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50_ You taught me how to Fly

Niall blinks his eyes open seeing Emma sleeping peacefully in his arms.

Weeks ago, he was watching the picture he took of her sleeping. Now he can watch her in real.

Emma stirs slowly and flutters her eyes open smiling at him. She is the cutest thing.

"Good morning," she greets him and he says the same tucking some hair behind her ear.

"Are we going back home today?"

He nods and pulls away sitting on the bed. "Get fresh. I'll order the coffee and breakfast."

She gets out of bed and goes to the bathroom.

Niall orders the breakfast and calls Nick.

He talks with him for a few minutes and after he uses the bathroom and dressing up, he meets up with Nick beside the counter.

"Did you take a shower, mate?"

Niall chuckles nervously. "No, there's not enough time. Why?"

Nick leans forward and smells his brother. "Because you smell........ Feminine."

Niall blushes and pinches his earlobe. Nickholas gasps and says, "Did you--"

"I didn't sleep with her! But I slept beside her because she asked me to. Don't make up things."

Nick raises a skeptical brow. "And?"

"Uh......" He drags and blushes like a cherry while Nick squeals.

"Oh my god, you made out with her!"

"Can you be any louder? God!"

"I told you that you'll fall for her! Did you ask her out?"

He nods with a smile. "I did and she said Yes."

They laugh heartily when Emma, Victoria, and Emily walk down the stairs to them.

Emily catches something on his neck and points out, "Uh Niall, you have something like a hickey on your neck. There. Yeah down there."

He traces the skin on his neck and feels something bumpy and it hurts. Nick suppresses a chortle but it spills out and he laughs holding onto his stomach while Emily looks over at Emma who quickly looks away from them and whistles like she is minding her own business.


They arrive in London after an hour of their departure and Niall gets excited when he gets a call from an unknown ID.

He screams with happiness as he hangs up the call. "That was the clients!"

Emma smiles sweetly. "We have a party today."

He sits down on the sofa beside her and asks, "Why? Is it because we got the clients?"

She purses and nods hesitantly. She is disappointed that he doesn't that it's her birthday.

But she doesn't mind. He'll know it soon.

They had ordered a part of the restaurant privately and that's where they celebrate.

It's noon and the twins match in similar clothing.

They match in red Gucci jumpsuits. It Gotta go in style.

Sarah, Howard, Nick, Niall, the twins, Victoria and Mr. and Mrs. Daniels are present at the party.

"Both of you are dressed similarly, that's........ A little unusual but cute!"

Both of them smile widely at Nick and chuckle. "We are twins so we thought why not dress similarly."

They laugh but Nick and Niall look at each other suspiciously.

The waitress brings the cake with two numerical candles saying 22.

The boys gap at the cake and that's when the bulb glows in their heads.

Sarah, Howard, Victoria, and her parents start to sing happy birthday and the twins smile bright like the sun.

Sarah turns to Nick and frowns, "You are a bad boyfriend."

Nickholas blushes muttering a sorry in Emily's ear but she ignores him for the rest of the party.

The day goes by taking photos and videos posting them on Instagram and wherever possible. The boys wonder what to get them as a birthday gift.

It's night time.

Everyone decided to stay at Howard's house for the night. Victoria and Sarah go back to their home but the gang stays with Howard.

Emma walks down the beautiful pond looking inside. There's a frog.

Ugly. What if it's a prince?

She sits down and observes the ugly tiny frog. "Like the pond?"

She jumps with surprise and observes it closer. "You are a prince!"

He laughs. "A princess."

She frowns. "Huh?"

"Turn around Emma," he says.

When she turns around, she is surprised by Howard standing behind her. "You thought that the frog was talking?"

An embarrassed blush flies to their cheeks and she chuckles shyly, "Good to see you again, Howard."

He chuckles but his expression quickly morphs into something else. "Do you believe in fairytales, Emma?"

She smiles and looks away into the garden. Angel's trumpets bloom in the moonlight beam spreading away their exotic fragrance into their noses.

The smell reminds them of something. It affects both of them in different ways.

It reminds Emma of Addison, her late best friend. It reminds Howard of Olivia, his late sweet wife.

"Of course, I do. But not in a fairytale ending. That never happens. But can happen if she was his Cinderella and he was her Prince Charming."

Memories flood into his brain quicker than he can imagine. He sits beside her on the bench beside the pond as both of their minds drift away into their own sweetest trance.

Howard thinks about Olivia. His sweet symphony. His soulmate. The love of his life. The mother of his little naughty juniors.

Howard always wanted Olivia to retire from modeling but she didn't. So he didn't say anything further.

He met her in college. She was pretty, strong, bold, mischievous in a good way, sweet. The most impressive move of her was that she volunteered to do the decorations with him. Flirt with him very sneakily and get his number.

Howard couldn't afford to forget that adorable moment.

Even at that moment when she proposed to him at the carnival night. He was stunned by her bold and smooth move. Olivia was surely a thrilling journey of fantasy for him.

He remembered watching her as she laid naked under the sheets with her golden locks spread across the bed, her grey eyes shimmering under the beams of the sun. Her sultry eyes reflecting euphoria and lustful heat touches she received over a minute ago.

He rolled over to her shuddering sweetly under her lust-filled eyes.

His little devils were at school and Howard was pretty much enjoying his sweet time with his temptress woman of a wife.

"Babe?" He called and she hummed in a reply pulling at his fine brunette hair, running her fingertips across his jawline.

"How much do you love me?"

Her eyes averted to his with a surprised look and questioned. "What? Why do you ask that?"

"I just want to know," he moved away from her and laid flat on his back staring into nowhere.

She kept quiet for a moment and then proceeded to answer his question.

"If you jump off the cliff, I'd jump with you."

He looked at her confusedly and asked, "Why?"

She smiled sweetly and then turned away to look out the window, her eyes trailing on the birds near the pond.

Howard pulls some hair behind her ears before she said, "I would save you. BECAUSE YOU TAUGHT TO HOW TO FLY."

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