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33_ Give me euphoria

Niall cooks them food but Emma steps out of the room with her handbag and stops in front of the kitchen.
He looks up. She stares at him for a moment and then she clicks on her car key which beeps as it unlocks and she walks out and drives away.

She won't speak to me so she made sure that I see that she is going out to eat.

Emma comes back an hour later with two bottles of wine in her bag. She tries hard to hide them but the jiggling sounds of the bottles clashing against each other are loud enough to let Niall know.

She shuts her door and opens one of the bottles and looks around.

She sighs disappointedly. I need those frickin' glasses.

She slowly stands up, creeping out of her room, and runs into the kitchen to steal one of Niall's beautiful wine glasses and peeks out through the window.

He is in the garden doing something with his Euphorbia plant.

I would like to slap him with that Euphorbia so that it'll give me euphoria.

Happy that he didn't see anything, she runs on her tippy toes back to the room and shuts it softly, and waits to hear the click.

And it clicks.

Content with the successful stealing, she pours a glass of wine for herself and enjoys the rest of the afternoon.

She fills her stomach with wine for the lunch. She doesn't want to face him.

That ass will brag about cooking me food if I eat it and fight with him after that.

She sleeps for the rest of the time and concludes her thoughts.

When she comes back after the two-hour journey out to the town, Niall is sitting in the hall with his laptop open and his glasses on the bridge of his nose.

He is typing something with a series look on his fine ass face but he pauses and looks at her when she walks in.

"You are a brunette", he says more like to himself.

She stares at him for a moment and then walks past him to upstairs.

What does she have to do upstairs?

He sprints up after her and stops in his track. She is carefully placing a box of oil paint and new brushes on his work table and trying to take a sneak peek at his painting.

"Don't", he says and she freezes.

"I won't", she says with a nonchalant movement and walks out bumping shoulders with him but with a smile carved on her pretty face.

Why did she have to do that? And how did she know that I am running out of art supplies?

Niall walks out after taking a look at his precious paintings.

Emma is in her room, eating Chinese food that she bought while she was outside.

Niall keeps walking to and fro worried whether she will be mad at him for the rest of his life.

But why am I worried? Why do I care? Why do I? I have no idea.

It's almost night time and she walks out with a wine bottle and her speaker in her hands.

On the front porch, there is a bench surrounded by flowers.

And all of these are Niall's creation. Asshole's talented af. Period.

She sits on the bench playing music loud enough for her to dance and sway to.

🎶🎵I know you, you're like this
When shit don't go your way you needed me to fix it
And like me, I did
But I ran out of every reason

Now suddenly you're asking for it back
Could you tell me, where'd you get the nerve?
Yeah, you could say you miss all that we had
But I don't really care how bad it hurts
When you broke me first

You broke me first 🎵🎶

That song is sad enough to make her drink the entire bottle.

She is jumping and spinning around with the bottle in her hand, making some weird sounds.

"Boooo bi baaaba bibibo boo boo tik tic tik bim bom bibi."

What the hell is going on with her?

After some moments, Emma passes out on the grass looking like a dead body who went for Olympics.

He walks over to her and she is laying on her stomach, one leg is arched up. The wine bottle is having its time and relaxing on the bench on its own. While she is on the ground.

Niall pushes her aside and she turns over, falling on her back. He then puts his arms around her the back of her knees and her shoulder and carries her into her room.

She is so lightweight.

Tucking her in the bed, he heads upstairs and checks out the new paint box and supplies she got for him.

She is so kind to me even when I am being an idiot to her.

Niall runs his fingers through her painting and decides to do another painting. Watching her while she sleeps felt good to him.

Edward Cullen?

He takes his phone and goes down into her and finds her in the position he left her.

The moonlight beams on her perfect, symmetrical face and he watches her chest moving up and down as she breathes. He knows that it is so creepy and weird to watch her like that but he needs to paint something and he believes Emma to be a fantastic model to look and draw.

The lighting, her position, the way her lips parted a little, and how her hair is spread across the pillows, one of her hands on the pillow beside her kept opened is beautiful enough.

She has pretty fingers.

She looks so peaceful and godly when she sleeps. Her thick long lashes make him think of the peacock feathers that were used as a fan to the kings in old times.

Those perfect dark eyebrows.......

Deciding to draw her just like how she is sleeping, he clicks a photo of her.

The camera of the phone is of high quality, he thinks as he slowly pushes a strand of her hair out of her face.

If I could just......... No. No. Don't think about it, Niall. I know that I can't marry her. We... Are not meant to be.

She stirs quickly in her when she feels his fingertips and in a swift movement, she catches his hands and pulls him.

"Massage", she says and he arches a brow.

Did she just ask me to massage her head?

She clicks her tongue and moves aside, scratching her neck again just like she did before.

That's a thing she does every time she is in a deep sleep.

She is trying to take the bedcovers off of her body but she is not able to. Her face crumbles to a big frown and groans but finally lets out a satisfied sigh when Niall pulls it off for her.

Emma didn't move anymore and he wonders whether she wants the massage.

Maybe she doesn't.

"Madre .... resta con me." (Mother, stay with me.)

Nia stops in his track. So she thinks I'm her mother. It's fine to me as long as she doesn't think of me as Calvin. I can't bear it imagining her with him. In his arms. It just makes me nauseous.

Niall chuckles as he thinks how she manages to speak in Italian in her sleep. But it doesn't give him peace knowing that HE taught her Italian.

Calvin f*cking Brown.

Niall stays with her for some moment and then goes back to his room and starts to work on his canvas and put her picture as the lock screen so that even if his screen falls asleep, he can just switch it on and doesn't have to go all the way to his gallery.

How genius of me.

Niall starts to draw her on his canvas, being careful with the curves and smooth part of her face. He can't stop ogling her plump lips and he draws them in one of his best senses and soon falls asleep on his table.

Just hope that she doesn't find him here in the morning.
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