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36_ You're Fired!

Emily tries to talk to Emma several times but Emma lashes out at her.
She just wants Emily to apologize wholeheartedly and she knows when that happens.

She can never actually apologize properly with words. But with actions.

Several weeks at work flies by quickly and Emma is more friendly with Niall than before.

She sees it as an improvement and very good to their assistant-boss relationship.

Nick doesn't even spare a glance at Niall and that breaks his heart.

Everyone is mad at each other except with Emma-Niall, Emily-Niall, Nick-Emily.

Emma is walking to Niall's office room but stops in her track when she hears him yelling.

"Let me just make something clear. Nobody gave you authority to scratch into my personal life, alright? Nobody!"

Whoever is in there, is burning under his anger glares, and hand gestures.

The person is saying something unintelligent and Emma waits for him to react. Just like she expects, he shouts at the person.

"Don't f#cking mumble like that. Speak up!"

After two brief seconds, his voice booms on the floor again.

"I'll date or f#ck whoever the f#ck I want and that does not concern you. What I want was you mutts, to work sincerely and what you do is f#cking dig into my love life."

The person is speaking something again and Emma can imagine him tilting his head to a side in frustration, pursing his lips, clenching his hands into a fist, and slamming on the table at once to shut them up.

"You know what? Do the honor of taking the initiative of moving your things out because YOU'RE FIRED!!"

The person is probably defending themselves but you know how Niall is.

If he said something, that's that. Period.

"What the f#ck are you still doing here?"

Emma gapes when a woman comes out crying her heart out. It's a woman!

"Should I send the Queen to ask you to get out? Oh and you are fired too, by the way."

Another woman walks out murmuring something unintelligibly and glares at Emma as she walks by.

What did I do?

"And you two, you are promoted to their positions. Take over their offices and get lost."

They thank him and come out squealing happily, high-fiving each other.

They are men.

Both of them grins and waves at Emma and thanks to her.

For what?

She walks in after a few minutes and Niall is sitting on the table, squeezing a smiley ball.

He is trying to control his anger.

Seeing her, his face breaks into a smile and she returns it. Giving him the files and records, she explains whatever changes she made and whatever she added to it.

He nods appreciatively. "Very good."

She smiles and gets back into doing her work. Niall stares at her.

"What?", She questions.

He leans forward. "You're not gonna ask me what happened in here?"

She clicks her tongue. "Why would I?"

"Because I could hear you walking by from a mile away. That's how noisy that heels of yours are. You probably heard me yelling."

"I shall change the heels then", she murmurs.

"But I like you wearing heels also it will give me a signal that you are coming."

She narrows her eyes at him. "Aren't you the same guy who mocked me about looking like a giant in the heels?"

He chuckles awkwardly. "Touché."

She hums. "You fired two people. That's what I heard."

"Do you know why?"

"I don't think I have to know why. It's probably between the boss and employees."

He grimaces but keeps staring at her. She looks at him. "Quit staring. Don't you have any work to do?"

"I AM doing the work", he says wiggling his eyebrows.

"Don't flirt with me", she says looking back at her laptop and waits for the file to download.

"Why not?"

"We are friends, Niall and I'm your assistant. Us, dating, will only lead to chaos."

He gets down from his seat and buries his hands in his pants pocket and leans towards her.

"So would you like it if I'm intimidating?"

She looks straight into his eyes stirring something in him. What the hell?

"I would like it if you'd shut that pretty mouth of yours so that I can work."

He straightens his posture and chuckles. "Make me."

She glances at him again and looks back to her laptop. With a sigh, she stands up and goes out without speaking a word, and comes back in after a couple of minutes.

"You can shut up now", she says opening the soda can, giving it to him and opens hers saying, "Cheers", drinking from it, and then goes back to do work.

Back at home in the evening.

Niall has finally come up with the solution into making up with everyone.

He asks Emma to get up and be ready 'cause they have a flight to catch.

Emma blinks in confusion as she can only imagine him saying gibberish.

"Niall, we came back from Russia two weeks ago. And we are flying again?"

He nods and she grimaces, growling at him. "My stomach hurts!", She screams.

He smiles apologetically and nods. "I know but, we need to go. It's really important."

"Is it for any business thingy?"
Her eyebrows knit together in suspicion when he shooks his head.

"When's the flight?", She questions.

He takes a peek at the wall clock and says, "10:05 PM."

"It's already 7:30."

He nods and says, "I know. Pack your things, we will be gone for a week maybe more. I can't tell."

He then explains her everything and she frowns more. "That's some bullshit."

"Why don't you just go on your own?", She whines as she packs her clothes.

"Because nothing will be solved if I go on my own. I need you."

She smiles at him. "Alright. Can you at least tell me where we are going?"

He drinks from his glass. "You'll know when you get the ticket in your hand."

She pouts.

He laughs pinching her cheek making her yelp.

They reach the airport on time and when she turns to look who are the people that are going to travel with them, her jaw drops wide open.

She looks at Niall scornfully. "What the f#ck are they doing here?"

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