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4_ disgrace

What is up with Calvin now? Why is he back from Italy? Why is he after me? What does he want from me?

Millions of questions float across her mind as she drives back to her mom's new house in Los Angeles.

She takes a right turn and slows down in the curves.

My life is a mess.

Only if Gabi was here, she would know what to tell me and how to calm my messed up mind.

Usually, she talks to me if she's feeling down and that's what exactly I'm going to do. Talk to Emily.

Ethan is floating away from my heart and I know why. He is my best friend and he often forgets that.

Like, he's taking advantage of me. Making me talk to the chief doctor and get him back to his job only for him to ruin it again.

I don't know why I am a big deal but people do listen to me when I plead. For some magical reason, people respect me.

What did I do to earn this kind of respect?

Ethan is the friend with benefits and I want to put a stop to it.

Emma takes a left turn again and pulls into her mum's garage.

Emily is not here, she thinks as she notices her car missing.

She walks in looking sideways and makes her way into the kitchen.

"Mom?" She calls out, and Sarah answers.

"I'm in the kitchen!"

She strides in, getting a view of her mother's back to hers, humming softly and swaying her hips to the song that she's humming.

"Somebody's happy?" She asks and places a gentle hand on Sarah's shoulder.

"I am. My younger daughter is getting married!"

Emma freezes.
"What are you talking about?"

"Emily told me that you agreed to marry him through the phone. I'm so happy, my baby," she says turning to face her daughter and cups her face.

"This is your dream coming true."

"My dream?" She questions while removing her mum's hand from her face and takes a step back.

Sarah frowns. "What's wrong?"

Emma shakes her head in disbelief.

"I'm not too old, you know. I can still remember the very day you two started to run around laughing and playing, chasing each other. He, carrying you around while the other two read something together. Both of you were like destined lovers."

Emma scrunches her nose. "What in the world are you talking about? I don't even know him!"

"You can't remember because they moved to London when you were 4. That's when we got divorced." Sarah grimaces.

Emma gapes at her in surprise and bites her lip. "I'll be right back."

And walks out of the door pulling her phone out of her pocket.

She quickly types EMILY and clicks on it.

On the third bell, Emily answers it.

"Yes Sister, what's up?"

"I screwed Chase."

"What the f#ck?"

"That triggered you didn't it? Who told you that I'd marry that psychopath?"

The other end stays silent.

"Uh, I-- I am sorry. I can't disappoint her again. I ran away at my wedding and that was trouble enough. I thought that this was good for you, he likes you, Emma."

"For once, here me out. I can't-"

"You can't make the decision here, Emma. We elders decide things, you are immature. So, we do this for you so that you'll be like your older self. Responsible and someone who uses a tiny part of their brain. This will fix you."

"I am not broken!" I scream into the phone, and Emily sighs.

"Only broken people with broken hearts say that. I know about Calvin and Ethan, Ok? This is not the first time I'm seeing you. Stop being a bitch and marry him."

"Why did I even call you? Oh and about immaturity, take a look at the mirror. Look who's talking about being immature and taking no responsibility. I'm not being the bitch, you are. I--"

"Nobody asked for your opinion, Emma. You do as we say. I hope you still have the necklace he gave you."

"I don't have it. I left it at Ethan's home, I don't think I want it back."

"Alright if you ever want it back, it's with Niall."

"How do you know all this?"


"I thought you guys didn't talk anymore."

"That's none of your business."

"You are so f#cking shady."

"You are being childish."

Emma stays silent for a moment before saying, "There's no reason for you to know this but for the record, I screwed Chase and I was not kidding."

And she hangs up. That would do the trick.

"You did what with Chase Brown?"

She stiffens suddenly and turns around.

Sarah is standing right behind her leaning on the kitchen door with a what-the-fuck look on her face.

Emma gulps down hard. "I was uh- I didn't d--"

She was cut in mid-sentence when Sarah grabs her wrist.

"You've brought enough disgrace to the family."

She is taken aback and stares at her mother. She can't believe this.

Her eyes fill up with tears as she keeps glaring at her mother.

"I can't believe this. Dad and you are not different anymore!"

She storms out of the house and drives away from there and keeps wishes that she was dead in her mind a million times as she drove to St. Michael's graveyard and parks the car outside the cemetery.

Addison's parents demanded that they wanted their daughter's body buried there. So she laid there.


Fuck family.

She walks towards the pillars with different names on them. Some are orphans. Some are nameless souls.


Some are dead people with known families. Some not.

She searches for the familiar and her eyes stop at it.

Here lies Addison Gabriella Smith
daughter of Lana and Caspian Smith.

Born: 08/11/2000. Died: 09/20/2019

A loving daughter, a caring granddaughter, a loyal best friend, a studious student, and a lover.


Emma couldn't hold back her tears and falls to her knees.

"I don't want to do this, Gabi. They hate me."

She sits there for a while and hums random songs in her mind. Memories coming back to her.

This was overwhelming me to no end. I wish that the earth fall apart right on my head. They don't understand. He is a freak with severe issues.

Who can live with someone like him? He has anger issues just like Martha. I wish Max was here.

"Your wish is granted, sis."

She freezes at the familiar voice behind her and jumps to her feet.

"Happy?" He asks wiggling his eyebrows like he always does.

Emma's eyes go wide like lemon and she jumps on him and he takes hold of her, spinning her around.

"Max, I missed you!"

He smiles. "So did I."
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