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48_ Bad Kind of Butterflies

Song dedicated to the chapter:

Bad Kind of Butterflies by Camila Cabello.

'Come here and sit next to me
Don't look at me while I'm breaking
After what I'm gonna say
I understand if you hate me

What do I do when I love you
And want somebody else?
What do I lose if I don't choose
And keep it to myself?

I got
Bad, bad, bad kind of butterflies
Like when you got something to hide
Lies, tellin' you that I'm alright
Tonight, tonight

Bad, bad butterflies in my chest
There's something I gotta confess
Yes, somebody's stuck in my head
And I, and I

I know I said we were friends
And when I said that I meant it (Swear I meant it)
Somewhere between now and then
It became more than just a friendship, mm

What do I do when I love you
And want somebody else?
What do I lose if I don't choose
And keep it to myself?

She is dying inside a minute by minute. If the betrayal is not worth it and they fail by a split point, she doesn't know what she'll do then.

Running away from him is meaningless, pointless. He will chase her and brainwash her into being with him. Then she'll have to bear with his new type of behaviors and watch people die if they tell against him.

She'll turn into a bad person. Then she will have to bear his children, teach them to be merciless like their dad. Everything will be chaotic.

Emma doesn't want to cry in front of them so takes a drink and sinks into the seat beside Victoria who smiles brightly but frowns when she smells alcohol.

"I need it, okay? I would've gone insane if I didn't take it. I'm sorry but my game will be over soon and I'll sink in with you. Help you pull the tricks on the opposing team."

"Your lipstick."

"Huh?" She raises a brow but then remembers.


"Here," Victoria says offering her lipstick to Emma.

It's a lighter shade of rose color but she can just blend it.

"Thank you," she says giving her the lipstick, and asks, "How is my hair?"

"Disaster," she comments giving the tiny mirror to Emma.

"Oh my god," she says looking at the mirror and fixes her hair.

"It's alright now?" She asks and Victoria nods.

The big chiming of bells startles them and she runs back to her seat flashing a reassuring smile at Niall who looks about to throw up.

The games start again and Emma's eyes fall on the joker placed under the deck of cards.

In the game of Rummy, you need at least one Joker to make it through the game. If you fold the cards without the Joker, that is a miracle.

Rummy is all about Luck and Common sense. If you get the right card to go with your sequence, you have a chance to reduce the points. And then you need to bring out all the cards with sequence, with or without the help of Joker.

If it's three cards of the same letter, but a different symbol, that is considered a sequence too. For example, if it's King of Hearts, Clubs, Spades, that is the third life.

(A/N: I don't know how to explain the game but I do know how to play all well)

She wants just one Joker. If it's the last-minute Joker and she is in luck, Emma will surely fold the cards.

Every other competitor is on the verge of falling out of the game, so she needs to play safe. If the Joker slips out of her hands and someone else folds the cards, she will be the one falling out of the game. The points will build up and you will fail in the game of Rummy.

The people who score the least numbers will stay in the game or you are out.

She just needs a Joker to fold the cards and the guy opposite to her is shifting uncomfortably in his seat and with that, she can understand that he is too on the verge of winning with the lucky Joker.

And she can't let that happen or everything will be gone.

He loses a Three of Spades and she rejects the card. Muttering a prayer in her mind, she picks the card.

Queen of Diamonds? She frowns but it transforms into a sigh of relief when she remembers that it is the extra Joker.

Not the dancing Joker but the Queen that represents the additional Joker. She screams with happiness in her mind as she inserts the card in between the right position and folds the card.

A cry of disappointment leaves the mouth of the opposition gamer. "Goddamnit! I had her in the last second."

They stand up facing each other and shake hands with each other. "Thank you," she says and he says the same.

Niall and Nick look over at her, watching Emma walking across the hall to Victoria. Then they knew that she won.

I'd be surprised if she didn't win. She has a willpower of a Lion.

Emma's smile falters into a hurtful look when Calvin's eyes twinkle at her sight.

I'll be punished for tricking him. Faking my love for him.

Calvin smiles at her but she didn't dare fake it this time. She smiles at him wholeheartedly feeling tons of guiltiness washing over her.

'My beautiful Cupcake', he mouths winking at her and she blushes even though she is not supposed to feel anything. It is the kind of blushing that you do when you know that there is a great chance that you'll win but also a greater chance that he'll win her over and she'll have to be his Mate.

In the other sense. The one who breeds for him. It feels like a battle between a Mind Alpha and a Heart Alpha and the Luna is stuck in between their fight.

And Luna has no idea whether to listen to her heart or her mind. It confuses her more when she loves one but wants the other.

She has the Bad Kind of Butterflies in her stomach. Emma feels sick with her thoughts.

