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29_ Black is her color

Emma wakes up to the weird alarm on her nightstand. What the flick!?

She jumps out of her bed feeling so energetic for god knows what reasons.

Dancing into the bathroom, she brushes her teeth, washes her face and does whatever she wants to do, and comes out feeling refreshed.

Second day in Russia.

Emma dresses into a black tank top and grey skintight jeans, tieing the hair into her infamous ponytail, coating her buxom lips with lip balm.

It's so freaking cold in here and my lips are dry as hell.

She wears her woolen jacket and pulls up the zipper and puts her phone inside. Her ears sharpen as she hears something from next door.

Emma slowly walks towards Niall's room and opens the door. She is pretty sure that he is still asleep.

Niall tends to sleep more when it's cool.

The scene practically takes her breath away.

Niall is sleeping on his side with the cutest pout on his lips. His hair is all over his face because he didn't seem to get a haircut for the last 2 months.

I like him with long hair more. But he's hot as hell if it's shorter. One way or the other way, he's super fine.

"Mmm, nice."

Emma gapes. That was his sleep talking!

An idea blooms in her mind. She takes out her phone and started taking a video.

Emma holds the phone in her hand, her screen fills with Niall's sleeping face.

He smiles. Cutie.

"Why don't you just take it off?"

Emma covers her mouth, trying not to laugh out loud. Oh my god, he's having a crazy dream.

She decides to play along. "Take off what?"

"Shh, you are scaring him. I'll talk."

Emma raises a brow. Ok, he ain't having a crazy dream. Is he talking to his future son or something?

"Buddy, mommy has somewhere to go to. She needs her jacket doesn't she?"

He nods silently with his eyes closed and smiles again. "Good boy. Give it back to mommy. There."

She can't help but smile at his fatherly behavior even if it's just in his dream.

Niall stirs in his sleep and turns to the other side. She slowly walks across to the other side of the bed to get his face back in the camera.

"Do you have to go?", He asks in his dream.

Emma has no idea what is happening but she needs to stop his talk or else he'll spill some secrets.

Emma says, "I need to go. It's important."

"Important than us?"

Whoa, this is going somewhere else.

"Stop it, Niall."

"Babe, are you falling out of love with me?"

Her heart skips a beat. Who are you talking to Niall? Say her name.

She decides to argue back trying to get his best reactions.

"What are you even talking about? Cut the crap, I need to go."

He grabs her hand and Emma lets out a yelp. All of this is getting recorded.

She gulps down hard. "Leave me", she says in a dangerously low tone.

"Don't do this!", He shouts.

What is happening to him? She needs to stop.

"I don't know what you are saying, Niall. Stop!!"

He leaves her hand and his hand falls like a lifeless one on the bed. His brows are furrowing, starting to stir and she stops the recording, running out.

She peeks out at him and Niall is mumbling 'No no please' softly.

Is his wife leaving him? What is his dream?

She walks away feeling guilty. She could've turned his dream into a good one instead of turning it in another way. It was like role-playing.

After he wakes up, Emma hesitates to even look at him. There is too much guilt and he will be able to see it through her.

Maybe Niall will never remember that dream but the possibilities are low of forgetting it.

The day passes by quickly, Sylvesto takes them to his estate and shows them around and Emma tries her best to avoid Niall because talking with him makes her feel more guilty.

He'll probably feel sad about the dream and I don't want to add fuel to it.

It was stupid. I should delete it.

She takes out her phone to delete it but Niall catches her arm and pulls her aside. "Why are you avoiding me?"

She looks away from him and shakes her head. "I'm not doing anything."

She pulls her arm away from him and rubs on the aching part.

He sighs. "You were acting different since morning." He looks at his watch and adds, "It's almost 4:30 and you're still avoiding me. Did I do something wrong?"

She shakes her head in a no. "You didn't do anything. It's me."

"Emma, look at me when you are talking."

She struggles a bit to look at him and then he sees straight through her. "You did something that you weren't supposed to do. Is it?"

She gapes at him. "How do you--"

"Your eyes scream guilt."

"I am that transparent?"

He smiles. "Thankfully, yes."

She frowns. Niall pulls closer and they walk to the lake that Stefan showed her before. "Are you gonna tell me what you did?"

She swallows her saliva and takes a deep breath.

"Hahahaha you recorded me sleep talking?! That's the issue? Oh my god, you are so silly, Emma! C'mon show me the video."

She scowls and whispers, "I'm not silly."

Niall sees the video carefully and sighs. "Well, that was a hell of a dream."

She looks at him. "Do you remember the dream?"

He nods. "I do but I don't wanna talk about it."

She chews on her bottom lip and sighs. "Okay."

Sylvesto summons them about the evening party.

It's Natasha's birthday!!

They need to dress up and Natasha is more than happy to rush with Emma into the mall and buy a beautiful evening gown.

Emma shines in a black satin maxi dress and Niall decides that Black is her color.

Nude-colored lipstick on her pouty lips and a little flirt of golden eyeshadow over her eyelids, framing her lotus's petal-shaped eyes with brown wing eyeliner.

She straightened her hair and let it fall freely over her shoulders and down her back.

Niall can't take her eyes off of her.
She is gorgeous.

She walks towards him with a smile and he can already feel his heartbeat racing like the cars in Formula One.

She is saying something. "Yeah?", He says.

"You look handsome", she mutters looking away, a little blush coating her cute cheeks.

"Thank you, you look delicious."

Her neck snaps to his face. An embarrassed blush flies to his face as he says, "Sorry, I'm dyslexic sometimes. I meant Dashing, not delicious."

"Oh.......", She trails off, fighting back a smile.

"I'll see you around", she says walking over to Natasha and family grinning widely.

Niall scolds himself for acting like a simp.

Get a hold of yourself, Niall.

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