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17_ The Separated

There wasn't any bigger embarrassment than that. Niall heard what she thought, ahem, what she said which was only supposed to be a thought.

Emma drives back to Emily's house and parks her car just in time to be ambushed by an angry Emily, pouncing at her.

"Whoa!! What are you doing, Maddie?", She screams for her good life and backs away.

Emily scoffs. "What am I doing? What are you doing missy? I told you to stay in."

Emma pushes her away and walks in but Emily grabs her by the biceps and she glares.

"Emily, stop it!"

"You stop this struggling, Emma. I told you to stay in and take your pills but it seems that you tricked Victoria and fleed. Where did you run away to?"

Emma's eyes soften as she feels what her sister feels.

The need to care for your sibling.

"Mr. Parker called me to ask if I could work. I can't say no to him so I went. I told Victoria about this but she said no, so I ran."

Emily's lips curve into an appreciative smile. "I'm glad."

Emma stands alone on the doorstep and stares at her like she doesn't understand.

What is up with everyone today?

Emily calls her in. "Are you just gonna stand there all day?"

Emma hurries in and closes the door.

"Is Victoria still here?", asks Emma as she helps Emily to do laundry.

"No", she answers putting some of the clothes in the machine. "She went to her office as soon I came."

Emma blows her cheeks. I need to apologize to her.

They split their ways to each other's room and Emily opens her laptop to message her mom.

Emily~ Hey Mom, I guess it's working.

A few minutes pass and Sarah messages her back.

Mom~ What is working?

Emily~ Emma is starting to get attached to Niall.

Mom~ OMG! That's great news.

Emily~ I know right! 'She looked so eager to go work', that's what Victoria told me.
Mom~ We are not gonna try to do anything with their love lives until they start liking each other. You know what I mean.
Emily~ Of course I do. Oh wait, I hear something from her room. Be right back.
Mom~ Alright, I'll wait.

Emily sprints into Emma's room and screams.


She quickly cradles her sister in her arms as she falls, her nose dripping drops of blood.

Emma chokes on the air trying to tell her to get help but all Emily could make out is that her sister is suffocating on nothing.

Eventually, Emma blurts out, "Call 911."

The doctor talks to Emily for a few moments and discovers her health conditions and the hydroxybutyrate (GHB) overdosing. It turns out that she had a heart attack.

Emily watches her sister laying on the ICU bed as her chest rises and falls in a rhythm with an oxygen mask fitted on her face.

Maybe this should stop here. I should send her away to somewhere far and she'll live a good life there. It's not safe for her here.
2 days ago.

Emma is walking back and forth. She is worried thinking that what her mother told her weeks ago.

She is marrying her boss. For what?

Sarah told her that she is so reckless with her life and is acting so immature and irresponsible.

How dare she say that to my face?

Well, she can't say that to your butt so just shut up, Emma.
Narrator narrating the past.

It was the idea of Daniel and Jamie, Victoria's parents also one of Sarah's good friends, and also the idea of Sarah herself.

The idea seemed perfect to Sarah. Niall and Sky (Emma's nickname) were so close to each other while they were kids.

He was 10 and she was 4. Sarah knows that there is no possibility that Emma will remember any of those lovely memories because the twins were separated when Sarah and Alexander (ex-husband) got divorced. They had to pick a daughter among the two and Alexander went with taking little Sky and Sarah took young Maddie (Emily's nickname as her middle name, Madelynn)

Before Sarah took Emily and boarded to London, The Parker's, consisting of Olivia Michaels (Niall and Nick's late mother), Howard and the kids migrated to London. So Emily knew Nickholas all the way along but she didn't like him in any way.

That's how all the drama took place. Alexander changed Emma's name into Maria and kept her shut in the house, not letting her go anywhere except schools so that Sarah can't hunt and find her even if she wanted to.

But fate took its turn and she landed straight into her lost twin and mother, through an accident.

The accident was bad but Emma didn't regret running away to England after Alexander disowns her because of the freak, Alessia his second wife.

So as I was saying, Niall and Emma (child versions) looked so in love and now that they are back together in the same vicinity, the parents decided to turn them back into the love net they were in before.

But it's not going very well. Niall is not so happy with Emma's past love lives because they were purely toxic and exhausting to even think about.

She has this weird habit of sleeping around with different people but mostly they were his friends and that leaves him very unimpressed about her.

She needs to change, thinks Sarah looking at her daughter on the hospital bed, and sighs disappointedly.

She just wants her daughter to live her life in a good way and not be the 'everyday-I'm-shuffling' type.

Now, the thing about Calvin Brown. That is something she needs to take care of.

On this, she agrees with Alexander. Browns and the Knights are rivals from the very start.

Browns are always one step ahead of Knights and this time they aimed for the organ of Knights.


Sarah used to believe that Calvin is turning into goody-two shoes but No.

He is never the goody-two-shoes. He never was. And never will be.

And her daughter is wrong for trusting him instead of her father.

Alexander might have been selfish and an asshole but still he is her father. Alex tried to save her from the downfall and she didn't listen but it was a good thing that she ran to London instead of running right into his trap.

But disowning her, was a stupid thing to do.

But all she cares about is, to set her daughter right and marry her off to him because she knows that there was nothing purer than their love.

And she knows that he'll be able to look after her well and fix her.

He will love her like no one else.
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