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27_ I'll wait for us

Niall watches from a distance as Emma and Stefan hug. Anger bubbles in the pit of his stomach as his eyes follow Emma's figure walking back to the palace/ Sylvesto's house. Why does she have to hug him? That stupid Russian boy is already hitting on her.

Niall quickly puts on his white t-shirt and the flannel shirt over it and walks out.

There is a grand dinner planned down there. But it's in the evening. Not yet.

Sylvesto pulls Niall around to show his place and by the time they are finished showing around the palace, Sylvesto's wife and daughter arrive.

Lada and Natasha are their names and Stefan are excited to introduce Emma to them and Natasha, his sister is impressed with Emma.

"Она милая (she's cute)", murmurs Natasha in Stefan's ear as they show her his little farm.

Emma looks around in awe while Natasha and Stefan keep talking about her in Russian.

"Как вы думаете, она придет завтра на вечеринку?" (Do you think she'll come for the evening party tomorrow?)

Stefan shrugs. "Of course."

He turns to look at her. "Почему ты спрашиваешь?" (Why do you ask?)

She pulls him away so that Emma doesn't hear them. "Have you seen the way her boss looks at her?"

Stefan pulls a face. "What do you mean?"

She pinches the bridge of her nose and says, "No offense, but he's hotter than you and she'll probably fall for his gaze if you don't take your chances."

Stefan scowls. "She sees me as her brother probably I'm younger than her but she said she'll give me a chance. I'll take that."

Natasha blows her cheeks and pats his shoulder and says, "I understand, brother. It's not like every day you see girls like her. I can tell that she's worth a billion dollars, you can smell it from her. The richness."

"She is rich in fun. I don't care about the money."

Natasha shakes her head looking at her brother in disappointment. "This is why you don't get any girl."

"Замолчи!"(shut up!), He shouts hitting the side of her shoulder and pushes her.

"Get lost, horse girl", he adds and she smiles.

Emma walks back to him and chuckles lightly. "I liked those horses! One tried to eat my hand."

She laughs again and they walk back.

Niall and Sylvesto are sitting on a luxury sofa and showing each other something on the laptop.

His fingers are twitching weirdly. Shivers run down him and squeezes and rubs his hands together to make heat.
Niall's eyes slowly go up as she walks in saying hello to Sylvesto but ignore him entirely.

His eyes go down to her hips as it sways with every step that she takes.

She is like an hourglass.

Sylvesto closes the laptop and invites him into the dining room as his servants bring the food in different platters.

His eyes widen in shock. How will all of us eat every bit of this?

"I had no idea what both of you liked to have for lunch so I asked them to make my favorite Russian dishes. I hope you enjoy it."

Emma rushes down giggling with Stefan as they take a seat beside Niall.

Niall shifts uncomfortably in his seat and tries to take in the smell of food but that seems impossible.

Emma's intoxicating fragrance hits his nose before the smell of those mouth-watering dishes could reach.

He is feeling euphoric for some reason.
What the hell is she doing to me?

She laughs as Sylvesto jokes and Niall feels like his head is spinning.

Everyone's voices are fading one by one and the only voice left is hers.

She laughs, chuckles and winks at someone.

I can't breathe.

Her scent reminds him of something.

Someone he used to know.


He is already feeling nauseous and everyone is fading away one by one. Only left to Emma.

Why are you still here? What-- What are you saying?

Emma is trying to speak to him and waving her hand in front of his face but he is sweating, breathing heavily, not understanding what is going on.

Emma jumps up from her seat while everyone watches him and her in shock.

"Is he okay?", Stefan's voice hits his ears and he wants to punch him.

I hate his voice. I hate--

"Mr. Parker, are you okay?", She calls out.

Her scent is killing me. Leave me alone, Emma. You remind me of her, of Annabelle.


Her warm hands entwine his cold ones and she tries to calm him but there's no way. He is still shaking and shivering.

"Niall!", She shouts in his ear and for a split second, his mind goes to somewhere far in the past. Or it could be a dream.

She is holding my hand, her sultry voice whispering little dirty secrets in my ear and biting the tip of my ear, teasing me, telling me something that I heard every day was a lie.

A beautiful lie. What is happening to me?

Emma's lips find his ears. She whispers, "Niall, you are alright. Do you hear me? Niall? Listen to my voice and your surroundings. What do you hear, Niall Parker? Tell me."

His vision is fading into nothing but her voice clear as daylight to him.

How do I know you, Emma? Are you Sky? The real one? Can you save me from me?
Lada sprints up to call the doctors but Emma stops her. "He is having an anxiety attack But he's gonna be fine."

It's my fault she died. I killed her.

Niall shivers tremendously almost on the verge of losing his consciousness.


Emma called me Ny!?

"I'll help you", offers Natasha running over to Niall's side and heats hands.

He is cold.

Ny. Ny. Ny.

The name keeps drifting around in his mind. But those eyes are getting heavy.

Emma cups his face to get him warm and caresses his cheeks with her thumbs.

How is she so kind to me even though I was rude to her all along?

"You are gonna be alright. I'm here for you."

Will you break me if I let you to my heart? Will you leave me hurt just like she did?

Memories rush into his brain like a flood.

I was playing with Sky. Mom called me from downstairs as it was time for us to go home. I whined and told her that I need five more minutes. I had been saying that for the last fifteen minutes.

She was calm, making building blocks with the colored cubes. I looked at her and smiles to myself. She's a cute little pumpkin.

"Niall, open your eyes! Breathe."

'Sky', I called her and she looked at me with those shiny big green-grey eyes.

'It's time for me to go', I said and she pouted.

'No, Ny. I'll ask aunt Liv', she said as she called my mom Aunt Liv because Dad and everyone called her Liv instead of Olivia most of the time.

"Natasha, gently press on his temples."

'She'll say no', I told her gently tucking loose strands of hair behind her ear.

She stood up and announced confidently, 'Aunt Liv 'ill say Yes.'

I didn't want to make mom wait anymore longer but I didn't want to leave Sky either.

"What came up to give him an anxiety attack?"

'I'll come back tomorrow', I said and caressed her cheeks and she told me that she wanted a kiss.

"Niall, I want you to respond. Tell me, what do you hear?"

I blinked at her in confusion and asked, 'Sky, I can't kiss you!'

She pouts again, her eyes glimmering with tiny tears. And she is crying already.

'Bub (but) in a movie, I see them kiss and mommy said they are friends. Are you not my friend?'

I frowned. 'Of course, you are. But you are too young to get kissed. We need to be older.'

"His heartbeat is going low."

Stefan says, "We should give him some space."

"Emma, should we go back to it without him?", Asks Stefan referring to the food.

She glances at Niall unconscious on the bed.

She smiles widely hugging my torso and said, 'I'll wait for us.'

She holds his hand and sighs, "I'll wait for us."

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