I want to die.

All the other competitors that she mentally manipulated, are already out of the game. The mind games work every time. But this time, it's Calvin that's playing.

And he already mentally f#cked her up.

She wants to cry her eyes out for making him think that she loves him. But she does love him and that's the problem.

Calvin plays very well but she knows that Victoria is a master at Bridge, Spades, Hearts, you name it.

Emma whispers several tricks into her ear but makes it appear like she is not even opening her mouth.

Calvin's eyes periodically avert to Emma as she does something with her fingers, biting her lip now and then adding to Calvin's worry.

What is she doing? Her brain is surely making my opponent win. Emma, it's me that you want to win not The Parker's!

Emma is just playing her tricks. There's no reason for her to count anything on her fingers because Victoria knows how to play all very well.

Emma adjusts her gown a bit and now, the swell of her breasts is very visible. Too visible.

She doesn't mind him ogling her because that's exactly what she wants him to do. The idea is too old-fashioned but it will work very well. Calvin has a big goddamn attraction to her body.

A mischievous smile forms on his lips as she parts her lips a little bit and it reminds him of something nasty that they used to do. Just thinking about it makes him wet.

Calvin rejects a card and Emma eyes the card and him.

The seduction is working like a spell.

Victoria takes the card and pulls the trick but this time, Calvin frowns.

He does not have a card to match with the trick that she pulled. Emma wants to laugh out loud and cry. But she looks away from him when to stares at her with disappointment.


Victoria smiles and silently announces, "Wow, that was a game."

Emma stands up and tries to leave when they announce Victoria the winner.

But Calvin yells, "Emma!"

She tries to walk away so instead of giving a handshake to Victoria for the good game, he ignores her entirely and rushes after her and grabs Emma by her bicep, and spins her around.

"You didn't have to be so cheap to win," He yells at her face and she stands there with her eyes closed in guilt and fear.

She doesn't want to see the scary side of him. She has seen it once and that was enough to leave her broken.

The wolf in him is screaming with dominance. He moves closer to her but then the guards start to run from several corners and pull him away from her.

No fights will be allowed in the casino just because he failed. Well, that's what the casino owners understand.

Tears are rushing into her eyes and bites harder on her lips than they bleed any minute now. Her fingernails digging deep into her palms, cutting her skin.

Blood spills out of her wound but no one notices it until she rubs her nose. Blood smears all over her nose and cheeks and Niall runs up to her with a horrified look on his face.

"Emma!" He calls but she's lost in her trance.

Calvin growls. "You could've just asked me to fail purposefully instead of playing your dirty game. You're a scoundrel, Emma!"

There is no way that she can hold back her tears now. But she deserves to be screamed at. She knows what she did but she never expected this kind of a reaction from him.

"Enough Calvin!" barks Emily flaming with anger, adrenaline rushing into her blood.

"You! Do you know anything? She killed my child! What kind of a woman does that? Who kills their child so cruelly?"

Emma is panicking. What are these men doing? Take him away already or he's gonna spill every detail and make a crack in her public image.

Niall stares at her when Calvin screams about some unknown child.

Niall knows what he is talking about but he hates to think about her bad side again. That will make him hate her and there will be no one to comfort her.

The guards drag Calvin away as he yells again, "You gave me false hope and kissed me like we used to. Why did you have to do that to me, Emma? I loved you!"

Sobs leave her mouth as Niall takes her hand in his. "Emma--"

"Leave me alone!" She cries and runs out ignoring Emily and Victoria calling her back.

She ignores Niall, even Nick.

Only she knows how painful the thought of abortion was. Was it her fault that she got pregnant? Did she want to break up with him? No. And why did she do it? Why did she lie that she abortioned the baby when she did something else? Because her dad told her that he is dangerous and brutal and that his relationship with him will only lead to catastrophe and if she doesn't, he will kill Calvin.

Was she ready to raise a child without its father in the picture? No.

As much as she hates kids, she loved him. And telling him that she abortioned their baby was painful enough.

She never wanted children. They are brats according to her. They will make you go insane.

Only if somebody knew the truth, she thinks washing the blood off of her hands and face. The baby was somewhere safe.

A four year old little girl who looked exactly like her father.

Emma drenches in tears thinking everything about them. She looks at her phone, opening the gallery, and swipes away the pictures with a sob leaving her mouth every time she sees a picture of them laughing.

They were so in love. Her eyes start to hurt with the crying she's done.

Her energy is draining away. He sucked the birthday vibes from her. He f#cked her up.

There is an entire album with their photos. Only theirs. It is named Memories.

She selects every picture and clicks the delete button.

A warning box appears.


Emma shuts her eyes taking a deep breath.


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