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34_ She is my Angel

The morning rays fall on her face as she stares at the photo on the nightstand.

I miss Emily so badly.

Even if she is a bitch sometimes, Emma can't imagine the rest of her life without Emily in it.

She sits up from her bed and checks for any messages and much to her dismay, there is none.

She jumps off of the bed and washes her face. She looks in the mirror, taking in her reflection.

They reflect a heartbroken, depressed girl. Someone who is always taken granted for, someone who is never trusted by anyone.

An overused piece of material.

She has bags under her eyes, and she finds it hard to keep her eyes open.


She brushes her teeth and ties her hair into a messy bun and comes out.

That's when she notices a sticky note on the wine glass.

I'll let you keep the glass but don't drink too much.
-- Niall.

What will you do if I drink too much? Wait, How am I in my room? Did he-- Oh.

She crumples the paper and throws it across her room.

His perfect cursive writing! Hmph.... This English idiot.

She walks into the kitchen but he is not there.

That's weird. He is usually in the kitchen in the morning.

She goes up to check if he's there and she finds him sitting on the bed cross-legged, rubbing his temples.

Does he have a migraine?

The pill bottle is right beside the table on the ground. There's nothing in it.

Maybe he ran out of pills.

Niall looks up at her and struggles to pull a smile on his face but he can't. His eyes droop slowly and fall on the bed stretching his hands and he sighs loudly.

She is still mad at him for what he said to Nick and how meaningless he made their fight appear to be.

And she had to kiss the lady pilot to prove her point.

But she can't fight him if he can't even open his eyes and look at her properly.

Emma runs to the store and buys everything needed and heads back home.

Home? It's his house but I already feel so familiar with it. Like my own.

Niall is groaning in pain when she makes it to his room. She brings in a glass of water and the pills and gives him.

Niall looks at her with grateful eyes and nods, thanking her in another sense.

She doesn't reply but sits on the bed beside him as he lets his legs hang down from the bed.

He is grateful to himself for taking the right decision in letting her live here.

He didn't even ask her for anything. She just saw and analyzed things and brought him comfort.

My guardian angel.

Emma sinks in her thoughts while Niall stares ahead into the wall thinking about Emma.

His head is filled with her. He can't get her out. What are you doing to me, Emma? Are we the same old Ny and Sky?

Niall flinches when Emma's hand makes contact with the bare skin on his hand.

"Do you feel fine now?" She asks and leans forward to take a look at him.

His cheeks heat up under her motherly gaze and something twists in his stomach. Don't look at me like that.

He nods. "Yes, thank you."

Satisfied with his answer, she stands up and walks out of the room without uttering another word.

What's that supposed to be about?

Niall slowly goes into his art room and checks if everything is in place. Thankfully, it is.

And that means she hasn't seen anything. Good.

"Mr. Parker?" She calls him from downstairs.

He pads into the kitchen and breaks into a tsunami of laughter.

"Don't laugh!" she growls but he ignores her angry face.

Emma is standing in the middle of a mess and instead of being mad at her for ruining his kitchen, he is just..... Laughing.

The flour is all over her body and some in her hair, some on her nose.

Like a cute snowman.

"Here, let me help you with that," he chuckles dusting off the flour from her body.

Emma sweeps the floor and makes it shine just like it was and Niall nods approvingly.

"That's good," he comments and for once, she holds back a smile.

This man.

Sometimes, he sits down after walking around a dozen times to get the things that he asked her to take.

She just can't remember where the things are.

He is trying his best not to blow up on her and throw her off guard and make her mad at him so, he bites on his tongue whenever he gets angry with her idiotism.

But he can't have her mad at him every day. It will affect their jobs.

She is his assistant and they should never have such boundaries among themselves but closeness.

I don't mind if we are close but not mad at each other. That just hurts more than I imagined it to be.

Niall is sinking deep in his thoughts and planning how he will make it up to Emma and Nick at the same time.

And he finally comes with a plan.

It's fantastic and they will forgive me easily. Well, maybe not easy but surely.

Emma gasps when he catches her hand snaking down his arms to take the spoon.

He pulls her closer and reaches his hands up to her face but her eyes are fixed somewhere else.

He analyses the position where her eyes are fixed at and when he finally understands, a smile graces his face.

Do you want me to kiss you, Emma?

Her eyes slowly close at his touch but he leans forward and pulls out the mint leaf from her hair.

He can't help but grin toothly. God, she's gonna be so flushed and disappointed when she opens her eyes.

Just like he thought, she moves back a bit, looking down at her feet, her face flushed and ears burning red.

"There was a mint leaf in your hair," he says softly trying not to sound like he is mocking her.

She bites on her lips looking away from him and nods slowly as she says, "I thought-- Uh, I mean, I was taking a spoon........To stir."

He stifles a chuckle and puts the leaf in the dustbin.

"I understand," he says and stands beside her seeing how far she has done it just like he said.

It is kind of ok. But not good enough.

His chest is rubbing against her shoulder and she just wants to throw the spoon and run.

He leans forward and takes the salt but he can smell her.

Not the food she is cooking but her.

And all through the cooking time, he wonders how it will be if she smelled like Him.

Hell, I can't wait to see how good she'll look in my clothes. Wait- what?

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