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52_ plot twist


She turns around with bloodshot eyes filled with tears and glares at a stunned Niall.


Emily gapes when she sees Emma's condition and walks past Niall running to her. "Sky! What is it?"

She doesn't do anything but glares at him. There is so much pain, jealousy, anger, and million rays of betrayal that reflect in her eyes.

Now she understands the feminine feel she got from this room. It was Anna's.

Emily's eyes shift to the photographs on the floor and the one in her hand. Emily takes hold of the picture when Emma walks away and Niall tries to hold her hand.


She growls and slaps his hand away, running away crying.

Emily analyses everything and sighs staring at Niall. "Explanation?"

He purses his lips and nods. "Go after her, I'll come shortly after and explain."

She nods at him and pats gently on his shoulder walking out of the door.

Emma is laying on Emily's lap when Niall rolls a metal barrel in front of them in the backyard. Emma sits up confusedly glancing at him and throws a quizzical look at Emily. She shrugs in an 'i-don't-know' gesture and looks at him back again.

He goes back and comes back dragging a sheet with a lot of things and puts them in the metal barrel one by one.

"What are you doing?", asks Emma with frustration on not understanding what he is trying to convey.

"Just watch", he says tearing the photographs into tiny pieces and puts them in it making sure that she sees them.

When every photo is done destroying, he takes the woolen scarf, clothes of Anna and puts them in the barrel with the photo, and picks up the gas can.

Her eyes furrow in shock and he pours it in the barrel and ignites a matchstick and puts it in it. As soon as the matchstick makes reaction with the gas, a big blow of fire comes over the barrel but vanishes into black smoke.

He starts to walk towards and Emma tightens her hold on Emily's hand and bites her tongue.

Niall kneels in front of her and holds her free hand.

"Emma, listen to what I have to say."

She shifts uncomfortably in her seat and he raises to his feet and pulls her up.

Emily lets go of Emma's hand and moves a little to make space for Niall. He places Emma on his lap and puts his arms around her waist, locking them by entwining his fingers.

She looks down at him and he sighs.

"As you might know, I attended the med school."

Emily nods and says, "We know that."

He smiles at her and continues, "As much as quiet I was, girls were really on their tiptoes to ask me out or talk with me. But I was never interested in any of them."

Emma can feel the smile crawling under her lips but she doesn't show them out.

"And then one day out of nowhere, a blonde head started to wave at me, smile, talk to me, and started to become friends with me. That didn't go well with other girls as they were jealous."

"Annabelle was my senior. She was studying Psychology and her mother was in special ops or something. She would always talk about her mother and her dad who left them when she was 14."

Emily narrows her eyes hearing the word special ops. The description seemed way familiar to her. But she shrugs the thought away.

"She was introverted at the moment I met her but I never knew what she was until we got closer. She became my friend then my crush, then we started dating. That's when things started going downhill."

"She started to act more like a social butterfly but I thought that she was finally getting out of her shell but she was getting ready for making a catastrophe."

Emma's eye gets fixed on Niall.

"We dated for two years and on the third year, she asked me to her boyfriend. Being the idiot that I was, I said and was very overjoyed because my love towards her was very sincere and honest. I loved her. But she didn't and that broke me into a million pieces."

Emma feels sorry for him. My sweet Niall.

"I still loved her ignoring the sirens of toxicity even when Nick told me that she didn't love me enough and that she was aiming for my wealth because everyone knew that I was the future CEO of Parker's CO even though I was attending a med school."

Emily leans forward and stares at Niall as he continues.

"Man, Nick is a genius! He pointed out every fault in her and it ended up at there were only flaws and no goodness at all. But I was too stubborn to admit that she was a bad choice. It was obvious that Annabelle was nothing I expected in my future wife. She was too much trouble."

Emma gulps.

"She started smoking and drinking, attending late-night parties, clubs, pubs, and every bad thing. She told me that it made her feel alive. She was breaking bad. She was rude to dad, Aunt Lena and she even yelled at my cousin Eva for nothing and that blew my head. I fought with her and slapped her telling them that I didn't think I loved her anymore."

