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30_ Her fantasy

"Happy Birthday Nat," she cooed, and Natasha bats an eyelash stylishly.

"Thank you. Oh my....... You look gorgeous!"

Emma flashes a smile and winks at her. "Thank you and so do you. I like that necklace. I bet gold is your color."

Emma scrunches her nose. "Wait, uh... You have that--" she says pointing at her teeth and Natasha raises a brow.

"What? I have what on my teeth?"

"You have lipstick on your teeth," says Stefan giving her tissue paper and gapes at Emma.

"Wow...... You look ho-- uh, Pretty."

"Thank yo--"

"You are not gonna compliment me?" Asks Natasha, her frown growing deeper and deeper.

Stefan laughs nervously, totally intimidated by his younger sister.

"Yeah, you look nice."

"That's not enough."

Emma already thinks that she will bite his head off so she excuses herself and gets herself a drink.

"Fine party, eh?"

She turns to find a guy who looks younger than her probably Stefan's age smiling sweetly at her.

"Yeah, it's good," she says quietly and she can already sense another set of eyes watching them.


She looks at Niall who is talking with Sylvesto and one of his friends, nodding and smiling as they talk but stealing glances at her often.

It is like he is making sure that she is staying right where she is or he might go look for her if she moved away.

Emma turns to the boy again. "You are lovely, m'lady. Care for a dance?" He says holding out his hand for her and she takes it with a bright smile.


It is a team of musicians that are playing the song right now. It's wonderful.

Emma finds the rhythm very soothing. She twirls beautifully, giving the right gestures, and ends the dance.

"Wow, you are a great dancer," he compliments and kisses her hand.

Oh, you think?

"You are not bad yourself. But I never got your name?"

He smiles. "I'm Savio Graham."

She shakes hands with him. "Emma Knight."

"Sweet," he comments and before she could say anything, Stefan walks over to them and steals her away.

"Dance with me, Emma."

Emma apologizes to Savio and bids him goodbye.

She doesn't reply and dances with him. He talks to her about something that makes her roll with laughter but she controls herself.

"Let's see on that. I don't think he will fall for it but I would like to try."

He chuckles. "It will work."

The song isn't finished but Niall borrows her.

"I'm stealing the beautiful lady," he says smirking.

Stefan frowns and nods. "Yeah yeah why not."

"Jealous Dumbass," he murmurs under his breath which only Emma hears. She lets out a small giggle and takes a hold of Niall's hand.

"Hi," he says.

"Hi." she smiles.

"Enjoying the party?" He sways from side to side with her, moving in rhythm.

Chained to the rhythm.

"Pretty much. Did you meet someone new?"

"Yeah, I think they seem pretty cool. Kids. Natasha's friends from school. One of them wants to become an entrepreneur!" He says proudly, zoning out in the thought and Emma can't help but admire how adorable he looks right now.

His eyes sparkle every time he looks into hers. His smiles are such a rare thing to see so she wishes that he smiles every time she reaches his eyes. He is beautiful in every sense in the world.

She just wants to feel his skin on her hands. The last time she touched it, she realized how soft they are, his hair will surely be silky soft as it looks.

He looks back at her and she breaks away from her fantasy.



"The song changed. It's a slow dance song. Can I have this dance?"

His eyes widen in surprise. Is she asking me?

He smiles at her. "Why not?"

He takes her hand in his and places it on his chest. Maybe a little higher, close to his shoulder.

And takes the other in his hand. He puts his other hand on her waist pulling her closer.

Emma's breath hitches against his face. I can't breathe like a normal being if I'm so goddamn close to him.

Her heartbeat escalates higher and for a moment, she thought that she is having another heart attack.

"Emma, are you alright?"

"Yeah Yeah," she rushes with her answer.

"You look pale."

"It's just so cold."

"I can give you my coat," he offers but she declines politely.

The music gets into its most romantic part and he sways with her. His hold on her waist gets tighter, pulling her more close to him. Is that even possible?

Their eyes meet. Emma feels her cheeks burning under his gaze.

He is f#cking beautiful.

"You are so beautiful, Emma," he says surprising her.

Is he in my head?

"You told me that already."

"No, I mean like- really beautiful. Just so pretty that makes me wanna fire you."

She gapes, looking at him with shock.

"And promote you to a higher position."

What is with him?

She inwardly chokes with hysteria as she blurts out, "Mr. Parker, are you drunk?"

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