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31_ Matchmakers

"No, it's Niall, and Listen to me, Emma."
She looks at him anticipating something stupid coming from his mouth but nothing comes.

She waits but nothing comes. He stares at her with something glinting in those grey eyes of his.


"Niall", she calls but his eyes are so lost in hers and it seems that he has cut every connection to the outside world.

He pulls her closer. His hand leaves her hand and slowly goes to her face, his thumbs tenderly caressing her cheeks.

He is lost......

Emma can feel the tension growing between them, his eyes falling momentarily on her lips and going back to her eyes.

Niall, stop before you regret it.

He is moving closer. Or am I?

Niall's eyes run around her face, analyzing her feelings right now.

Emma, tell me what are you thinking? Do you feel me the way I feel you?

He can feel her heartbeat drumming and it is loud enough for him to hear.

She gulps down her saliva, lips parting a little, inhaling deeply, eyes losing focus but falls on his lips and lingering there a moment before she averts them back to his eyes.

She licks her lips. Open up, Emma. Please.

His head tilts, moving a little close to her lips. I'm close.

She moves close, much to his surprise.

Both of her hands move to his chest and she feels him. Your heart......

They are close to beginning fireworks in the back of their heads.

Just kiss me already, Niall. Don't mind what I said before.

Their lips inches away, hearts beating rapidly, hands sweating profusely, breathing becoming irregular, eyes falling periodically on each other's lips.

They know that they want this.

When they are milliseconds away from claiming each other, Stefan clears his throat and interrupts in between and they push themselves away from each other.

Stefan....... You Russian idiot.

"I want her back again. The song changed like half an hour ago."

Niall glares at him and scowls as he watches Stefan dragging her away from him. F*cking asshole.

Natasha requests a dance from him and he accepts her.

Third day.

It's almost noon and they are dining in the dining room.

They laugh and joke like a real family and Lada says that Emma and Niall would make quite a cute couple.

Emma chokes on her saliva and excuses herself, running outside.

Niall smiles, blushing a little. "Thanks, I guess."

Stefan stares across the table with wide eyes and gape.

Natasha gently places a finger under his chin and closes his mouth and whispers, "видишь, что я тебе сказал? Они злы друг для друга" (see what I told you? They are meant for each other.)

Stefan punches his sister's arm staring at her scornfully but at least he was happy that jealousy is taking over Niall and that he has started to try and claim her.

Emma runs back and apologizes, "I'm sorry, I choked on my saliva."

Sylvesto looks at Lada with a knowing look and smiles, "Not a problem, Emma. But as I was saying, you guys will make a cute couple as well as cute babies."

Now it is Niall's turn to choke. Emma hands him a glass of water and he drinks it down quickly. Holy mutts. Are they trying to set us up?

Emma smiles awkwardly. Matchmakers.

"We should probably not go so far", she says with an awkward chuckle raising her glass for a toast.

"To our last day in Russia!"

"To your last day in Russia!", toasts the Kuznetsov family, and Niall smiles.

She knows to change the plates quickly.

It is movie night and everyone arranges themselves on the sofa. Natasha is in her room taking a rest because her body aches badly.

The room is very classy, with a fine leather sofa and Sylvesto sits in his leather chair.

He is the elder of the family so he always has his chair, says Stefan as he sits beside Emma while Niall stares at the screen like a child seeing a movie for the first time.

He has his moments, thinks Emma smiling to herself.

She misses the tub of ice cream and popcorn bucket she usually has with her while watching a movie. Emma has no idea what the people in the movie are talking about but she understands that they are lovers and talking something cringe-worthy and dumb.

An American lady and an English man watching a Russian movie. How amusing.

They are moving close to each other, probably going to kiss and Emma can't wait to see how that goes. She has never seen any Russians kissing and she wonders whether their kiss will differ from Americans or English.

Then the movie kiss gets interrupted when Stefan pulls her closer, startling the hell out of her, and kisses her.

Emma flinches, pushing him away and slaps him. "Pervert", she spits out and stands up, sitting beside Niall who has no idea what happened, and says, "Wasn't that a beautiful moment?"

