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2_ Mexican food

Present time.

Los Angeles.

"I swear to god, I won't marry him!" shouts Emma as she swipes away in the iPad with much disgust.

The guy was good-looking, wealthy, perfect jawline (does it really matter?), smoky grey eyes, clean shaved, pearly whites, cute dimples.

Everything a man could wish for, but that's not what is worrying her. It's the fact that he is an intimidating, crazy person.

The night she met him while running away from the paparazzi was still haunting her memories.

As much as seductive and tempting his voice and eyes were, she was scared to death when he snapped her neck.

Like, who does that kind of shit?

Those hypnotic eyes still shone brightly through the screen. She wanted to throw the iPad out of the room and scream at her family but she didn't because she bought that iPad.

How could she throw it away?

She looked up from the iPad and saw her sister and mother looking concerned.

Why did they wanted her to get settled so fast? Isn't Emily the eldest twin? What about her?

"It's still a no" said Emma as she handed the iPad back to her mother and grabbed her car keys.

"Sky", called out Emily running up to her.


"Why won't you marry him? Is there something wrong with him?" asked Emily trying to keep up with her sister.

"Everything is wrong!", she shouted in her face and unlocked her car, and got in.

Emily stood there bewildered at her sister's reaction and sighed.

Emma pursed her lips and sighed loudly. "Look I'm sorry, ok? This is kinda frustrating."

And without waiting for a reply, she drove away.

Emma's haven was currently Ethan's home. He was her new best friend.

Someone she can trust with herself. She has no self-control when it comes to him but he helps her with the weird addiction.

Ever since Addison's death, her mind has been blank. It wasn't easy at all.

Ethan loves her as no one else can. In a friendly way, of course.

She pulled over at his car shed and padded in.

"Ethan? Spring?"

She heard faint moaning and groans from the other side of the hall and moved closer.

What is that? She thinks and opens the door revealing a naked Ethan and some random blonde girl.

"Aah what the fuck!?", She screams and shuts the door as quickly as she opened it.

"Ugh, ew ew ew", she says to herself with disgust and scrunches her nose.

It's not like she hated seeing him naked but it's weird seeing him with someone else other than her.

Is she getting jealous?

No way, she thinks and shouts, "I'm sorry you guys, I'm gonna go."

The door clicks open and she runs out.


She didn't look back and ran. It's troubling her to imagine Ethan with another girl. It disgusted her, it angered her.

But she reminded herself that he was being a good friend nothing more. He helps her with her weird cravings and satisfies her, that's it. End of the story.

"Emma! Wait, don't go", Ethan calls out with a serious voice but she can't stop.

She can sense the stingy sensation of tears forming in her eyes. Why is she crying? What is she crying for?

Something felt weird right now. She had seen him do this to other girls before but this time, it hit differently.

What the fuck? What the fuck? She murmured under her breath as she pressed unlock on her car key.

Her heart starts to beat rapidly but she jumped in and started to go reverse.

"Emma!", He calls out again.

She wanted to believe that Maria and Emma were two different people but it came around and stuck on the same person, Sky.

She drove out of the area and saw a club full of people.

The sun was setting and all she wanted to do was lie down for a second. Her back is killing her and she wonders why.

First, it was Calvin and now it's Ethan.

If there was a book on how to hook up with a guy, that would be written by Emma Knight aka Maria S. Knight.

"I'm a hoe, slut, I'm dirty." She recited in her mind repeatedly like a mantra and pulls over in front of the club and puts on her jacket.

She got out with a big sigh and says to herself, "Let it come."

Why did it hurt? She thinks. It felt the same way when she saw Natalie with Zach. Why did it--

That's when realization dawned on her, she fell in love with Ethan.

Did he ever felt the same way like she did? She wonders as she walks in.

The guard asks her for her ID and pulls out her ID and then he smiles.

"Go on honey, it looks like you'll get laid tonight. By the way, love that jacket."

She paused for a moment.

She looked at him. "What do you mean? Why will I get laid tonight?"

He looked at his co-worker and smiled. "Boss is here. If you are lucky enough, you can hook up with him. Heard he's into brunettes."

She tilted her head to the side and smiled to herself, more in a sarcastic way. I can become a stripper.

"Thank you", she says and walks in.

"Oh my god!", She quickly covers her eyes as the flashes blinded her.

I wish there was a flash warning, she thinks.

She slowly walks towards the drinking area and welcomes herself on a stool.

