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18_ stay with me

The next day after the attack, Emily drops her off at Niall's doorstep and drives away swiftly as she has an online meeting to start in less than 5 minutes.

Emily was against my decision but I have to go. It still hurts a bit but that's fine.

Emma raises her hand to knock on the door but Niall opens it.

"Hey," he greets her maintaining a poker face, not even bothering to look at her.

Niall takes in her costume. She is wearing a light green blouse with a pair of dark blue jeans. Her hair braided and made into a low bun at the nape of her neck.

Her face is pale and there are bags under her eyes. She looks exhausted.

Her lips are dry and she is frowning.


Emma's eyes are lifeless, yet they are undeniably beautiful.

"Mr. Parker?" She calls him waking Niall from the train of thoughts.

"Come in," he says and turns around so that she won't see his flushed face.

Emma gapes at interior designing.

"Your house is so beautiful," she admires loudly and walks around, touching the stairway and marble sculptures.

There is a huge chandelier at the top of the house and it is so shimmery, shiny, and bright.

"I know, thank you. My friend designed and constructed this house for me before she passed away," his voice drenches with sadness as he says.

She turns to look at him, her eyes softening with empathy. "I'm sorry about your friend. What was his name?"

Niall buries his hands in his sweatpants pocket. "It's a She. Her name was Saoirse Fisher. This was her first and last job."


Emma gets startled when Niall clasps his hands all of a sudden.

"Let's work," he says leading her upstairs.

"That's my room," he says pointing to the big, well-maintained room.

'Nice, nice' she thinks in an Australian accent and chuckles internally.

He shows her, his study table and she makes herself comfortable in there by pulling the chair for him and her and opened her laptop.

She waits but he doesn't sit. Emma looks up and Niall blows his cheeks.

"I'm not sitting here with you," he comments and it sounds harsher than he wants to.

Emma frowns. "Why not?"

Niall rolls his eyes. "Because I don't want to!"

Emma is taken aback. Why do you have to make everything sound so rude?

"Mr. Parker you don't have to shout every time. I understand that you don't like me just-- Please don't let me interrupt you from whatever you were doing. Please."

Niall is surprised, to be honest.

Her answer was like a slap on me but what surprised me more was her thought. She thought I didn't like her. Maybe she's right.

He doesn't say anything but goes back into the other room where he was.

The painting was almost completed when she rung.

Niall leaves the door slightly open and puts his work t-shirt back on him.

Niall got a good impression of her from his last day at work because it was the first time someone made him laugh like that.

Not even Annabelle got to do it.

Emma will freak out if she finds out that he was painting her portrait.

He got the idea to draw her as a lady of the 80s on the canvas, then paint her when she came for the interview. She was already selected and there was no need for the interview but Howard and Nick insisted that he should do something like this so that she'll believe that she got the job only because she was qualified and not any personal choice.

Niall wanted to draw her from the very moment he saw her. Not at the interview but at the fashion show that took place 2 years ago. She was probably in college at that time and he was 25 years old.

Emma was dashing in the beautiful silver masquerade ball gown of Anastasia Steele from 50SOG with no masquerade mask. It wasn't so sultry like Ana's gown because there were little modifications done by Alexander Knight himself.

Niall gazes at the painting and smiles. A little more touchup and it will be complete. For that, he needed to go check on her and take a look at her pretty face again.

Niall takes off his shirt and puts back the one he was wearing and goes to check on her.

When he came back, she wasn't there in her seat. She was sitting peacefully on his bed and swiping on her iPad.

Emma looks up at him and nods knowledging him. Her gaze falls back on her iPad and she says, "The work is done, Mr. Parker. If you want me to do something else please say so."

Niall is so impressed. Is she the Wonderwoman?

Niall opens the laptop and logins in. The wallpaper always found a way to make him smile.

Emma, Emily, Ethan, Sarah, and Victoria making a funny face at the camera in their Halloween costumes.

These people are wholesome.

He scrolls through the presentation and the new design and is truly astonished at her ability.

She is damn good.

"This is good," he compliments her, and she thanks him silently.

Niall closes the laptop and watches her work on her iPad. "What are you doing?" He asks hoping she'd answer 'work'.

But instead, she says, "I have something important to do."

He walks closer. "Important than work?"

Emma starts to feel self-conscious knowledging his presence moving close to her.

"It's for work," she answers in an alarmed tone, her heart beating faster.

God knows why.

He sits on the bed beside her and she swallows hard. Niall peeks at her screen and raises a brow. "You are looking for an apartment?"

She shrugs. "I had to sell the house that I recently bought in LA and move here because I work here now. But I can't find any apartment near Parker's CO. Emily's house is so far away from the company and making her drive me to the company every day is not easy. So..... I'm looking for a place."

Niall considers that for a moment before blurting out, "You can stay with me if you'd like."
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