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51_ dear stalker

Emma glances up when Niall approaches her. He looks over at his father sitting beside her staring into the pond, tears rolling down his pale cheeks.

"Dad, are you alright?" He asks placing a hand on Howard's shoulder and he flinches hard in surprise.

"Yeah yeah, I'm fine," he says wiping away his tears and whispers in his son's ear softly, "Treasure every moment with her 'cause time doesn't give an f#ck about our feelings."

Patting on a gaping Niall's shoulder, he heads inside shouting, "I'm gonna go sleep!"

"Good night, Howard!" She shouts and then turns to Niall.


She blushes under the silvery moonlight and replies, "Hi."

He smiles and scratches the nape of his neck and asks, "Walk with me?"

She nods and starts walking with him.

They reach the back of the house where it is a lot darker than the front yard. There is a glowing pool back.

"I know that I'm late for this but Happy Birthday Emma."

She chuckles softly and punches his arm playfully. "It's alright and thank you... dear stalker."

He gasps. "So I'm a stalker now?"

She laughs again and sits down beside the pool. "You've always been. And don't you dare ignore the word I used with before 'stalker'."

He pouts and looks into the pool sitting beside her. "You are so rude."

"I'm rude? Honey, count that as a compliment. Geez! Who knew that you were such a baby?"

He stares at her. "I'm not a baby! And it seemed like a backhanded compliment. Not highly appreciated at all."

"Oh my god, stop Calvin!"

Her eyes go wide when she realizes what she just said. She corrects herself and says, "I mean, stop it, Niall. I'm sorry I won't say it again."

He smiles not like she can see it anyway.

He sighs and holds her hand in his and whispers, "I never thought that you'd change your mind about 'us' dating."

She giggles softly. "Me either. Even I was surprised with my answer. It seems like that I can't stop myself from feeling heated up under your sexy gaze."

"Now that is a compliment!" He says laughing heartily.

She laughs along with him looping her arm with his and places her head on his broad shoulder.

He can already sense the sudden rush of blood into his cheeks when she touches him like that. It happens whenever she does that.

He couldn't wait to feel her skin against his, her lips gracing his, sharing explicit moments with her. Feeling his body pressed against hers. See her in his clothes.

But it can wait, he knows. They haven't started dating and he's already building up an 18+ fantasy.

She gently kisses his cheek in the dark sending shivers down his spine. Emotions creep under his skin that he badly wants to pull out and show her. But it's too early.

She breathes against his skin and kisses him again and it directs him to his memories when she asked if he could kiss her.

And look at them now.

He grabs her by her hips and pulls her closer, kissing everywhere on her face except her lips. I can wait. I'll try anyway.

He whispers in her ear, "I'm taking you on a date tomorrow, m'lady."

She chuckles. "I love it when you're very English."

He hugs her tightly and pulls her up with him and he carries her to her room and he goes back to his.

The first date doesn't go as perfectly as Niall imagined it to go.

Niall ends up throwing up everything he ate and Emma looks at him with pity and has to help him clean himself and get him back to the car. He is so embarrassed about throwing up in front of her but she doesn't mind and doesn't give him a dirty look at all. This leaves a great impression on him.

She treats him so beautifully that he can imagine her like that with some kids. She will look after them well. She smiled at him all the way when he throws up on her and she cleans herself.

She doesn't complain nor does she clean herself with disgust. She chuckles shaking her head and flashes a smile at him saying that everything is alright and that every date can't always manage to go well.

And that makes him ask her for another date. She smiles, blushing deeply, and says that she would love to go on a second date or maybe a third and many more. Niall is so flushed.

Many days at work go by just like that. Dates after dates, Niall is getting way closer to Emma than he imagined to happen. He hugs her a goodnight every single night and maybe cuddle with her in some afternoons when she plays that cute pouty face at him.

He doesn't dare touch her too many times on the same day. It makes him go insane. She has the wild, spicy, intoxicating, fragrance on her that gives him a boner.

Everything about her is so satisfying. He is getting a wide variety of feelings for her and he can't catch himself if he falls from quite a height and he doesn't dare want that.


It's New Year Eve and Niall can't wait to give her the special gift he bought for her from Spain when he went on a business trip.

The company is given a big Christmas holiday and they decorate the house beautifully.

Emma runs around the house trying to find a hiding place as she is playing hide and seek with Niall and Emily.

She creeps into Niall's room and looks around. There is an almirah in the corner that she found mysterious. Maybe she'll find a NARNIA behind it.

Emma tries to open it but can't. It's stuck.

She turns it up and down. Up and down. Up and down again and again.

Open, you stupid almirah!

Then, it clicked open with several objects falling ceaselessly on her making her fall back on the floor and she screams. "Aaah!"

Pain penetrates through her skin and pushes away the things on her body.

And they are...... Toys and baby clothes?

Emma quickly sits up and looks through everything, her brain going nonsense.

"What the f#ck?" She mutters to herself and huffs.

Baby clothes, toys, teddy bears, and some woman's clothes. Some woman that wasn't her.

She gasps and feels the air trapped in between her throat when she sees several photographs scattered across the floor. All of them with Niall and some raven haired girl in it.

Tears start filling in her eyes and she tries to breathe but she can't. She is stuck in her anger-sorrow-shock-stricken trance.

Emma takes a picture and cries. They look so in love.

The girl was grinning like a Cheshire cat with her hands thrown in the air.

Niall has his hands wrapped around her torso securely laughing with her.

A huge wave of jealousy and annoyance washes over her. Who is this b#tch?

She turns around the photo and sees something written behind it.

I miss you a lot babe.

Her brain feels like exploding when she thinks aloud, "Who the hell is ANNA?"

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