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20_ Chopstick pro

Emma arranges her things in her new room while Niall is busy cooking breakfast for them.

She is pretty glad that he is a great cook while she doesn't even know how to cook pasta.

Emma puts the framed photo of her, Sarah, and Emily on the nightstand and smiles looking at it for a moment, and goes to check on her boss.

She stands in the doorway and compliments well he looks. Niall is very handsome.

She never imagined him in a hoodie and sweatpants swaying his hips to the music, cooking them dinner, and tossing his hair out of his face and look at him now.

He is there. Doing it. Being normal.

Emma has always seen him in business attire and not normal clothes that this scene, in front of her, felt surreal.

Trying not to be a creep, she knocks on the door to let him know that she is here.

His body tenses up a bit before he turns around and greets her. "Good morning, Miss Knight. Come in." He stops playing the music.

Why are you so formal?

"Good morning, Mr. Parker", she greets him back, walking inside with her hands buried in the cardigan's pocket.

The food smells so damn good.

She sits on the stool and looks around. It's neat in there, he is very punctual and organized.


Niall turns around to face the island and puts the spaghetti on a plate with some sauce on it and pushes it towards her.

He places two chopsticks on the island. Emma glances up and sees him already looking at her. "Eat", he commands and she is shaken.

He just commanded me to eat?!

Her face grows red as she squirms uncomfortably in her seat and when he raises a skeptical brow, she says, "I can't eat with chopsticks."

His muscles visibly relax. "That's it? I thought you didn't like spaghetti for a moment."

"Here you go", he adds giving her a fork and takes the chopsticks away.

Niall finds a bowl for himself and puts the remaining spaghetti in it and decorates it with sauce. He holds the chopsticks like a pro and sits across her from the island.

Emma steals glances at him across the aisle and he catches her.

"Do you have something to say?", He questions with a poker face and digs into the food.

"I have somewhere to go to, will that be okay?"

Niall pauses eating. What the fuck is wrong with her? Why is she asking me permission for everything? Just do whatever you want, lady!!

But he answers, "Yes, that'll be completely fine. I have somewhere to be too. If you are gonna be late and you don't find me here, get in yourself. The key will be the head of the marble sculpture."

She nods. "Which one?"

"The one sitting next to the front door."

"Ok. Thank you, Mr. Parker. I'll make sure to come back early if possible."

Emma finishes her food and washes the plate and places it back. She goes back into her room to get dressed and Niall sighs.

He lied. He had nowhere to go. I lied so that she won't think I'm a guy with nowhere to be on a Sunday, even though I'm the CEO of a big ass company. What will Nick be doing? Probably with Emily.

Emma comes back wearing a grey turtleneck long-sleeved dress with a low ponytail and stud earrings.

She looks like one of the royal family members.

"Bye Mr. Parker", she bids him goodbye and walks out without sparing him a glance.

Niall sits idle on the kitchen stool. "I'm lonely." He finds himself saying.

Nonetheless, Niall jogs back to his room to grab his phone and calls Nick.

Nickholas picks the call on the fifth ring. "What's up, mate?"

"Are you with Emily?"

"That's how you greet your brother?"

"Answer me, Nick."

"No, I'm not with Emily. She just went out with Emma, like 5 minutes ago."

"Oh. Are you free?"

"No, I'm working."

Niall rolls his eyes and says, "Well I'm coming."

"I just told you I'm working!"

"I'm the boss, idiot."

"Why did you even call if-- ugh, whatever, you are such a meanie."

"How am I a meanie, Nickholas?"

"You call me names and annoy me, you warthog."

Niall stifles a chortle. "I'm coming."

Nick clicks his tongue. "Ugh fine. You know you didn't even have to call me for annoying me. We live next door, yo--"

And Niall hangs up the phone. He doesn't want Nick to call him any other animal names.

Niall brushes his hair and walks out through the backdoor and runs to Nick's.

He knocks on the door and Nick opens the greeting with a grimace.

"Don't give me that", says Niall in an annoying tone and ruffles Nick's hair, earning a growl from him.

"What do you want?", asks Nick falling on his bed while Niall closes Nick's presentation to play Candy Crush.

Niall scoffs. "Mate, I don't want anything. Can't I visit my little brother?"

Nickholas raises a skeptic brow and throws a pillow on Niall.

He growls but Nickholas mumbles, "Just admit that you feel lonely."

"Shut up!", Niall snarls, the air in the room turning cold suddenly.

"I'm not lonely", he murmurs under his breath, his voice barely audible.

Nick's expression melts into concern as he realizes what his brother feels.

He stands up and tries to hug Niall but he punches Nick on his stomach making him grunt in pain. "Why would you do that? I was only trying to hug you!"

"Don't fucking hug me! Leave me alone."

Niall walks over to the garden and sits down for a while. I hate living alone.

Nick sits down beside him, placing a hand on Niall's shoulder.

"I understand you brother. Everyone can feel disappointed and lonely and that's fine. You should let yourself go explore new things, new people. Just come out of the shell."

Niall frowns pushing away the hand on his shoulder. "What are you trying to say?"

"About getting you married."

His eyes lit up in shock as he turns around and gasps. "Not this again!"

"Niall, listen to me! She's a gorgeous girl with a high reputation", he shouts after his brother as he storms out of the house to go back to his place.

Niall sighs deeply falling on his bed thinking, I should've never went to him in the first place.
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