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39_ Shameless Lovers

Nick screams with happiness when Louis Hamilton wins the race.

"Wohoooo!! Yay! Go, Louis!!"

Three of them watch Nick jumping up and down, pulling Emma up into a hug.

She screams, "The wrong twin! Wrong twin!"

He quickly places her down and apologizes and she shrugs him off.

Emily laughs as he pulls her and spins her around, kissing her.

The kiss gets noisy within minutes and Emma jerks away scrunching her nose and sticking her tongue out.

"Why is it so noisy? Guys, calm down!!! Can we just go back to the hotel already? They are all over me! Oh my god!" She screams to Niall, pushing them away and running out of the seating stadium to get some space.

It's all noisy everywhere. People screaming, cheering happily, waving here and there.

And They are making out in the middle of a crowd. Shameless lovers. Oh god!

Niall, Emma ✓
Nick, Emily ✓
Emily, Niall ✓
Emma, Nick ✓
Nick, Niall ✓

And the last one is Emma, Emily X

Should I forgive her? Yes, probably. Surely. She is my only sister excluding Martha.

They drive back to the hotel but Emma does nothing but grimace.

Emily and Nick are still making out in the car and they are so damn noisy. She'll probably scream if they start to lean on her body.

Plugging in her AirPods, she stares out the window, a scowl plastered on her face.

Romeo and Juliet. But modern ones with no shame.

Niall is trying his hard not to shout at Emily and Nick for being messy in the car and takes the turn to the hotel. Emma jumps out and runs for her life as soon as Niall parks the car.

She rushes into her room and falls in the bed with a groan. "Thank you, Jesus! My life is saved."

She messages Nick a happy birthday with a kiss emoji.

Soon, a message comes I saying "Don't send kisses to my man."

She takes a picture of her palm and sends it back. "Talk to my hand."

"Sure. I love you."

Emma frowns at the message and messages back. "Shut up."

Emily didn't message anymore and it's Nick sending her. "Hey Emma, it's Nick. Thank you so much. I love you toooooo." With several kiss emojis.

Emily is possibly screaming at him. She doesn't care. They can do whatever they want. She laughs hysterically.

At night before dinner, she is drinking in the pub, a little away from the hotel. She does not know where the others are so she guides herself. Emma caught the eye of a handsome stranger so she is talking to him.

The guy's name is Sam and he is a Chef! Emma is delighted when he asks her if she likes to dance. But I swear I've seen him somewhere.

They talk for a long time and say goodbye after sharing his phone number.

"Call me," he says and she smiles back saying, "I will."

I know that I will never see him again. But it's better than rejecting him straight to the face.

She walks back to the hotel quickly and everyone is sitting in Niall's room.

"What's up?" She asks them.

They smile. Niall comes up to her saying, "Nick asked her to be his girlfriend and she was crying."

She frowns. "Why did she cry?"

"She's so happy."

"Oh," she says smiling widely. "I'm happy for them." She pauses and then asks, "So what next?"

He shrugs confusedly. She pulls him out. "I meant, what are we gonna do next? Are we going back home or something?"

He smiles. "That's another surprise. This time, it's for you."

Her grin grows wider. "Me?"

He nods and then with a wink, he goes back inside to his room and everyone goes back to sleep.

Niall wakes her up by knocking on her door non-stop. She jumps down and opens the door. "Whoa!!"

Niall stares at her sleepy figure leaning on the door with drooping eyes and messy hair.

"Morning," he says smiling at her but all she does is lean on the door.

She doesn't seem to have the energy to raise a hand.

"Whabu wan?" She asks.


"Want do you want, Niall!?" She shouts.

"Whoa! Calm down. Get ready, we are going to Italy."

Her eyes shot open. "Italy!?"

He nods with a smile.

She frowns. "Why do you smile a lot now? You look weird. Stop smiling."

His smile drops. "Get ready. We can't be late," he says with a straight face and goes away.

She murmurs, "Yes sir." And goes inside to get ready.

Emma is still in her sleepy mood so she grabs onto Nick's arm and sleeps on it.

Nick smiles looking at her adorable sleeping figure. "She's cute," he said caressing her cheeks but she groans.

"She was cuter when she was younger," comments Emily and Niall at the same time, and Emma giggles in her sleep.

"Oh shit," says Emma and scratches her neck.

"Why does she do that?" asks Nick taking a look at her neck.

"She does it every time she's in deep sleep," says Niall as he drives away into the highway.

"How do you know that?" Asks Emily, and then she gasps. "Oh my god, you watch her sleep, don't you? That's so creepy!"

Nick laughs. "Sometimes, she's worth a watch. She talks in her sleep. Do you know that?" He asks Emily.

"I've never heard her talk in her sleep before."

Nick tickles her neck. "Sure, how will you hear? You sleep the moment your skin touches the bed." They laugh.

She growls. "That's because somebody's boring over here."

Nick gapes. "You are calling 'me' boring? I'll show you how entertaining I can be. Let's just reach the hotel in Italy."

Emma laughs. "I doubt whether you'll last under her strong spell."

Everyone gape and gasp. "You were awake!?"

She retracts herself from Nick leaning and placing her head on the window. "I'm wide awake."

"What do you mean that 'You won't last under her strong spell'?" asks Nick staring at her while her eyes follow the street lights, reflecting their light in herself.

Emma turns to Nick winking at him, her lips splitting into a wide grin.

All of them break into a laugh except Nick who stares between Emily and Emma saying, "I'm having a low-key vibe that you both are bisexual."

They laugh again but Emily pops the bubble. "But I am."

Niall steps on the brake and turns around with a gaping mouth. Nick and Emma gapes and stares at her as Niall asks her, "You are bisexual?"

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