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38_ Let me be how I am

"No", she mutters looking away with a hurt look.

"We are just not meant to be, Nick. Just like with Calvin."

Her voice cracks as she speaks. I can't do this. No. I don't want to think about him.

"No matter how bad his words hurt me, I was so madly in love with him. It took me a million times to plan on telling him that I'm breaking up with him", her eyes start to water.

"Beautiful men like him always have a way towards me but I'm not taking a chance with Niall. Th,
e pain will be unbearable to handle. And it was in his head that I'm capable of breaking his heart because I'm that type of girl who sleeps around with men time to time."

Tears roll down her eyes. Nick puts an arm around her shoulders. "Hey, come here. Don't cry, Emma. I trust and love you with my whole heart and there's no denying it."

She smiles through her tears. "Only you can say that I guess. These people, who tell me that they love me, just don't know what it's like to love anyone. It's just-- they're just taking advantage of me in every way. Everyone!"

Her voice lowers into a whisper when a flight attendant walks through the seats to check if people are asleep.

Nick wipes away her tears and holds her still. "Emma......... We don't want to think about it right now. Calm down, sleep the night off. Think about what we will do in Bahrain today morning."

She pulls away from him tying her hair into a bun. "No... Whenever Niall does this, weird way of showing affection, I just don't understand him. He says he wants to kiss me but at the same time, he doesn't. He says we are friends but at the same time, he acts as if we are a thing. I don't understand him, he's so complicated sometimes. So f#cking complicated."

Nick leans back in his seat and sighs. "I know, I told you that he is complicated since mum's death. His mind is haywire when it comes to relationships. He just doesn't know what to do to please them or understand what they feel. His feelings system is broken. They never got fixed."

I don't think I can fix that.

"I don't know. I guess, we were so cool as kids but things changed when we grew up. Maybe if we were close like we were once, I mean, if you and your family never went away to live in London, we would've been childhood friends and grow up to be like that but we are not. That's the difference between us and you and Emily.".

"Both of you, saw each other every day of your life but not me and him. Maybe we weren't meant to be. Don't force me to love him. I just can't. What if he wants to use me like everyone else? I don't want to be that, I have my worth. I know what I am and if anyone believes me to be the hoe type then why try to make me right? Let me be how I am."

Nick shakes his head. "You are not a hoe and we all know that. I believe you, Emma."

She nods sleepily, her head falling on his shoulder, and closes her eyes.

They touch down at 6:30 AM. Niall has everything planned out so a black Range Rover arrived to escort them to the hotel that they are staying in.

Everyone except Niall gapes at the skyscrapers and beauty. Niall has seen all of those before.


Everyone goes to their rooms and takes a shower. Nick still has no idea what they are going to do there.

The day passes by quickly than they can imagine the world rotating.

The next day, Niall calls them out and Emily tries to hold Emma's hand but she moves away from her, staring away into nothing.

He tells them that they will be blindfolded till they reach the place and enter into the surprise.

"Enter into a surprise? What do you mean?", asks Emily shifting in her seat.

"You'll see", he says and keeps on driving.

After tons of checking, etc, they go in with their tickers.

Nick's ears perk up when he hears crowd cheering and something speeding away.


He gets goosebumps feeling euphoric that something exciting is happening in front of him.

The revving of cars fills in his ears as he finally gets allowed to pull off the blindfold and when he does, his heart skips a beat.

"No. F#cking. Way."

Niall smiles at him. His eyes glimmer with unsaid contentment.

"You brought me to Formula One Grand Prix!!!"

Niall's eyes glint with pride and joy as he pulls him into a hug shouting into his ears, "Happy Birthday Lil' Bro!!"

Both the girls stand in shock, their mouths wide open. Their eyes meet and the realization hits right on their heads.

October 12..... It's Nick's birthday.

Niall and Nick hug each other. Niall kisses Nick's head making him push Niall away, embarrassed, cheeks flushed, smiling a lot.

The couple who are getting seated beside them shouts, "You guys are so cute!!"

Emily and Emma scream with laughter and fall on the seats as Niall and Nick push themselves from each other, pulling a face. But the couple moves away to the down aisle.

"They thought we were a gay couple", says Nick winking at Niall with a weird smile.

Emma and Emily stared at him with a dirty look on their faces but cries with laughter when Niall does a kiss in the air and bites his bottom lip rubbing his chin.

"We cute, ma baby", he says sexily cracking them up with laughter.

Emma kneels on the floor with laughter choking on her saliva and almost dies while Emily gets seated with a disgusted look on her face, scrunching her nose and smiling a bit remembering that the boys are finally back to what they were.


The boys too laugh their hearts out sitting down on the seat and smiles at each other. "Thank you", says Nick as Niall's eyes drift onto the cars and drivers who are getting ready to race.

Niall smiles, turning to face Nickholas, and says, "We are brothers, aren't we?"

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