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43_ Victoria's secret

The next day is a blur. Everything moves faster. Just like usual.

The afternoon turns in and they are getting ready to go back to London.

"I can't find my ring anywhere", Emma says looking around.

Emily helps her to check but they don't find it anywhere. "Sit down and think for a moment."

Emma sits and calms down. She takes a deep breath, clenching her hands into fists, and presses her fingers into her palms. Then she remembers.

"Calvin took it from me", she says.

"Calvin was there yesterday?", asks Emily and she nods.

"That's his place. He owns it."

Emily pulls a face. "Why did he take it?"

"I don't know. He might have wanted something of me to keep to himself. Maybe."

"Is it ok with you?", She questions peeking through her lashes.

Emma nods and smiles. "He can. I don't care. You know, I kinda feel sorry--"



Emily gets down from the nightstand and sits on the bed beside Emma. "Don't feel sorry for him. Just don't. He does not deserve you and that's that. We don't want to be late, c'mon."


Niall is cooking them dinner and Emma is walking around with a laptop in her hand. She's typing nothing but trying to get his attention maybe get scolded by him.

I just want to see him mad. I don't know why. Maybe it's because he looks hot when he's aggressive. LOL.

"Emma!", He shouts. There you go!

"Yo!", She answers.

"Stop making noises. Why do you have to annoy me like that?"

I want your attention.

When she doesn't reply, he looks up and finds her smirking.

He sighs and says, "You're on a mission, ain't ya?"

Emma screams in her mind. She just loves it when his English accent goes deeper than ever. She is verbally drooling over him.

She smiles and jumps around like a monkey and hops up and down.

"Bahaha hehe haha bahaha."

"Emma, shut up! You're blowing my eardrums."

She laughs again and runs into her room to get her whistle. His whistle, to be exact. I borrowed it.

"You stole my whistle? Emma what the f#ck!?" That's the same as borrowing, HA!

She waltzes around him whistling and howling, doing somersaults.

"I never thought that women go crazy while on their periods", he says putting food onto the plate.

She gasps. "I'm not on my period!", She shouts in a Russian accent which only doubles his laughter.

"I thought you were."

"Well, women have periods for 5 maybe 6 days not more than that."

She sneaks up behind him and steals one choco-chip running away. He chases her and grabs her by her hips and pinning her on the wall.

Emma can feel his breath on her neck and she tries her hard not to smell him but she does anyway. Cinnamon and Chocolate........

Niall seems so lost in his World so she calls him, "Niall?"

He quickly pulls away and mutters several sorry before walking away and arranging the plates on the table.

I like it when you are lost in me.
Next day.

"We have more than 2 weeks to practice and prepare for the big business tournament."

"Wait, what are we talking about?", asks Emily who is walking towards them and sitting across Nick.

"Emily, were you listening to anything that I was saying here?", Emma asks pursing her lips, trying very much not to scream at her twin.

She smiles apologetically and offers a Mango slice which Emma accepts with a growl.

"I'm not gonna explain it anymore 'cause I'm running out of saliva in my mouth. And also because everyone who is supposed to know about this, already heard whatever. So please Emily, help your friends in taking those plates inside and washing them."

"Huh?", Emily gapes.

Emma glares at her playfully. "You heard me."

She groans and carries everything inside and Emma turns to Nick. "I'm so sorry for making your girlfriend carry that inside. Now, will you stop glaring daggers at me?"

Nick clears his throat when Niall chuckles. "Yeah yeah I'm sorry, I got carried away."

"Sure you are", she says and pulls out a paper from her bag.

It was past 12 in the noon that day, and they were having lunch together outside Nick's house when Niall started talking about the tournament that's coming.

Emily comes back and sits down beside Emma giving her a can of soda.

Nick stares at her scornfully and says, "So no soda for us?"

She shrugs. "You didn't ask."

He looks at Emma who's busy opening the can. "I didn't hear her ask."

"We talk with our eyes."

Niall and Nick pull a face. "Are you serious?"

Emily clicks her tongue and taps on Emma's shoulder. She looks at her and stares.


They start to laugh like maniacs a minute later and point fingers at Nick. "What? What what? What are you girls saying?"

They shake their heads and Emma proceeds to talk. "We need an amazing card gamer."

Ignoring a fuzzy Nick, Niall says, "One of best players I know is Calvin Brown, himself."

"Yeah but she can play better than him", says Emily referring to Emma.

Emma nods. "But I know someone who can play way better than Calvin and me."

"I bet that person's a legend than", says Niall excitedly.

"Sure she is", she says and Emily snaps her head to look at Emma and questions, "It's a woman?"

She nods. "It will be a pity if Emily doesn't know who 'SHE' is."

Emily thinks for a moment and then asks, "Is it, mom?"

Emma laughs her heart out. "What? Mom? No way. She can't even hold the cards properly."


She shakes her head.


Emma pulls a face. "Who the hell is that?"

"The gardener?"

"I don't know. No, it's not her!"


"She is a flat earther and no! That girl's an idiot."

Emily blows her cheeks and sighs. "I quit!"

Emma laughs. "It was always kept as Victoria's secret."

Everyone gasps. "VICTORIA!?"

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