She pulls a face and leaning into the sofa and croaks, "Of course!"

Niall frowns. He turns to Stefan who is staring away into the dark, dumfounded.

"What happened?", He inquires.

Stefan shrugs. "I got slapped."

Niall sniggers. "Haha Good for you."

The movie ends an hour later and Emma jumps off of her seat and rushes to her room, closing the door behind her.

Niall was planning to talk with her after the movie night but decides against it as she looked so mad and moody but it didn't feel like it is because of Stefan but something else.

But she asked him to be friends, right? So friends check on each other. Then, I should check on her too.

He knocks on the door but there is no answer.

"Emma?", He calls but she doesn't answer.

He opens the door and there she is, sleeping on the bed with her hands stretched out as she got Crucified.

Her mouth is wide open and he slowly shuts it and she stirs in her bed. Niall freezes in his position and she turns to lie on her stomach.

Her phone is switched on and as the screen is about to sleep, he touches it.

The screen lights up and he sees some series of messages from N!ck.

Niall's forehead creases thinking about the fight they had and he feels really bad. He needs to apologize to him and make it up but there are no chances of him accepting Niall's apology but he'll try nonetheless.

Reading the messages of somebody is a shameful thing but his curiosity is taking a big fight in his brain.

So he reads.

N!ck~ Hey Emma, I'm so sorry that we haven't spoke for so long. It's not you, it's me. I was having a lot of issues.

Emma~ Issues that you can't tell me?

Emma~ Look, I don't know what's going on between you both Parkers but I know that it's serious. Both of you better make it up to each other.

N!ck~ Wait wait, what is happening to both of you girls?

Emma~ You were there! Don't change the subject, Nick. You saw it, you heard what she said! 'I don't want you ruining things for me', she said.

Emma~ I can't believe she thought that I'll steal you away from her. I mean, why would I ever want you!?

Emma~ If I want a man, I'mma get a man. I don't have to steal someone else's man for that.

N!ck~ Calm down.

Emma~ You don't tell me to calm down! You have no idea how much angry this makes me.

N!ck ~ I came online to tell you that Emily asked me to say Sorry to you.

Emma~ If she wants an apology, she should ask me. Not send her messenger ×_×

N!ck~ It hurts her.

Emma~ Nick, Stop. If you came here to take her side and argue with me, it's your cue to leave.

N!ck~ Look I'm sorry ok? I'm not doing this for her but myself. Not seeing you and feeling bad about not speaking a word is too much for me.

Emma~ I don't care. Not anymore. Just leave me alone. As much as I hate to admit it, it's a fact that you guys look frickin' charming when you smile and I would love to see that again.

Emma~ Don't make me say it again. Make it up with each other. And tell Emily that I can forgive her if she calls me.

Emma~ If she is a woman enough, she'll call me. If not, consider our sisterhood ended.

N!ck~ No, she'll call you.

Emma~ On what did you both fight, by the way?

N!ck~ YOU.

Emma~ ............ Why am I trouble to everyone?

N!ck~ It's not what you think it is.

Emma~ I get it. Maybe I should just quit my job. I hate to be the cause of your fight.

N!ck~ It's not that!!

Emma~ Then what is it?

N!ck~ I don't think he likes to marry you.

Emma~ In short, he hates me. Am I wrong?

N!ck~ ........ I'm so sorry.

Emma~ .......... Great, I feel like a trashcan now. Thanks to you!

N!ck~ Shit, I messed up.

N!ck~ Emma?

N!ck~ Please don't leave me on read. Emma!!!?

Niall blinks away an angry tear. Nick is causing more trouble no solving it.

He switches off the phone and cups his face with his palms and sighs loudly and he looks up at her but freezes.

"Stalker......", She drags the word glaring him to death.

When did she wake up?

"Emma", he says softly but her glare doesn't lower their intensity.

"Get out", she says in a dangerously, calm tone.

He stands up but when she sees him standing there, she yells, "Get the fuck out!!"

And kicks him out.

Niall takes a look at his watch and sees that it's past 12:15 AM.

What a better way to start a day!

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