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37_ The heart want what it wants

Emma grumbles silently as she gets her seat beside Nick. The flight attendant does her announcement, etc..... But Emma frowns and stares out her window.

Thank god that I got a window seat.

Beside Nick is a teenager looking about 16 years. The boy started to bob his head since the flight attendant came with the night drinks and he won't stop. Sometimes the kid sings along much to Nick's frustration.

I would've been okay if he was a good singer.

Emma giggles sometimes and Nick will scowl and pout at him.

Somewhere in the middle of the nighttime, some lady starts to scream and everyone jerks awake looking here and there.

Flight attendants jump to their feet rushing beside the lady.

Her daughter is burning bright red and her body is shaking terribly. Her eyes are shot red, her hands shivering, and the girl is grunting.

Not knowing what to do, one of the flight attendants announces, "Attention Passengers! If there's a doctor aboard please report in the economy class."

Nickholas looks up and starts to unbuckle his seatbelt. Emma's eyes start to go wide. What is he doing?

"Niall!", He calls across the seats where Niall is sitting with headphones plugged into his ears and a grandpa drooling over his arm.

Niall closes his eyes, listening to the music, trying hard to ignore the uncomfortable gooey feel of drool on his arm.

Nick waves his arm everywhere and one of the flight attendants comes up to him. "Sir, please get seated unless you are a doctor."

He looks everywhere in frustration and tells her, "That dude in a light green shirt! He is not hearing anything with that thing in his ears. He is a freaking allergist!"

The flight attendant jumps into action, calling Niall and he stares at her in shock. "Yes?"

"Are you Doctor err..... Mr. Parker?"

He blinks. "No. But I studied to become an allergist."

Her face lights up. "Thank god." She announces, "Don't worry people, we have a doctor in here."

Emma stares holes into the seat in front of her. "He is an allergist!?"

"Yup", answers Nick tilting his head to her.

"I was asking myself", she mutters hastily.

"But you won't get a proper answer if you keep asking yourself."

She shifts her gaze to him. "But I thought he studied for MBA or something."

He smiles. "Yeah, you thought."

She bites her inner cheek. "So what is he?"

"He is an allergist but he didn't get his state license. Before he got a chance to write the exam, Dad said no and pulled him into the CEO seat at a very young age. Making him the youngest and most successful CEO."

She listens silently.

"By the time he took over million-dollar businesses, I was playing basketball in the backyard and breaking my bones."

She smiles.

"I was that typical player dude in the college you see in the movies while he was the silent, high-class big bro."

She chuckles. "I can't imagine him silent. He is so talkative."

He grins. "He is now. But not before. He was very quiet that sometimes it made me wonder if he was mute or something. He barely talked to me but when he does, he'll probably be mad at me for causing problems."

"You were a troublemaker since birth I take it?", She says peeking at him through her lashes.

He smiles. "Hey, don't say like that. If Niall wasn't such an introverted cookie, I wouldn't have been that of a brat either."

"You are blaming him for what you were? You are such an Adam, aren't you?"

"I take it that you are taking his sides", he smirks at her wiggling his eyebrows.

"Stop", she says blushing beet red.

"Since mom's death, he became like that. Scared, silent, intimidating, nerdy."

"I can't understand how someone can be scared as well as intimidating at the same time."

"Me neither. He is so complicated in a lot much sense. He was that bubbly, carefree, down-to-earth, smiling boy before she was taken away from us. And when he thought that he was getting fixed again, she broke his heart."

Emma's eyes glint unknown emotions.

"She? Who's 'she'?"

Nick's face morphs into a regretful expression. "Umm........", He drags the word.

"I'll tell you later. But do you know why we are going to Bahrain?"

She shrugs. "He didn't tell me. But it's a little sus, don't you think?"

He nods. "Yeah, maybe he's going to sell our organs." He laughs but stops when she stares at him.


She shakes his head. "Why am I talking to you? Oh god, I'm such an idiot."

"Emma, please. Don't do this to me. You know how much your friendship means to me. It breaks my heart to watch you talk and laugh with Niall, the one who was being an asshole to you but turn away your head at the sight of me. You can't keep running away."

"Look, I'm not tryna sound jelly but I hate it when you are clinging on his shoulders and pouting at him like you used to do with me. It f#cking hurts like hell. I won't mind if Emily is doing like that to me 'cause I know that it's intentional. She tries to make me jealous sometimes but I don't feel like it 'cause I know that she loves me. Me only."

"But it's when you, run with him across the floor, laughing and joking with him, pinching and punching, not even scolding him if he tries to flirt with you. I know that it's unintentional but that is making my brain go haywire."

She grimaces. "Nick, you are sounding like you are in love with me."

Nick shakes his head, boring his eyes into hers. "Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. But it's--"

"You are not in love with me but you sounded like that", she says taking his hand in her's.

"How can you say that?"

She chuckles. "You've never been in love, have you? It's just now that you started being serious."

He gives her, his full attention and looks at her with full seriousness.

"Because I've been in love before and I know it when you look at me. You have that fierce, protective instincts when you are with me. The brotherly feel, I get it every time."

He smiles nodding. "I guess that's good to hear?"

"It is. You should focus on yourself and Emily. Do not break her heart as Chase did Or I'll break your f#cking neck. Get that?"

He bulges his eyes out and gulps. "Yes ma'am. I'll never break her heart but you should promise me something too."

She raises a brow. "Now what is that?"

"That you'll stay true to yourself and love him with your whole heart."

"Love who?"

"You know who I am talking about. Just like you said, I too can see the way you look at him whenever he says those lame jokes and whatever dumbshit. It's the lovesick look that I've seen with Emily."

"I'm not in love with him", she protests.

"You can deny all you want, darling. But listen to me,
The heart wants what it wants."

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