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49_ she loves control

Song dedicated to the chapter:

Fuck up the Friendship by Leah Kate.

'Let's fuck up the friendship
Come get in my head
Baby, cut the tension
I'm hung by a thread

Maybe it's something
But let's not pretend
Or maybe it's nothing
And this is the end

We could never be (oh, no)
We could never be friends
We could never be (oh, no)
We could never be friends

Niall wraps his arms around her figure while she sobs ceaselessly.


She holds onto him tightly. Niall is my haven.

"Take me home," she begs and he sympathizes with her.

Poor Emma.

There is no way that they drive to London so late. It's 4 in the morning.

They go to the hotel and decides to sleep in.

Emma is too tired to walk so she requests Niall to carry her in. He is honored, to be honest.

I would love to carry you in, Emma.

He scoops her in his arms and takes her to her room. Niall insists she changes the dress and takes off the makeup so she changes into a hoodie and pajama pants, after removing the makeup, and sits on the bed.

Niall pulls up her legs and tucks her in the bed like a child.

As he is about to retreat to his room, she grabs his hand.

"Sleep with me," she asks tiredly.

He stares at me with shock. "Huh?"

A small smile creeps onto her lips. "I want you to sleep beside me for once. Just once, please."

He raises a brow. "Are you sure?"

She frowns. "Did I stutter?"

He sighs and leaves the room. She watches him with half-opened eyes.

After a minute, he comes back in his pajamas with his phone in his hand.

His messy hair makes her heart flutter. I love it when he's messy.

She wants to forget whatever happened tonight. She wants Niall for that. He can surely calm her aching soul.

Niall looks at her with adoration. "What?" She questions.

He smiles sitting in the bed facing the wall. "Nothing."

"That's a lie."

He chuckles softly. "What are you gonna do sheriff?"

She can already feel the energy coming back to her. My favorite English man.

"Kiss you."

He turns a 6' O Clock in lightning speed as the words leave her mouth. A mischievous smirk forms on her lips.

She sits up and pulls him down on the bed and presses her forehead with him upside down.

Niall stares at the ceiling in shock. What is she doing?

"I'm passing information to your brain," she says like a kid who used to pretend that she is an alien.

Without a warning, she kisses his forehead and he feels butterflies in his stomach.

That's new.

Her hands cup his face and she looks into his grey eyes. They reflect her feelings. A burning desire.

Emma couldn't handle the situation anymore. She couldn't hold back how much she liked Niall. I like him a lot. Thinking about him makes me forget Calvin.

Her lips leave wet kisses all over his face and he doesn't push her away. He is loving it. Living in the moment.

She sucks on his face while kissing which will more likely be a hickey in the morning.

I've never had a hickey in my life. Annabelle was never gold enough in leaving me satisfied. It was always about her.

Turned on, she kisses him on the lips. He is really surprised at her action. He never thought that--

Oh my god, she is such a good kisser.

She moves her lips in sync with him just like she did with Calvin but with a more intensified feeling.

The attraction between Emma and Niall isn't a surprise at all. They are star-crossed.

Niall sits up straight pulling her into his arms and she cradles his hips with her legs and kisses him harder.

She bites down into his bottom lip making him groan. She pushes him to the bed and kisses the sensitive part of his neck and he moans her name.

She kisses every inch of his jaw leaving him breathless. Niall understands that she loves control. So does he.

He hovers on top of her, kissing her in every way that will make her want more and more. He shoves his tongue down her throat making her moan loudly.

Oh my god, Niall. You are the man.

After a heated long five minutes, they pull away breathlessly, falling on the bed staring at the ceiling wide-eyed.

Both of them smile.

Emma turns her head to look at him.


"Can I tell you something?"

He turns his head to look at her. "Yeah."

She licks her lips. And for a moment, Niall thinks that she wants to kiss him again but if that ever happens, he'll lose his control and claim her mercilessly.

You know what I meant.

She looks up at the ceiling again and sighs. "I wanted to tell you this earlier but I was too shy."

"What is it?"

She purses her lips and says, "I like you."

He gapes. "Really?"

She smiles confidently, content that she finally confessed her feelings, and says, "I do like you. A lot. I was an idiot for not telling you this earlier."

He rolls over to her and smiles. "I'm glad that you told me. I like you too."

A grin curls up on her lips as she realizes her destiny.

It's with Niall. Everything that happened was meant to happen.

Niall holds her hand and pulls her up and they cuddle up together in the bed, sharing each other's body heat.

Emma feels euphoric and so does Niall.

"Will you go on a date with me?"

The question startles her but it is something that she wants.

Emma kisses him again and nods. "I'd love to."

He chuckles merrily. "Are we a thing, now?"

She chuckles listening to his heartbeat. It is always so rapid when she touches him. And she loves it.

"We are a thing."

He sighs contently. "Ah, finally!"

They laugh out aloud, feeling each other's body vibrate under the other.

But one thing bugs her till she falls asleep in his arms.

I kissed two different lips tonight and I don't feel so good about it.

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