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40_ If you want her

Everyone is silent when they enter the airport. Emma and Emily don't seem to be mad at each other anymore Emma hugs the life out of Emily when she comes out as Bisexual.

But Nick is not talking to her. He is not mad at her because she is bisexual but because she didn't tell him sooner.

But they make it up soon after they entered the plane and are in a calm mood till they land.

When they land, two men in black come up to them and leads them into a grey car. One which Emma can't identify.

Niall talks to them in Italian and Emma listens carefully.

"Abbiamo preso le nostre stanze?" (Did we get our rooms?)

They say something silently and he nods at them.

"Assicurati che stiano bene. Tornerò." (Make sure that they are comfortable. I'll be back.)

Niall nods a goodbye at her and he drives away in another car and the men lead them into the car, driving them to the hotel.

They go to their rooms and Emma gets the biggest room among them and she sits back on the bed taking a deep breath. What is the surprise that he has planned for me?

The day passes away quickly and it's evening and Niall is taking a shower.


He turns in his shower and listens carefully. Who is that?


It's Nick.

"I'm in the shower", he announces and Nick walks through the door and sits inside of the bathroom.

"Can you at least tell me where we are going?", He requests him.

"Nick, don't you understand what a surprise means?"

He hums. "Well, it's time that you finally admit you like Emma."

Niall opens the curtain, poking his head out. "Look, I don't have anything for her, okay? Her feelings are complexed. Sometimes, she is acting like a friend and then, the next moment is a UwU girlfriend type. I don't know how to deal with that."

"She said the same thing."

He looks out again and frowns. "What?"

"That you are complicated."

He scowls. "How am I complicated?"

Nick purses his lips. "You are complicated in your ways."

Niall shouts, "That's bullshit! I'm not complicated!"

Nick shakes his head in a No.

Niall gets out of the shower putting a towel around his waist.

His wet hair sticks to his face as he bends down to pick up his shoes and phone.

Nick follows him into the room and sits on the bed. He says, "Have you seen the way you look at her?"

Niall turns around to face him pulling a grey t-shirt over his head. "What way?"

"Like you found the ONE!"

Niall laughs a humorless laugh. "You are telling me that she is 'THE' one for me? Are you serious?"

His brows furrow. "Isn't it obvious Niall? She was the very first girl who you fell in love with, even if it was an innocent love, and then she was taken away from you and now she came in a cycle, right into your arms. Are you gonna let her go just like that?"

Niall sits down beside him and places a hand on his shoulder. "Hey hey, no need to get emotional. I understand what you are saying. But what if Emma leaves me like 'SHE' did?"

Nick shakes his head. "Niall, listen to me carefully. Emma is very vulnerable and volatile. And very prone to fall head over heels for you."

Niall nods understandingly.

Nick continues, "But Annabelle--"

"Don't talk about her", said Niall frustrated.

But Nick keeps talking nonetheless, "I will when it's needed."

Niall falls on the bed while Nick goes on, "But Annabelle wasn't like her. And you know it more than I do. She was very headstrong, passive-aggressive, golddigger, rude as hell, and backstabbing. Now take a look at Emma. Is she anything like her?"

Niall is speechless.

"Emma has her flaws but she is far way better than that girl."

"Do you understand it now? She is very fragile so the probability of her, leaving 'you' heartbroken, is less than 0.001%"

Niall sits up and runs his hand over his face and sighs.

Nick adds, "But the thing is, She has a lot of trust issues so she doesn't trust you as I do and she has Emophilia. Just a few sorrys and kisses, she'll fall back in love with Calvin. AGAIN. Do you get me now?"

Niall frowns. "Emo what? Is that a disease or something?"

Nick shakes his head and says, "Emophilia means the tendency to fall in love quickly also known as Emotional Promiscuity. Emma has this condition so you will have to be careful about her. If you want her."

Niall stands up and taking his shoes and puts them on asking, "How do you know all of these?"

Nick smiles and walks out keeping the door open for him. "If you have an interest in understanding human behaviors, you can study anything. And I studied it on the internet by the way. I looked it up when I saw how she was looking at Ethan, the other day."

Niall nods and follows Nick. "Thank you, Nick."

Niall drives them to a place darker. The more the walks closer the more bright it starts to become.

Neon lights fitted everywhere, men in black t-shirts with black masks on their faces nod at each other when they approach.

Emma looks up but does not find the name of the building. Is this the back door?

They speak in some gang-way and get them in.

Where are you taking us, Niall?

She hears screaming and music blasting loudly through the speakers. What the hell?

Nick and Emily go in first. And when it is her chance, Niall stops her.

She looks at him with wide expectations. "Yeah?"

He looks deep into her eyes, boring into her soul. Words are forming on the tip of his tongue but none of them comes out.

She is so beautiful.

"Niall, what is it?", She asks him again and places her hand on his bicep.

His eyes find it hard to keep them on her eyes. They keep falling on her full, red lips.

Do I like her? Is that why my heart is drumming like this?

"Yes", she says and his eyes go round but realizes that Emily is calling them and asked whether they are coming in or not.

"Come on, Niall", she says entwining her fingers with his and pulls him.

I'll have a heart attack if the skin contact goes longer than 10 seconds.

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