffling through her files on the table.

"The day after tomorrow? I'm here in London."

Natalie sighs. "Alright, I'll meet you in London. Behind the Parker's CO? There's a beautiful restaurant that I adore."

"Fine, we'll meet there," says Emma and bids her goodbye, hanging up.

"So?" Vicky inquires.

"We'll meet in some restaurant behind the Parker's CO. Weird location to meet your ex-best friend but it's ok."

Victoria purses her lips. "Something doesn't sound right."

Emma frowns as she sits beside her in the chair and turns her attention to Victoria.

"What is it?" She asks.

"You shouldn't have decided to meet your ex-best friend without asking Emily."

Emma scoffs. "Vicky, Emily is not my mother and I don't need her permission to meet someone."

Victoria stands up from her seat and walks into the kitchen and Emma follows her.

Emma jumps and sits on the kitchen island while Victoria takes out the orange juice.

Victoria continues, "No Emma, this sounds fishy. You know, the best friend who was out of touch for more than 4 years, pop out of nowhere and call you to ask if you wanna meet up in the most suspicious place in the entire city of London."

Emma narrows her eyes at Victoria asking, "Why is it the most suspicious place?"

Victoria facepalms herself after drinking from the bottle, putting it back, and shakes her head. "Jesus, Emma are you dumb or what? That restaurant was shut down like 2 years ago."

Emma gapes but stays quiet staring at her.

"I suggest that you take Emily along with you. Believe me."

She smiles and nods at her like an obedient child and they get back to their game.

Niall shuts down his laptop and sighs. His eyes burned like hell.

Only if his assistant was here.

Emily called in saying that Emma is sick. But I don't believe her though. Emily is known to lie a lot about everything.

I was quite bewildered on seeing Emma in strip dancer clothes, her eyes twinkling with mischief. Nickholas is a sucker for his best friend even though he has a kind of girlfriend.

I just want to take a break. Maybe she is well now? She'll be able to do the work.

Niall grabs his phone and pauses. I don't have her number.

He goes through the information file that he had about her and gathers her phone number.

He quickly dials it and saves it under the ID, Emma (PA)

Niall calls her and counts.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven.


He doesn't talk. Something in him twists and turns, a quick shiver runs down his spine hearing her melodic voice.

"Hola, who is this?" She repeats.

He regains his posture and replies, "Hi Emma, this is Niall Parker."

"Oh my, Hi!" She squeals with excitement or he feels so.

She is excited?

"Uh...." She says awkwardly, clearing her throat.

Niall imagines a small embarrassed smile on her face. "I mean, hello Mr. Parker. How are you?"

Niall smiles a bit even though he bites down on his lips trying not to.

"I'm not feeling so good Miss Knight, that's why I had to call you. I need you to finish some works for me if that'll be ok for you?"

Why am I requesting? I should command.

"Does your eyes and head hurt?" She questions softly.

How did she--

"Yes, it does."

Niall hears the ruffling of bedcovers and pillows. She was in bed... Probably still feeling sick.

"I'm on my way Mr. Parker," she announces and hangs up.

At least she is dedicated to her work.

Emma is working silently on his desk and Niall is resting on the comfy sofa in his big office.

Niall can hear the faint sound of clicking on the keyboard and he stares at her while she concentrates on the work.

Her forehead creasing, lips suppressed into a thin line, eyebrows furrowed.

Her lips twitch in between when she focuses on the screen. Emma is trying harder to hide the smile curving on her lips. She can sense his eyes over her.

She shuts her eyes tightly and opens it again. It hurts, she thinks.

There is something with the laptop. She stands up from her seat and stretches, thinking that he has stopped watching her.

Niall slowly opens his eyes more to capture the beautiful scenery in front of him.

Emma yawns and raises her arms, stretching. His eyes widen as the hem of her shirt goes up showing a great amount of her skin.

She doesn't bother to pull it down but rubs her face with her hands.

Like a dog. Well, a hot dog. Wait-

Emma is in her casual clothes because he called in urgent. She taps on the table, here and there, looking for something, and grabs Niall's spectacles.

Niall wants to tell her to stop but her actions are quick, she puts them on and gasps.

"Jesus, I'm blind!" She cries in a goofy voice and pulls them off of her face.

Niall giggles softly as she places them slowly on the table and inspects them closely.

She whispers, "My boss is blind."

And chortles as she pinches the bridge of her nose.

Emma flinches hard when Niall shouts at her, "I'm not blind!"
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