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35_ Horemheb and Amenia

Emma holds back a yell as Niall requests her to get dressed because they have somewhere to go to.

She doesn't like going to places while on her periods. Noted.

But they need to go nonetheless.

It is an executive meeting and he needs her to drive him because his head hurts like hell.

Considering his pain, she doesn't yell but scowls at him.

Murmuring incoherencies, she goes to her room and comes back dressed in a black turtleneck pairing it with high-waisted black jeans and a coffee-colored big coat.

Her long brunette of waterfall-like hair tied into a tight high ponytail and hoop earrings.

Coating her lips with nude lipstick and a light layer of foundation over her skin, applying two layers of mascara on her lashes.

She is such a professional.

Her black combat boots add to her beauty and Niall decides to match her.

He wears his black blazer and black tuxedo pairing it with a crimson tie.

His hair slicked back and tiny hairs on his face shaved.

He shines like a new penny. Niall comes out the door as she waits for him leaning on his Black Porsche.

Wearing Black equals being Badass for the day. Maybe forever.

Emma gasps seeing him but it is quiet enough so that he won't hear it.

He is F-ing hot!!

"You look great", he comments and she smiles a little.

"Thank you", she murmurs and clicks in her seatbelt.

He does the same and smiles a bit.

"Should I lie or Say the truth?", She says all of a sudden as she drives to the destination, startling him.

"On what?"

"Just tell me."

This has got to be fun, he thinks rubbing his chin.


She smiles looking down the road and taking a left turn.

"You look so ugly that I could just slap you."

He gasps looking at Emma as he processes what she said.

"You are saying that I look so sexy that you could just kiss me!?"

Emma laughs. "I lied for the adjective, not the verb."

Niall hums. "Well, that's disappointing."

Emma turns a 3 O'clock, staring at him. "Niall..........", She drags his name and for a moment he thinks that she wants it.

"We can't do this like lovers", she says with much hurt in her voice.

I can't understand your feelings, Emma. What do you want me to do with you? Do you want us to stay like this? Frenemies?

Or do you want us to be something more?
Why don't you open up about what you feel?

"We can if you want to", he says peeking at his watch.

She steps on the gas and the car screams with power as she takes over every car in the road.

So she can drive like a badass if she wants to.

She peeks at him through her lashes. Are we seriously talking about this? Oh my god.......

"I don't want to", she says and fakes a scowl. That's a lie.

He clicks his tongue being speechless and turns his gaze away from her and looks out the window.

"Not yet", she mutters under breath vaguely thinking that he didn't hear it.

I heard you, Emma. If I get a chance, I'll take it. Then don't blame me.

They drive into the place and Emma waits outside as he meets with the old dudes.

After the meeting is done, he takes over the driver's seat and Emma takes the passenger seat.

Her eyebrows furrow when he drives past their road. As she is about to question him, he raises a hand and stops her.

"Just....... Let me take you somewhere, Emma. Let me."

She nods silently gazing out.

It takes longer than Niall expects but they arrive at the destination after a 10-minute ride from Custer's building.

Emma gasps when he stops. She can't take her eyes off of the place. Niall opens the door for her and she walks out without sparing him a glance.

Niall watches her grey, green eyes running over the place in admiration, and finally, they meet his grey ones.

Indecipherable emotions flash and vanish in her eyes making his heart leap.

I hate to admit it to her but maybe I'm starting to like her. I mean the, LIKE like.

"You know, it will be quite a disappointment if you didn't visit the British Museum while you are here in London."

Her eyes shine with some kind of energy that he has never seen before.

At a crazy speed, she hugs him. This time with every emotion revolving around her.

He knows how to make me happy.

Even though she surprises the soul out of him, he hugs her back. Tightly.

Her cheeks are bright red when he retracts herself from him and he smiles.

"Come on", he says and she follows him.

They see sculptures of ancient Egypt and India and he can't stop wondering how 'English' she looks right now, in that costume.

She is slowly and slowly turning into that English x American beautiful lady.

Emma stares in wonderment at the sculpture of Horemheb and Amenia.

This statue depicts a wealthy, well-dressed couple from ancient Egypt. Their stance is familiar and intimate as they sit on chairs with lion-paw feet. The statue was acquired in 1839, but the identity of the couple remained unknown for over 150 years.

Limestone statue of Horemheb and Amenia. Egypt, 1300–1250 BC.

At an excavation of the pharaoh Horemheb’s tomb in 1976, a team of archaeologists uncovered a missing piece of the statue – the couple’s clasped hands.

In 2009 it was confirmed that the statue is of Horemheb, who commanded Egypt’s armed forces under Tutankhamun before becoming pharaoh, and his wife Amenia.

The complete statue shows Amenia clasping her husband’s left hand in both of hers. It is an unusually tender and personal gesture, showing the couple deeply in love before Horemheb became pharaoh.

She reads and looks at him and he looks back at her, smiling.

She quickly looks away blushing. "Don't smile at me like that", she says breathlessly.

He turns to her and crosses his arms on his chest. "Like what?"

She takes a peek at Niall and finds him smiling as he did before.

"Like that!", She exclaims pouting cutely.

I just want to squish her baby cheeks.

"I'm not doin' anything", he says coyly and throwing his hands in the air defensively.

"Stop...", She giggles a bit and pinches him playfully.

"Hey!", He cries childishly and punches her arm tenderly.

They laugh and run around, chasing each other like high school sweethearts, and get back outside.

They keep laughing while trying to catch their breath after racing down the steps.

As their eyes meet, they feel the world fading behind them.

It's just them now.

No sounds. Nobody. No Stefan.
Thank god.

Emma smiles at him breathlessly. God, he is gorgeous.

Niall reflects her action. She is a goddess.

She is about to hold his hand in hers when his phone rings.

Niall frowns and mutters a sorry to her and answers the phone while she grimaces getting in the car.

I don't think that this will ever happen.
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