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47_ Legendary Players

Niall walks down the hall and meets up with his brother.

"You good, mate?"

Nick nods tiredly. "I feel a bit dizzy but I'll be okay."

Niall's face melts into concern. "Mate, look at me."

Nick looks up at him and Niall gasps. "Why are your eyes so red?"

He doesn't speak. "Blow."

He stares at him but Niall leans forward and smells. "Why did you drink? You idiot, Emily will kill you!"

Before he can speak, a wave of nausea hits his nose and there he runs in and pukes into the toilet.

Niall slaps some sense into Nick as he mumbles incoherencies while laying on the bed. He gives him a glass of water and shakes him to get things right. After a minute or so, Nick is well.

They walk down into the casino greeting everyone but Niall's eyes are searching for someone else.


He is a man of the grand entrance and maybe that's what he's trying to do here too.

There are several cameramen here and there, taking pictures and asking some idiotic questions to the competitors and fellow businessmen.

His phone chimes and when he opens it, that's a message from Dad.

Dad: Everything good, son?

Niall: Yup. We are in a photoshoot rn. The tournament starts soon. Will call you during the game break.

Dad: All the best. Tell the girls not to worry, k? They are our backbone. Can't do anything if the backbone's weak as shit.

Niall: Lmao. Yes, dad. They are way confident than I am. Don't worry about anything. We got it.

Dad: Oh and tell Emma and Emily that I said hi. And to the redhead.

Niall: Victoria.

Dad: Haha right. che Dio sia con te. (God be with you)

Niall: Thank you Dad 🖤

He looks around for any familiar and comes up with Nick getting a drink.

I'll kill this ass.

He pulls Nick away from the bar and stomps on his feet. "What the hell do you think you are doing?"

"Getting a drink?"

"Nickholas, we are going to play for our company, not for your ex."

"Why do you have to bring her up?"

"Just shut up and come on. Dumbasses want a pic of us."

As soon as they place left on the photo corner of the casino, sparkles spread across the floor.

Everyone in the hall, including their eyes averts to the three beautiful ladies walking towards the casino talking and phoning.

No one can recognize the lovely ladies. And Niall adjusts his eyes to the brightness and shimmers. "What the--"

"It's them!" squeals Nick merrily.

Niall couldn't understand anything. There's a Virgin Black, Blonde, and a Redhead.

Every head turns their way and he watches them carefully as the Blackhead speaks with someone on the phone. Her eyebrows are knitted together and it is very clear that she is frustrated.

The blonde and redhead are talking to each other rather nonchalantly.

The more closer they come, the view is clear.

"Emma dyed her hair, Virgin Black? And it's short!" cries Nick pinching Niall's arm but he doesn't seem to mind.

All of his senses are out of order.

"She is gorgeous."

Nick almost snaps his head trying to get the expression out of Niall's face.

Niall is smiling like an idiot. When Nick looks in the direction he is looking at, he sees Emma grinning toothly at him.

Ha, no wonder why he looks like that.

Her hair is so short that it barely touches her shoulder.

In marvelous breezy waves, her hair falls partly to the side of her face. Her lips graced with magenta lipstick making it look very plump and kissable. She is wearing a no-shoulder Sheri Hill mirror gown.

Emily is looking like a Queen in her red velvet gown. Her lips graced with red lipstick. Nick is verbally drooling over her figure but Niall makes sure that his concentration does not go over her.

Beautiful girlfriends are a great distraction.

Victoria is shining in her self-designed dress. Her red locks in half updo bun. Such a cutie.

The girls smile at the men. "You look handsome," compliments Emma, and Niall blush lightly.

"Thank you and so do you. I mean, you look lovely."

She flashes a diamond-worth smile.

After the photoshoot, they are sitting in their seats hearing the host.

"It's past 12 now and you know what that means. Time for the battle!"

Everyone applauds.

The host continues, "Today November 7, the grand tournament of Legendary Players is going to take place. Everyone, please proceed to your seats. Remember, no cheating."

Victoria gapes and her eyebrows furrow remembering something.

'Oh my god, it's November 7!' she mouths at Emily and she winks at Victoria.

There are secrets unsaid.

The games start within a minute. Everyone is silent as the assistants distribute cards among the players.

Niall takes a deep breath. He prays to Saint Balthazar who is the patronage of card game manufacturers. In conclusion, he will help you not have bad luck playing cards.

