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Break up with the love of her life, death of bestfriend, disowned by her father, despised by everyone, Emma is left to the choice of running away from New York. She meets her twin in a car accident and all she wanted to believe was that the drama was over. But it has only started. With tons of relationship and trust issues, she has an unstable love life. Being forced to marry someone who she had seen in her younger days wasn't so bad but it being the same man who loathe her and hates her existence is beyond heart-wrenching. A story in which a woman struggles to deal with her inner demons to be normal and find true love. But, would it be worth the shot? Only one way to find out. ( Sequel to The Separated. No longer available in Inkitt. The plot in this novel will not make any sense if hadn't read the first book. But there's a quick run with bg info in one of the chapters, don't worry) Proofreading done by Sneha S. All rights reserved © (Unedited, under construction novel) Like, comment, review, that would mean so much to me.

Romance / Drama
Mariya Gracia
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1_ The Prologue


17 years ago.......

New York City
(Unedited version)

"Dad, where's mom?", Asked little Nickholas as he clutched tightly onto his elder brother's shirt's sleeve and pouted.

"Dad, we're gonna be late. If she's taking a lot of time to do her makeup, we won't make it on time you know", said Niall with the dominant tone as the eldest child.

"I'll check what she's up to", said Howard as he knocked on the door and went in, closing it behind.

His pretty wife sat on the corner of bed placing her hand on the tip of the nightstand. One of her hands were on her lap holding onto something.

Howard moved closer to see that it was a phone.

"Olivia? Darling, are you okay?", He asked softly.

She started sniffing and wiping her face and suddenly he sensed that something has gone wrong.

"Liv? What happened?", He asked but she didn't reply.

He sat down beside her and placed a hand on her shoulder and said, "Calm down, Olivia. Tell me what is wrong."

She sniffed again and sobbed harder. "I'm a bad mom, Howard. A bad person. A bad example to our children."

He frowned and positions himself facing her. "What are you talking about?"

She gulps hard and said, "They made me do it, Darling. They made me catfish Sarah and trick her into misunderstand Alex just like he and Alessia wanted. I can't believe I did what they wanted."

Howard was horrified. He stared at his wife for a brief ten minutes and nods. "I understand. He is doing this so that he can make it obvious to Sarah that he is cheating and wants to leave her."

Olivia looks up at him with bloodshot red eyes and breaks into tears again. He hugged her and soothed her as she said, "If none of this had happened, they wouldn't have had been separated."

"Who?", He questioned surprised.

"Our children and the Knight girls. They are darlings, aren't they?", She cooed with smile.

"Yeah, the pretty girls. My favourite is the eldest twin, Maddie."

"My favourite is Sky. She is a star you know, her eyes are like a Diamond and an Emerald and Niall's favourite too. He can't even sleep without seeing her."

"It's such a pain that the childhood sweethearts are getting separated because of their parents. Real bummer."

"Yeah." Mumbled Olivia softly and paused when she heard something moving.

She quickly turned around to find her elder son standing in the doorway.

"Yes Niall?", Asked Howard gesturing at him to come closer.

Niall sat down beside him and looked up with puppy eyes. "Can we say goodbye to Sky and Maddie before we go?"

Howard blew his cheeks and sighed. "Yeah sure."

He then turned to Olivia and kissed her cheek. "Dry your face, darling. We don't want the kids to know."

Olivia nodded slowly and wiped her face, walking over to the door and stopped. "I'm not coming to their house with you."

"You don't have to."

Howard smiled at her as she walked out and called Nick to help her put the luggage in the trunk of the car.

"Can we go now dad?"

He looked down at Niall and chuckled. "Yes, champ. Let's go."

On the way to the Knight's house, Howard rolled down the windows to let the fresh air in and tapped on Niall's shoulder.

"Did you take the gift you bought for Sky?"

Niall pulled out the tiny box out of his coat's pocket and showed him. "Yeah dad, I did brought it with me. Maddie said she didn't want anything so I brought chocolates for her."

"Mmhm good for you son. I'm sure baby Sky will love it. The work we've got done will be worth it."

Niall frowned. "She's not a baby, dad. She's a grown, little girl."

Howard laughed. He still couldn't believe that his 10 year old son is so obsessed with a 4 year old girl. Not that the kid will remember anything after he's gone.

The love between the two can't be denied. It's real, fresh and pure love.

He wished that Sarah and Alex were more like Sky and Niall.

He pulled over infront of the Knight's and opened the door.

Niall jumped as quick as possible and ran. Howard called him out to calm down but nonetheless he ignored his dad and went in.

Howard called out. "Sarah? Alex? You guys home?"

Howard turned down and saw Sarah coming out of the kitchen with a bright smile on her face.

His heart sank at her reaction. How can she pretend like nothing happened at all? It's obvious that Sarah and Olivia are friends and it would really hurt to imagine your husband cheating on you with the friend.

But it's a misleading information.

"Hey Sarah, how you doing?", Beamed Howard ignoring the guiltiness he was feeling.

"Yeah we're doing good. You know it's heartbreaking that you guys are moving out, Sky couldn't believe it."

He smiled. "Well, Niall went up to make it up to her."

She has surprised. "Oh really? What has he planned?"

"We can see for ourselves."

They walked upstairs to the girls' room and peeked in.

Niall was sitting inbetween the kids and talking with them.

Maddie seemed pleased with the chocolate offering and Niall hugged her.

"It really hurts, Sky", he said.

"Where does it hurt? Should I call mommy, Ny?"

He chuckled. "No Sky. I meant that it hurts me to leave you all back here."

Sky's eyes started to fill with tears. "Please don't go, Ny. I promise not to bite you again."

He shook his head. "I don't even remember you biting me, Sky. Oh and I have something for you."

Maddie stood up and sat beside Sky hugging her back.

Howard and Sarah smiled to themselves. The girls are literally best friends.

"Here." He pulled out the box and placed the necklace on his hand.

Her eyes twinkled at the necklace.

"A necklace!", She squealed happily and he smiled.

"Hold your hair up", he said and she holds it up.

Maddie smiles goofily and claps. "You look good."

Sky blushed and said, "Thank you Maddie."

Well, the girl's got manners.

The butterflies and stars dangled on the chain and she giggled.

He twisted the butterfly and showed her. "See, we'll always be together."

That's when she noticed it.

Sky & Ny

Written behind the butterfly's wings.

Sky jumps up and down and jumped on Niall sending him down hitting the floor.

"Sky!", Maddie said but stood still nonetheless.

Niall laughed aloud pulling her up and kissed her either cheeks.

Maddie pouted. "Is there no kiss for me?"

Niall pulled her and kissed the top of her head and giggled. "Sure you do."

"Thank you, Ny."

"Your welcome Sky."

He paused for a moment and said, "I love you Sky."

She blushed and hugged him putting her tiny arms around his waist.

"I love you too Ny. Will you come back?"

"I will come back for you", he smiled.

Howard smiled at Sarah.

They moved away from the door and he whispered, "That just happened."

Sarah giggled. "It did. They are in love."

He laughed softly. "I hope it stays like that."
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