"What do you want baby?", asks the bartender in a flirty tone.

She looks up to see a ginger girl smiling broadly at her.

"Vodka", she announces vaguely and looks around avoiding the ginger's eyes.

"Alright, a vodka coming right up babygirl."

She ignores the girl and locks eyes with a familiar crystal blue.

She recognizes this one but she can't put her finger on it.

As soon his eyes locked with her's, he started to move towards her.

"Honey, your drink."
Emma turned around and thanks the ginger and drinks the shot.

She looks back for the guy but couldn't find him.


"Oh my!", she jumps in scare, and faces him.

He is sitting right beside her playing with the glass in his hand.

He smirked at her.

She quickly recognizes the smirk. It wasn't the same one but familiar.

"Emma", he addresses her.

"Chase." She nods.

"What are you doing here? Your sister threw you out?"

"She didn't throw me out. I ran."

"Oh.....", He trails off and offers her another shot.

"I shouldn't."

"Come on darling, drink for me."

She stares into his crystal blue eyes and gave up.

"Goddamn puppy eyes", she murmured as she takes one shot, then another and another.

"Damn shorty, you took 4 for me? I'm sure you can do it then."

"Do what?", she asks slowly because the alcohol has started to work on her.

"Whoa! Whoa! Easy there, kitten. Come here", he said and put her arm around his shoulder and wraps his hand down her legs.

He pulled her up and carried her inside in a bridal style.

He looked at the people in there and they quickly walkout.

Chase placed her on the sofa and pulled her head on his lap. He played with her hair as she takes a breather.

"It's really, oh oh--", she cooed softly as she melt into the comfort she was getting.

"You like that, love?" Chase questions tenderly when she relaxes in his touch.

"Oh my gosh, I love it, Calvin."
She quickly opened her eyes and stared up.

"He is still haunting your heart, ain't he?", asked Chase with a sly smirk.

"I'm sorry", she said trying to squirm away from his hold but he pulled her back and she lands on his lap.

"Just Stay, Emma. Please."

She sighed deeply thinking about the time when Calvin used to beg her to stay and cuddle with him.

She missed his touch, she realized.

I'm not still over him. Fucking idiot.

Chase slowly raises his hand and caresses her cheek and tucks a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

A tiny drop of tear rolls over her cheeks and falls on Chase's face.

"Don't cry." He pet her gently and hugged her.

She relaxed in his hands and wraps her legs around his waist and presses her face against his cheeks.

They were wet too, she wonders why.

Chase thinks about Emily. How smart she was and how sweet her voice was. He missed her a lot. He missed kissing her. He missed the way she looked at him with adoration and love.

She was one of the many things he can't have. The one he wasn't allowed to have.

It's been 5 months since the break-up and he informed Emma about this and she would surely have told her.

And that was a relief.

He looks into her eyes and they twinkled.

He wants to see them again but unfortunately, they were gone.

His core is burning with starvation. Much to his dismay, his stomach grumbles, and an embarrassed blush flies into his face.

Emma smiled.

"I know." She sings gently and presses her lips against his jawline.

He pulled her down and placedes her gently on the sofa.

She surely knows how to leave a guy wanting more, he thinks.

He wanted to do this with Emily a long time ago, be open and happy but he was scared for her. Because he didn't want her to get in trouble.

But Emma was different. They are similar in looks and gestures but they had a huge difference. Emily is disciplined.

Emma is too but she forgets it often and that's why they are flirting like there's no tomorrow.

He can feel the thrill building up in the pit of his stomach but he is hungry.

"I'm hungry too", she says and pulls him out of the room and walks out hand in hand.

She is so friendly, he thinks and smiles to himself, mentally.

They walk to the nearby restaurant and get in to order something to eat. She stares at the menu for a brief moment and points on several food items and can't say that it didn't surprise him.

He smirks as her lips curl into a toothy grin and says, "That was all I wanted to hear. Your wish is my command."

They laugh and talk as Emma and Chase devoured the rich taste of the Mexican food and Chase can't help but moan.

"You liked it, didn't you?", She asks wiggling her eyebrows waggishly.

Chase grins. "Like it? I love it! We should do this more often."

Emma nods silently and faces her food. Her mind shadowing with sorrow.

'We should do this more often.'

She looks out the window, her eyes lingering in the fading cars and lights. How can you be sure? If only the brain tumor leaves you alone...........

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