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45_ Only Mine

A gasp leaves her mouth while shivers run down her spine.

She closes her eyes for a brief moment and inhales deeply. The smell of the room is similar and it wrecks her heart in some ways. She can sense something devastating that took place here.

What was it?

The feelings are only getting stronger. She can sense the screams and cry through her skin. The hot sensation of intimacy breathes on her skin, music of laughter, anger-filled glares, the feeling of being betrayed, everything.

She can feel it like she was there.

Emma always wondered why there is a female touch in Niall's room. Maybe it was because a woman built this house maybe because--

Maybe what?

She hates to imagine him with someone. That somehow feels like stabs to her heart.

She moves closer and smells more. Woman.

Did he bring any woman in here? She walks closer and pulls out the necklace from the half-opened drawer and holds it in her open palm.

It's not very cold. That's odd.

They have been down there for less than 20 minutes. Was Niall playing with it or something?

She closes her hands and sighs. Was I smelling myself? She laughs inwardly.

She takes a final look at the butterfly.


Why is it that she cannot remember anything about how they were, while young? She decides to find about it.

Emma takes the file and heads down.

Niall raises his head at her sight. "What took you so long?"

She places the file on the table and stands still. He pats the seat beside him but she doesn't sit.

Niall gives up and puts down his pen, leaning into his seat, smiling. "Yes. What is it, Emma?"

She brings up her hand and opens her palm. His smile falters as his gaze falls on the necklace in her hand.


"How did you get this?" She questions him.

Niall scratches the nape of his neck and hums. "At Ethan's."

Memories flood into her brain.


"Ethan, I need to tell you something. I--"

"Maria, listen. I have my cousins here and they are scary as f#ck even though I'm the eldest. Even mom is here. I don't know what's going on. They have something to tell me."

"Er..... Okay?"

"Whose is that?" said one voice from Ethan's side.

"That's a beautiful necklace," said the other voice, admiringly.

"That's my friend's. She forgot it here," said Ethan.

"Are you sure that it's just a friend?" said a female voice who's probably Ethan's mom.

Before another answer came, she ended the call.

Flashback ends____________________


She nods and says, "Tell me." And sits down.

"I know that you know half of the conversation so listen to the rest."

Emma leans in and looks into his soul.

He clears his throat and starts.

"Aunt Lena, Ethan's mom whose full name is Helena Parker, is my father's elder sister. She summoned us, Nick and me, to Ethan's house to discuss something 'important'", he says making a quotation in the air with his fingers.

"After she showed the necklace to us and questioned whose it was, I couldn't help notice how familiar the necklace was. Ethan said that it was his friend's and I didn't understand anything at first and then, Everything became crystal clear."

Emma almost blinks in slow-motion.

"That the owner of the necklace, Ethan's friend was someone special to me. Ethan looked as if he regretted everything that happened and I asked if I could keep the necklace."

What the f#ck.

"They found it weird but I didn't mind. I took the necklace and kept it in my chest pocket, near to my heart, where she has always been. My little Sky."

That hit different to her. I am Sky.
Goosebumps covered her skin shamelessly.

"This necklace had been with me for the past 3 years. I thought whoever was the owner, didn't want it back."

"Stop saying 'whoever the owner was'. I am the owner!" She shouts.

Niall sits there motionless. Expressionless. He was provoking her. Niall wanted to hear it. And now he did.

He smiles. "I know."

She doesn't smile back. "I am Sky," she says with a scowl.

"And this thing belongs to me and me only!" She shouts holding it by the chain.

His smile widens as she speaks. He can feel his eyes burning and watering.

"My name was changed to Maria when I was 5. And then after the discoveries were made, I changed my name to what it was."

"EMMA SKYLAR KNIGHT. Do you understand now? Me! I am Sky."

Tears roll down his eyes. "Emma... That's it. You were mine."

She freezes. "What?" She asks quietly.

He shakes his head with a chuckle and pulls her closer. "Promise me something."

She eyes him suspiciously. "What?"

He smiles heartily. "That you'll give me a chance."

Her heart starts to beat rapidly. Niall...

"For what?"

"To steal your heart."

"Cheesy. But No. I only have one heart. I can't give that away."

He laughs. "I'm not joking, Emma."

"I mean, wait, what made you change your mind? You had the idea that I was a hoe, right?"

He licks his lips and says, "I used to have a behavior. A bad one. That, I will drive away women when they start to develop feelings for me. I would ruin dates, sometimes stood them up."

She listens attentively.

"And then you showed up, breaking all of my rules. Breaking every barrier of my mind. You confuse me a lot and I've never had that kind of moments and now, this. We were childhood buddies. More like childhood sweethearts." He laughs.

A smile forms on her lips and she didn't dare hide it. I'm enjoying a sentimental Niall.

"I believe that... We are meant to be together. Maybe this is a sign."

"Okay, now you sound insane. That won't happen. You have different likes and I have different likes too. We are different, Niall. Maybe this is a sign that we should stay friends. Forever."

Niall defends his point. "We can be friends even if we are, you know....... Dating."

She scoffs. "Niall, you are nuts. Both of us are complex in our ways and the idea of us together is like trying to understand the Blackhole."

"Look, I'm not fighting you on this. If you want me to put the necklace around your neck, I can do that."

She hands him the necklace, murmuring incoherencies, and turns around pulling up the hair.

He puts it around her neck and whispers on her neck giving her goosebumps. "Now, you are marked as Mine."

He adds breathing into her neck.
"Only Mine."

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