Emma gapes. Oops-

"She was my everything, you know?"

Emma inwardly shakes her head. I don't know.

"She was my first everything. She was very rude, cruel, gave backhanded compliments, she became into everything that I hated. She wasn't the old Annabelle anymore. I knew that I had to let her go but then she proposed to me."

Emma stares at him unblinking.

"I was so flabbergasted with her act and Nick told me that she did it not because she loved me but to trap me. She knew that I believed her to be in love with me but she never loved me."

Emma's eyes are watering at the tiniest level. How can anyone be so fake?

"She was such a fake. But soon, she told me that she was pregnant. I was surprised but had a suspicion."

"Annabelle was 4 months with she told me and I remembered very well that we didn't do anything 4 months ago. But I didn't want to cause another fight so I smiled at her and bought everything praying that she will change."

"I was happy but dad dropped me out of college and posted me as the CEO. Annabelle was the one who was thrilled about it more than I. Annabelle had this bad habit of calling me in between important calls and meetings just to prank me. I hated it and sometimes ignored her calls because I knew that it would be a prank."

Emily steals a glance at her twin and looks back at Niall. Something happened.

"Annabelle was 8 months pregnant when it happened. As usual, she called me but I thought it was another prank but it wasn't. I never gave a second thought but she was having early contractions. It wasn't due date."

Emma's eyes almost bulge out waiting for him to continue.

He talks, "I was very busy at the time. Her car was pretty old but she never let me get it repaired. Instead of calling a cab, she drove to hospital but-"

The girls ask in unison, "But what?"

He takes a deep breath before continuing.

"The brake of the car didn't work."

The girls gasp loudly enough to startle Niall.

Tears fall out of Emma's and Emily's eyes and she shuts her mouth with her hand while Emily says, "Oh my god."

"She hit another car and she died."

The girls stare at him with wide eyes, tears rolling down their eyes.

He adds, "Along with the baby."

Emma squeezes Niall's arm who sits there with his arms around her, almost looking emotionless. There is nothing in his eyes except Guilt.

I don't understand.

"When I finally reached the hospital, everything was gone. She was dead and the baby. It was a baby girl. I couldn't control my emotions and I lashed out at the doctors saying that it was their fault. But all along, I knew that it was my fault."

Emma caresses his cheeks and cups his face in her hands. He looks into her eyes but quickly looks away.

"I didn't answer the call." His voice cracks.

"Stop. Don't say that. It's not your fault that she died", she says hugging him, running circles in his back.

Niall smiles inwardly. I know Emma, my love. It was never my fault. She deserved it.

Emily breaks the silence. "What happened then?"

Niall speaks, "The doctors took out the child from her tummy and ran some tests on it. And they discovered that none of the baby's DNA matched mine."

Emily chokes on her saliva and coughs. That was a plot twist.

Emma hugs him tighter cringing inwardly. She was cheating on him........ Damn.

"I became furious and stormed out of the hospital. I didn't attend her funeral because I was mad as well as heartbroken. Not because she cheated but because even the child wasn't mine."

Emily is very uncomfortable. She rubs her temples and groans inwardly.

"I thought maybe I wasn't fertile but I did a test and confirmed that I was super fertile in fact."

Laughter bubbles in Emma but she keeps shut.

"Everything stayed the same way until you came."

Emma raises her head and looks at him at her mention.

"I understood that what I experienced before wasn't love. But This is. You."

Her eyes twinkle. Niall.........

She caresses his cheeks and kisses his forehead affectionately. He smiles at her.

"You have me, Niall. Always and forever", she says with a decoration of tenderness in her voice.

He smirks darkly inwardly. I knew that she will believe it.

Emily smiles at him. Niall carries Emma in his arms and Emily follows inside the suite.

The story is not a lie but it's not entirely true either.

Only Niall knows what happened.

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