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46_ His New Addiction

Madness. Pure madness is what I call it. Niall has no idea what he is developing a tiny relationship into. We might have been close when we were young. But that doesn't mean that we have to DATE!

And now he says that he marked me as his! This man is possessive. But being possessive about me, that's a whole different level.

Emma silently sits beside him and types away on her laptop. She needs to search for the following names in all social media and be an anonymous user and manipulate them. Do some social engineering and you know, put some sh#t in their heads and make them believe that they're gonna fail anyway. So don't try hard.

After the endless hours of mind games, she falls on the sofa, exhausted.

"Will it work?"

She flashes a tired smile. "Like Black Magic."

He sits down beside where her head is. "Does Black Magic work?" He questions with a confused look.

She groans and sits up. "Hey! Don't question my Sorcery."

He raises his hands in the air defensively and says, "I'm sorry, I was just wondering."

"Yeah, stop wondering."

Several days at work pass by where she runs away from Niall's fixed gazes and flirty smirks.

__November 6__

__Train journey from London to Glasgow__

Emma, Emily, and Victoria decide to take a train ride so here they are riding on a train.

A 4-hour ride isn't so bad but when there's a kid beside you, that's just freaky. At least to Emma.

Emma keeps ignoring the kid as she tries to get her attention and show the kid's new shoes.

Emily finds it adorable. Maybe the kid finds Emma pretty and wishes to talk and show her things but Emma is like, No No.

She asks her to move and Emily takes over her seat. Emma sighs in relief and starts chatting with Victoria while Emily makes friends with the kid.

She comes to know that the kid's name is Brooklyn. A grown-up name for a kid but the kid's growing right?

Little Brook likes to read and buy shoes! Fascinating enough. Emily laughs inwardly. She talks with the child's parents and finds that they are going to visit Brook's grandparents.

Time passes by faster, just like the train. They get down off the train and takes a taxi to the hotel. Niall and Nick have somewhere to be so they are gonna take the fly.

The girls get an entire body makeover. Everyone transformed.

'Cause every one of their moves adds to the beauty of success.

Niall walks out of the helicopter with grace. But inside, he is nervous as frick. What if?

That is the question that's floating around in his mind. Even though he is the one who encouraged everyone and said it will be nobody's fault if they fail but he's already blaming everything on himself.

"You look worried," says Nick who eyes him with concern.

"I am," he replies and sighs. "What if--"


Niall looks at him with surprise. Nick smiles mischievously and says, "Think about Emma. Your worry will transform into something else."

At first, Niall doesn't get what Nick said. But then, a smile spreads across his lips.

Thinking about her sure makes him smile nowadays. Niall smiles as he walks downstairs with Nick and the bodyguards.

Getting in the car, everything on his mind is about her. It's funny how faster he is getting close to her when he was the one who crossed his fingers not to start developing feelings for her.

But now, even thinking about her just makes him feel so high.

Niall realizes that Emma Knight has become his new addiction.

They drive to the hotel where the girls went and thanks the bodyguards for accompanying them and they leaves.

Niall is so ready to see her again as she mentioned some huge makeover in the text message.

Emma is the only one who he never calls more than twice a day but communicates with a lot.

Niall gets inside his room and takes off his coat. Unbuttoning his shirt, he falls onto the bed with a sigh of relief.

He switches on his phone and Emma's sleeping figure appears and that only makes him smile a thousand times wider.

Isn't she precious?

At first, he used to care about all the mess she made, focusing on every flaw in her.

But now, it didn't matter at all. Not at all.

All he cares is about how happy he is when she is with him. Sometimes she's a little annoying but that's okay.

Annoyance adds to her personality.

The tournament is held at Alea Glasgow Casino.

There are hundreds of games played in there and Five of them are going in with five different groups.

Victoria will represent the Carolinas for the Master Card games.

Nick and Niall will go for the dice and roll whatever casino games.

Emily will deal with the lady part of card gamers. While they are leaving Victoria with a gang of male competitors.

Emma will keep mentally manipulating every participant and seducing everyone (even women) to make them lose their concentration on the games and make them notice her more than the cards in the deck.

She will play the games too.

It's almost time to go to the casino when Niall puts an end to his thoughts.

His brand new tuxedo, shirt, and pants hanging in the closet, moving with rhythm when the wind blows on them.

This is a moment to look all professional. So the tuxedo is black. Shirt, black. Pants, black. Even his goddamn watch is black.

He bolts up from the bed and does a quick shower and sprays his favorite scent on his body and smiles to himself at the mirror, satisfied. His brunette hair is slicked back with gel and the facial hair shaved clear. His hair is cut short before coming to Glasgow and kept the front part of his hair a bit longer. Long enough to let it fall onto his eyes like a curtain.

I did it because I know that Emma loves it when my hair falls into my eyes. For some crazy reason, she finds it sexy.

He looks like a college boy right now even though he is 27 years old, turning 28 next month.

He grins toothly in the mirror and tries different types of smiles in front of the mirror.

It's my moment to impress and change her mind. Giving me a chance won't hurt, right? If we don't work out, I won't force her into anything.

His phone rings the moment he grabs it and says into it, "Yeah Dad. I'm good. What about you?"

"I believe that you are taking pills at the right time?"


"Yes, I was going when you called. Getting out of the room now. Yes sir!"
He laughs.


"Yes, dad. Love you too."

"Yes, I'll say that to him."

"Okay, bye dad. Will call you as soon as this ends. Alright."

And he hangs up.

My dad is the CEO of worrying.

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