O Holy Magi, you were living in continual expectation of the rising of the Star of Jacob, which would announce the birth of the true Son of justice; obtain for me an increase of faith and charity, and the grace to live in continual hope of beholding, one day, the light of heavenly glory and eternal joy.

I really would love to win the games of tonight and help my companions to win this too. We want this business deal to maintain our reputation.

Glory be to the Father and the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

With that, they start arranging cards in between their fingers.

Emma, Nick, Emily, and Victoria are too in the same trance of gaming. Everything on their minds is about winning.

We want to win.

The Browns have some dude in the seat but not Calvin. Emma has her game to play and it's a game of hearts.

Playing with his heart. And I know that it's dangerous but I will have to do it. Niall has no idea what I am about to do.

Emma has her dirty games tucked under the skin. It has always been there. She is the daughter of Xander Knight after all.

The games are a bit boring now but will surely get interesting when they are in the final round.

Emma has already exchanged some mischievous/dirty text messages with Calvin making him believe that she is into him, that she wants him back and that is playing Niall into thinking that they are friends. She will make Niall fail and will come to Calvin if he wins. That's what she told him.

And it's the big break time.

Going to the washroom, she has a hard time trying not to break down. Tricking Calvin never feels good to her.

It's this weird connection that they share and even if she tells herself a million times that she hates him, she keeps running back into him. They are inseparable.

The bond is only getting stronger. She wants to see him fail harder as much as she wants him to be hers. He confuses her all the time but not Niall.

The bond is not sprouting in between Niall and Emma. Maybe soon, maybe never.

But she likes Niall too.

Emma has no idea what's happening. Even if he drugged her, it's because he loves her and wants her back. But at the same time, she hates it that he uses the wrong ways to get her back.

She understands how much of a toxic relationship they had. He makes her feel light.

And she hates it.

She hates that she loves him. LOVED him.

As she is about to walk out of the washroom when someone pushes her in and pins her onto the wall.

She doesn't even have to look to know who it is when she IS the one who invited him there.

"Happy Birthday Cupcake", he whispers into her ear teasing her earlobes.

She flinches a little bit but hides her inner emotions.

"You remembered!" She whispers feeling surprised.

But it hurts her at the same moment. He loves me too much that I can't handle to trick him. I don't want him to get hurt. But I can't let down Niall as well.

She couldn't look him in the eye anyway. He will see right through her.

So, to play her mind game well, she bends her neck and nuzzles her nose in the crook of his neck.

"You are my darling, ain't ya? How will I ever forget your birthday?"

She nods silently. Stop loving me, Calvin. I can't manage to do the same.

His hands slide down from her arms to the swell of her breasts and she inhales deeply.

He caresses the part and then again, his hands fall over her waist, then to her hips, and pulls her closer to him.

A kiss. That's all it takes to give him a fake hope. I can do it without feeling anything for him.

Five more minutes before the break ends.

His eyes fall on her lips. Calvin always loved it when she wore rose lipstick. She looks like a beautiful rose.

He traces her lips with his thumb and a flirty smile appears on her lips.

There it is.

One of his hands moves up to her neck and slowly, he claims her lips in his.

Lips move in sync, he sucks on her bottom lip hungrily, she grabs him by the collar of the shirt, pulling him to her, and intensifies the kiss.

Calvin knows everything. That she will not hold herself back from tricking him. But he wants her so badly.

He knows that if he kisses her the right way, it will falter her control.

Her hair is already messing up and Calvin's hands caress her buttcheeks making her shiver terribly.

This is not right but it feels good.

She surprises herself and Calvin when she turns him over and pushes him into the wall and takes control. She bites his lips and shoves her tongue down his throat making him groan and moan uncontrollably.

She is sweating a lot too. Emma had no idea that it will feel so good to kiss Calvin again. She does care for Calvin but just at this moment.

She is here for Niall and she'll do anything for him. Her inner demons are screaming into power so she pulls away gasping for air.

Calvin breathlessly closes his eyes and says, "Oh my god babe, you're still the Luna."

She smiles at her success. She now knows that Calvin is believing that she'll falter her game purposefully so that Calvin will win.

I'm playing for Parker's CO. Not you.

He looks over at her with a lot of emotions in his eyes. She recognizes two of the emotion as Lust and Trust. With a sincere smile, he says, "I love you."

Her heart sinks at his confession. She mutters a silent 'I know' not daring to look at him again and walks away.

But little did he know, that she is walking away from him FOREVER.

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