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16_ Just you and me

Emma has never seen any of them so happy and goofy before.

All of them were laughing, Niall pointing his index finger at the person who took the picture as he laughed like a teen who's high on crack, Nick looking rather shocked and off guard yet goofy, Howard facepalming himself as he laughed along with them.

The only thing she understood from the picture was that, they were joking about something or made fun of someone, probably Nick and the person with them shot a picture of it.

Three of them in blue beachwear, Nick wearing a sunhat, Niall wearing a sunglass on his head and Howard's neck honored by the presence of a towel.

They were beautiful.

Like father, like sons.

The phone rung again waking her from the trance and she answered it quickly, knowing who the call was from.

"Emma?" He breathed out into the phone.

"Ni-" she stopped and morphed that phrase into, "Mr. Parker?"

"You took the wrong phone," he said.

Emma could sense the smile in his voice.

She chuckled softly as she said, "Figured that by now."

"Come back to the entrance, I'll be there. With your phone, of course."

"Yes Mr. Parker," she said and hung up.

Niall smiled to himself as he thought about her lock screen wallpaper.

Emma and Emily were standing in front of their college, wearing a graduation gown, smiling widely as possible.

One of them had their arms around the other's neck and the other twin had her arms circles around her sister's waist. Both of the sides of their faces were pressed together, eyes fixed on the camera.

There was the date of when the photography was taken in the corner of the photo aka the graduation day. It was written on 10 May 2021. That means it happened 3 months ago.

So according to my calculations, she is 21. Sky was 4 and I was 10 when I flew to London and I'm 27 now. 17+4= 21. Jesus, don't tell me that Sky's real name was Emma....

I had trouble identifying who was who and boy, they were super identical.

To be honest, they were gorgeous. Emma was dead gorgeous but some parts in me try their best to drag me away from her, telling me that she's a bad nut. The other part in me is so damn attracted to her beauty and outstanding brilliance in her works.

Telling that she had a good body would be an understatement.

Very flexible proves how good of a dancer she is. ✓
Flirtatious way of talking, not something that I'm a fan of but it's fine as long as it is not with Nick or any employees. ✓

Very easy to mingle. ✓
Has a very attractive smile. ✓
Much of a drinker than a smoker. ✓
Very tall for an average American girl. ✓
Knows how well to do her job. ✓
Knows to make me smile as well as test my patience. ✓
Seems stubborn just like myself. ✓
Very likable personality. ✓

But her background history is not doing any magic to my thoughts. It's bad.

Niall stops in his track to see her waiting outside the building holding his phone in her hand. Emma is squinting her eyes in the sun which will soon set.

What is the time? Niall checks his watch to see 6:00 PM.

He walks towards her and gives her the phone just like she did.

She smiles saying, "Sorry about that Mr. Parker, I didn't see who's phone it was before putting it in my pocket."

Niall returns the smile but keeps it short. "Not a problem. See you tomorrow?"

Emma gapes a little at his question and inquires, "It's Sunday tomorrow, we have work?"

Niall nods. "Not for the entire company but us. Just you and me."

Emma's heart flutters a bit at the last sentence. Just you and me.

"Oh...", She trails off and adds, "Are we working in your office?"

He shakes his head in a no. "No, we'll be working at my house."

"Don't worry, I'll make sure to send you my address", he says when he sees her about to ask him about it.

"Ok", she says and nods slowly processing everything at once.

She turns around but he stops her.

She raises a brow, throwing him a quizzical look.

He says, "I forgot to ask you before but how are you doing? I mean, you are not sick anymore, are you?"

She smiles gratefully and answers, "No, I'm better."

Seeing you makes me feel better.

Niall stares at her with his mouth slightly opened and blinks.

Emma's forehead creases feeling as if he heard her thoughts. "I didn't say that aloud, did I?"

Niall's lips curl into a smirk as he teases her, "Take a picture if that makes you feel great."

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