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19_ Roommates

Emma snaps her neck to look at him and stares at him with her mouth wide open.

"Are you serious!?", She croaks and he moves back a bit.

Being so close with her doesn't feel right. Her scent makes me panic for some weird, unknown reason. It smells familiar.

He clears his throat. "Yes, if you'd like, you can stay here. With me."

Why does he do that? Separating some words from the sentence, the words which make my heart leap.

Emma wants to reject him politely. He is so intimidating, to be honest. Even with his one look, she'll crack into pieces like dry mud.

There is something about Niall that pulls me towards him.

But Emma finds herself saying, "Yes, that'd be great Mr. Parker. Thank you."

"Don't mention it", he says and walks out going back into the room.

Niall is glad that he covered up the tiny details from her face.

The tiny freckle on her chin, the gold strikes in the green eye, and silver strikes in the grey eye. Her long lashes, the thick eyebrows, the way the sides of her eyes wrinkled a bit when she smiled, proving that she is not fake smiling.

An almost invisible scar line on her nose.

What happened to her nose?

There are three piercing on her left ear and five on the right ear. It is decorated with the finest black diamond and sapphire stones. None of them dangly, just studs.

Niall completes the painting and stands back to appreciate his work.

It's well done.

Niall took the brush with the finest-tipped ends and starts to stroke her hair that falls on her face. He couldn't draw her as a woman of the 80s so he tried the 2000s. A stunning half-hair up style, her hair made a little curly and darker. A cowl neck top and embroidered low-rise jeans.

It is perfect, he thinks and places the canvas to dry, besides the window, and opens them up.

Niall cleans his fingers and face, walking back to his bedroom. He couldn't let her into the office room because the canvas with her half-painted face was already sitting in there. He has been working on it every day.

Emma is talking on the phone to someone and he knocks on the door to get her attention. She quickly turns around and covers the phone, seeing him, and mouths, 'Just a second' and gets back in the call.

Niall takes a seat and exhales softly. The last assistant he had, was a nosy asshole.

He would always linger around Niall whenever he gets a personal call and then spread it among the employees. Then one day, he found out and fired him just like that.

And he was a snitch too.

Well, Emma is doing a good job so far and that's all he needs to think about now.

Next week, he has a business trip to New Zealand to meet the new business partner and his places. And to spread his business over to New Zealand and Australia.

And he needs her, Emma. So that he won't be entirely lonely and helpless at some points. Her charms will surely earn him profit.

Emma taps gently on his shoulder and sits in the other chair muttering a quiet 'sorry' and looks at him curiously.

"Yes?", she says and waits.

He shifts his gaze to her and says, "I don't want to have any mess so, you better start moving in quickly and you'll sleep in the downstairs room. And.........", He trails off when her attention shifts to somewhere else behind him and he turns around to look what she is watching.

"Wow, that's-- that's beautiful!", She says standing up and walking away to the corner of the room and picks up the painting in the cupboard.

Why did I leave the damn thing open?

"Thank you", he says and walks to stand behind her and add, "I got it from Spain."

Well, that's a lie.

She stops and tilts her head. "Mr. Parker, I'm not stupid."

Niall leans on the wall and looks at her in amusement saying, "I didn't say that you were stupid."

She scowls and speaks in a serious tone, "I can tell that it's an original work done by some dude who is standing next to me, lying to my face."

Niall stares at her quizzically and asks, "How can you say that?"

Emma smirks looking back at the painting, running her fingers over the lips of the nomadic woman.

"I used to live with a professional liar, Mr. Parker."

Niall hums, understanding who she is talking about.

Emily, the great.

She continues, "When I came to tell you that I was done working, you were so busy painting some masterpiece with much concentration that I thought not to disturb you and went back into the room and decided to check on apartments."

A funny feeling grows in the pit of his stomach. She is so mysterious about certain things.

"Oh", he says and scratches the nape of his neck.

She didn't see what I was painting. Thank god.

"It's really beautiful", she compliments again, her face shining brightly as if she was looking at a mirror and admiring.

"Yes, thank you. Shall we have lunch?", He offers and she nods, "Yes please, I'm starving."

They were silent throughout lunch. Emma was incredibly surprised by Niall's cooking skills and she felt jealous of him.

How come I can't ever cook like that?

Because you never try.

Niall thanks her for coming and she surprises him with a random side hug.

The deed even surprises her. Why did I hug him?

She has no idea. Niall offers to drive her home but she rejects politely and Emily picks her up and they go back home.

It is 4:30 in the evening and Emma informs Emily about moving to Niall's house.

Emily couldn't be any happier but she doesn't show that. She helps Emma with moving her stuff out and the next morning, Emma moves into Niall's house.

They are gonna be roommates.

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