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42_ Can I hold your hand?

"Calvin, leave me alone."

"Don't you get it Cupcake? We are meant to be together. That's why we keep bumping into each other like this."

"Bumping into each other? Oh my god are you serious, Calvin? Have you been reading cringy romance novels or what? You technically yanked me and pinned me on this wall."

She struggles under his tight grip and finally frees herself from his hold.

"Let me take you home."

"Home? What home? What is wrong with you? I have everything that I want. I don't want you!"

Calvin's hands clench into fists at his side but he does nothing. I can't hurt her. Well, not anymore.

"I thought you were done after you drugged me", she says through her gritted teeth.

"How do you know about that?", He asks shocked.

"I have people to tell me. Do you know something? You can never force anyone to fall in love with you. I fell out of love with you a long time ago. We will never get back together."

"Emma.......", He trails off.

"Calvin, please. I like someone else."

Niall stops in his track and listens more. Eavesdropping is not his thing but he had been hearing everything that they were saying. She likes someone else?

"Oh my god.......", He trails off and says, "It's him, isn't he?"

Niall peeks a little to see her reaction.
She smiles smugly. She dares to do it at Calvin!?

"It has always been him", she answers and laughs hysterically.

"Then I'll kill him if that's what it takes to make you mine."

She laughs again. "You won't touch a hair on his body. I'll kill you before that."

Niall looks again and sees her death glaring at him. I won't even last a second under her death glare.


"Shut up!", She orders and he keeps quiet. What the f#ck!?

"Listen closely, Mr. Brown. You should've thought about it before yo--"

Niall takes a sneak peek again and he gasps silently. Calvin is kissing her but she doesn't kiss him back. Thank goodness.

In the speed of a flash, she pushes him back and slaps the life out of him. Oh shi--

"Don't you dare touch me!", She hisses and rollerskates out of the hall smiling, as nothing happened at all.

She is such a badass!

It's late-night and they decide to a stroll outside in the midnight air. Niall doesn't speak a word about what he heard. But it's still troubling him. Who does she like?

Nick and Emily look so lovey-dovey staring at each other as they walk hand in hand. They are cute.

Niall flinches when Emma's hand touches his and she stares at him in the moonlight.

"Are you ok?"

He nods blushing, thanking god that it's night so that she can't see his redness.

"Can I hold your hand? I'm just so jealous by looking at them", she admits and Niall gapes.

You're being too honest.

Emily and Nick laugh as she says this and Emily winks at Niall whispering, "Take your chances, Champ."

Niall fights back a smile and nods at her. He turns his head to Emma and says, "Sure." And holds her warm hand in his cold ones.

"Your hand is so cold", she says entwining her fingers with his. I can feel my body heating up.

She smiles at him flashing her teeth that reflect the moonlight making them appear like buds of Jasmine flower.

"You were so good in there", he says and stares straight ahead as they walk swinging their entwined hands.

"Thank you. But I thought you zoned out when you just stared at me like that."

"I didn't zone out. I was just admiring how beautiful you look when you dance."

As soon as the words left his mouth, he shuts his gaping mouth with a hand and stares ahead with wide eyes.

She laughs cutely. "Oh dear, I'm flattered."

He purses his lips, blushing like a container of red paint fell on his face. Oh man, I am so goner.

She leans closer into his arm, wanting to share her body heat with him. But all he can sense is how calm her heart is beating against the back of his arm and how rapid his heartbeats are compared to hers.

Nick and Emily are smooching, laughing in-between. Niall can feel her heat flowing into every part of his body.


You'll kill me, Emma.

She smiles again and again at him but he's on the verge of getting turned on. He can't handle the tension growing in him. She tightens the grip on his hand, running her thumb on his skin.

"Let me know when you want me to stop", she says and he snaps his neck to face her side.


She licks her lips. Please don't.

"I know that I'm feeling you up. Tell me if it's getting out of hand", she bites her lip.

Oh my f#ck, it just got out of hands when you bit your lip like that.

"Stop!", He says breathlessly and she quickly pulls out her hand from him and places a hand on his arm calming him.

"I'm sorry", she laughs.

"You were killing me", he pouts making her crack up.

"I just wanted to know how I make you feel. Did it make you high?"

He scowls. "Why would I tell you that?"

She clicks her tongue. "Right."

They get inside the car and Niall drives them back to the hotel. Without uttering a single word, Emma goes inside her room and shuts the door.

As soon as her leg touches the bathroom floor, she throws up.

All the food and dance got me.

Calvin will never come back again and that's all I need for now. I can tell Niall about it later that I saw him standing behind the wall with the cotton candy in his hand and that it's him I like and not anyone else. Maybe Nick is right.

I started to give up on pushing Niall away. Even though I know that Niall hates to admit that I felt him up and turned him on, he likes to make me blush. Everything in my head is about him now and I've concluded with my feelings.

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