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21_ Born Different

Just like what Emily has instructed, Emma buys a grey color lense and Emily puts one in her eye.

One can easily misunderstand Emily for Emma. And that's what they want.

Emily is ready with the bunch of questions that she wants to ask Natalie and hid her phone in her coat's pocket.

Emma stands back in the corner of the locked-up restaurant, hiding behind the cart. She doesn't have a good feeling about this.

I'm stupid. I should have thought about saying yes to her and agreeing to meet her in an abandoned place, Emma thinks.

A black Camaro arrives at the place. Everyone is in their place and Emily smiles widely as Natalie opens the door and waves at her.

"Hey, long time no see!" exclaims Emily feeling a little too excited about this.

Control the feeling, Emily, Emma thinks.

Natalie eyes her suspiciously yet surprisingly and hugs her. "Wow, you smell......... Different."

Emily hums and thinks, That's because I'm born different, you backstabbing bitch.

"Yeah," she says and grins. I can't talk much because Emma has an American accent and I'm so English. I don't know for how long I can pretend to be American.

Natalie leads them out to the abandoned street where they start to walk together but with a safe distance.

Natalie talks about some random things she has seen in Italy while Emily hums and hums all along. What will I say anyway?

"Why are you so quiet?" Natalie asks out of the blue, catching Emily off guard.

"What will I say anyway?" She says deciding to tell what she just thought.

"You sounded so excited on the phone, but now-- Wait a minute, why do you sound so...... English?" says Natalie stopping in her tracks to turn around and face her.

Emily answers, "It's been a little too long since I moved to London. Can't blame me for changing a bit when you've changed like a butterfly."

Natalie goggles at her. "Sky, when did you become so sharp-witted? This is so not you. I've only changed a tad bit and you....... Has transformed quite a lot."

Emily smiles at her smugly and says, "Everything good. And no, you've changed a lot 'cause, Who knew you were a woman enough to get a girlfriend on your own?"

Emma gasps loudly. "Emily, that was so rude! Don't say something like that," she cries.

Emily slowly bends her neck so that the hair falls onto her face. She taps on the earpiece twice as to say 'shut up.'

Natalie scoffs, "And you've got pretty rude."

Emily crosses her arms in front of her chest, scowling deeply. "Well, it's not ruder than you, eavesdropping into mine and Zach's conversation, along with my hell of a stepsister, record it and send it to my ex! Your freaking brother!"

Natalie stares at her bewildered.

"I-- " she stutters and gapes.

"You simply thought I'd forgive whatever bullshit you did to me?"

She gulps down heavily and starts walking as Emily does so.

"Emma, I'm sorry for whatever did. But you said that you already forgave me when I called you."

Emily frowns. Emma, you are an idiot.

"Yeah, right," she says trying to run it safely. "But the past is in the past. I've moved on and that doesn't matter to me anymore. I have someone new and charming."

Emma freezes in her spot. "What are you saying, Emily? I'm not seeing anyone. Don't lie!" she whisper-yells into the earpiece but Emily silences her with a tap on the earpiece again.

She unfreezes and starts to follow them from a safe distance as Emily and Natalie moves forward.

I'm so going to kill her, thinks Emma as she pulls away the hair sticking to her face.

Natalie pulls a questioning brow and asks, "Let me guess, your hotty God of a CEO?"

Emily inwardly cringes. Niall the Baker? Hmm, Natalie is here for the juicy, and let's give her non-existing juicy.

"Yes, my boss Mr. Niall Parker. We are a thing."

Emma screams into the earpiece. "Emily, nooo!"

Natalie gapes. "Lucky guess. So, have you guys did the deed yet?" She asks wiggling her brows.

Wow, this gal is nasty.

"What? No. We are taking things slow. But he treats me better than Calvin and that's all I want."

Emma slows down. Now she understands what Emily is trying to do.

Natalie smiles. "I'm glad that you understand it now. Now you can see why I told you not to date him from the very start. He will use you and he already did."

A small smile curves up on Emily's lips. Natalie was saying the truth and Emma ruined it.

"But there's something you need to know, Natalie."

She stops in her tracks. "What?" inquires Natalie, her heartbeat picking up speed.

This is it, thinks Emma. This is the moment Emily told me about.

"That no matter how hard you try, you ain't getting any info out of me about the Parker's CO. You thought I forgot that is THE Natalie Brown?"

Natalie gulps hard, her eyes sliding to left and right constantly in fear and guilt. The change in Emily's tone shook the girl.

Emma walks out of her hiding and stands right behind Natalie.

Emily continues, "We know that you are spying for him. Well, we knew that 'from the very start just like you said. And tell him something, 'You ain't getting this love no more" She says in a musical tone as she says the last line from the song Shout out to ex by Little Mix.

Natalie's eyebrows furrow in confusion as she questions, "Who are 'we'?"

"Us," says Emma walking right in front of her, and Natalie screams.

"What? There's two of you?" Her eyes widen as she stares between them and takes two to three steps back.

"Hello Nat," Emma greets her ex-best friend with a wide grin and stands beside her twin.

"You have a twin?" She asks again looking at Emily with a scare as if she is seeing two pretty ghosts.

"Hey you!" calls Emma and Natalie looks at her.

"I'm the one," she says and Natalie stares at her with a lost look.

Emily bursts into a fit of laughter and says, "She is lost, Emma. Let's help her out shall we?"

Emma nods smugly. Emily carefully takes the grey color lense out of her eye and holds it in front of Natalie and puts it down.

Natalie stares at the floor in horror and looks between them again. "You are not Emma?"

"Nope, you've been talking to the double surprise number 1," announces Emma triumphantly as she put an arm around Emily.

"Emily, this is Natalie and Natalie, this is my twin sister, Emily Matthews," she adds.

Before Natalie can react, Emily pulls out the pepper spray and sprays it right in her eyes.

She screams in pain but Emily grabs Emma's hand and shouts, "Run, Sky!"

You know how long their legs are. They run like a cheetah and jumps in Emily's car and drives away.

Emily laughs as Emma drives the car. She says, "It seems that Natalie wasn't as troublesome as I thought she would be but I can't waste the pepper spray I bought specially for her."
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