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25_ Sweet Melody

The day goes by quicker than normal and Niall wonders whether it is because of the guilt he is feeling or the aliens are invading Earth right now.

Emma eats her dinner hurriedly and gets out of his sight swiftly.

She feels stupid for giving a speech to her boss for mistreating his brother. Who am I to tell that to him?

But he looked calm and gentle. That worries her. So they were fighting.

He looks up when she moves like a ghost and goes back into her room.

We have to go to Russia today.

The business tour is meant for only him but he found it very amusing yet weird that he decided to bring Emma too.

He finally concludes that he likes the way his heart beats rapidly when she comes closer, the feel of security and trust he feels being around her. The familiarity he feels with her.

I feel her.

It is midnight when Niall goes to the kitchen to drink some water. Seeing Emma on the island with a bottle in her hand, he almost has a heart attack but realizes that she is asleep.

And she is sitting. On the island. With an opened bottle.

Not wanting to wake her, he slowly takes a hold of her hand and places one of his hands on her waist, and pulls her down.

God, her hand is so soft.

"Emma?" He breathes softly into her ear where she almost giggles a bit.

"Hmm?" She hums but leans on him as he guides her back into her room.

"Try to sleep while in the bed, not on the aisle," he says, a small smile twisting on his lips.

"Hmmm........." She hums again as he tucks her in bed and leaves.

After two hours, Niall is back. But this time, he comes to wake her.

"Emma?" He wakes her and she smiles. In her sleep.

She's f#cking cute when she does that.

"Pack your things, we need to go."

Her eyes shot open as she stares straight into his eyes. "An earthquake?"

He chuckles lightly. "No, we have to fly to Russia. A business trip and we have two hours left for the flight."

"Why do I have to tag along?" She whines stretching in all directions.

"Stop questioning and get ready," he says in a serious tone all of a sudden.

Why can't she just stop asking a lot?

He is bipolar, she thinks and sprints up from her bed and waltz into the bathroom.

Soon, Emma is ready with her suitcase and backpack. But she still feels sleepy and Niall is shouting at her to keep her eyes wide open.

She follows him like an obedient pet and gets inside the car.

At the airport.

"We are going in my private jet. I believe you don't have any flight sicknesses, do you?"

She looks over her shoulders at him and says, "No, I'm good."

He quickly walks in front of her and nods knowledging the guards at the side and they board in.

A few minutes after the plane takes off, Emma starts to talk to him. Niall forces himself to shut up and not lash out at her but things go out of control.

"Will you just shut up? We are not friends, alright? Behave yourself," he shouts ruthlessly at her and she stands up and walks away from him.

Niall sighs disappointedly and rubs his temple. I'm having a migraine.

He takes a pill and drinks it down stealing glances at Emma sitting away at the window seat. She looks hurt and worn out, dark circles around her eyes making it appear as if she never slept at all.

How ironic.

She constantly peeks at her wristwatch and then back to the window like she is waiting for Superman to appear outside the window to save her.

Niall wants to go back and make it up to her but she quickly jumps up from her seat and walks over to the two men sitting behind him who are supposedly his henchmen or something like that.

He can hear the faint sounds of Emma's laughter and then chuckling at her jokes and how well they mingle with her.

Niall can't help being pissed off at her. Something is burning in him, twisting and turning and he can't figure out what it is.

I hate hearing her laugh like that but the funny thing is, she has the most beautiful laughs in the world. Like a sweet melody.

Niall being the creep he is, records her laugh and smiles smugly at his achievement. A few hours pass by and she goes into the room and closes the door behind her.

Niall wonders what she will be doing. He slowly rises, half an hour after she went and goes inside.

He finds her sleeping peacefully on the bed with her hands crossed over her chest and legs in a running position.

I don't think she is comfortable.

This feels good, Emma thinks squirming in her sleep. The bed is so comfy and smells like coffee and mint. And has buttons on them?

She slowly opens her eyes to pull away quickly and stare at the human being beside her.

Emma was sleeping on Niall's chest and his fingers were buried deep in her hair. Her hands were securely wrapped around his thighs and he looked quite happy with the position.

Emma wakes him up and asks him why her head was on his chest. Niall blinks in confusion, biting back a secret smile.

"I don't know," he mutters in his thick English accent and goes out of the room.

Emma holds back a yell. That pervert.

The pilot announces that they are landing and Emma gets back into her seat.

Soon after they land, Emma and Niall are walking to a black Range Rover and for a moment, Emma thinks whether he is kidnapping her or something.

They reach a big castle after a long time of driving and Niall explains that they are in Moscow and they'll be staying at Mr. Kuznetsov's house.

"You call that a house?" She asks him staring at the castle like a lost lizard.

"It is, to him at least." He says and they walk out while the drivers drive away.

A tall, lean man about 65 years old with those yellow coffee-stained teeth and an uneasy accent comes towards with his hands stretched out.

He pulls Niall into a bone-crushing hug and exclaims, "Mr. Parker, I'm glad you could make it!" He says in his thick Russian accent and gapes when his eyes shift to Emma standing beside Niall, staring into the beautiful garden.

"Ooh and with your girlfriend. очень великолепно (very gorgeous)."

Niall laughs awkwardly scratching the nape of his neck and they proceed forward. Emma shifts her attention back to him and he greets her. "Sylvesto Kuznetsov at your service."

She takes his stretched-out hand and shakes it flashing a million-dollar smile. "Emma Knight. It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Kuznetsov."

"Ooh American. I like your choice, Mr. Parker. I hope you enjoy your stay here."

What the hell was the supposed to mean? Emma thinks but shakes away her thought.

She smiles and nods at him. They walk in with bright smiles when a young man sprints towards them and grins. "Sorry Papi, I was on the call with my lecturer."

Mr. Kuznetsov waves at him dismissively and turns to Emma and Niall tugging at his coat's hem. "Mr. Parker and Ms. Knight, meet my son Stefan Kuznetsov."

Stefan smiles brightly as he shakes hands with Niall and Emma. "I like your tie", she says as she grins widely, "It suits you."

Stefan blushes immensely with her compliment and he beams, "Thank you, Miss Knight, my sister got it for me."

Emma winks at him. "Handsome."

Stefan blushes again, his ears burning red. "I believe we'll become friends soon," he says smiling ear to ear at her.

"I'm sure we will," she says with a flirtatious tone in her voice.

Niall rolls his eyes inwardly. That young motherf#cker.
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