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53_ out of love

Niall's POV

I killed her.

I killed Annabelle.

Well, not technically but yes. What I did to her car, killed her. And of course, she deserved it but not the baby.

My love for her was very sincere and pure but she mistook it for my weakness.

It's very true, she was pretty good that hiding these things but not when she fears getting caught. That gave her secret away.

She was cheating on me. I knew it from the beginning but just let it go because I believed her too much. I thought that she will leave him because we were official and not them.

Annabelle was very private and cunning but she was not clever enough to hide her affair. When Nick told me that she was just a gold digger and that she didn't love me, I didn't believe him but partly. Nickholas never lied.

We got in fights daily. She never seemed to adjust to anything. The rudest person I knew.

The proposal was one of her cheap games. A game played just to keep me with her, sucking on my money, on my reputation, on my life.

A leech. That's what she was. I was eventually falling out of love with her.

Then it turned out that she was pregnant. I was very suspicious of the pregnancy because she told me that it was 4 or 3 months but we never did anything 3 or 4 months ago. I was on a business trip.

It didn't take a genius of me to find out her secret lover. It was her best friend Amy's boyfriend. I was broken.

I informed Amy about this and she laughed telling me that she already broke up with him because she knew about his affair but didn't know that it was Annabelle. But I didn't let her do anything about it. I wanted to see how far she'll go.

And she went as far she could go. Till her death. How stupid of her.

We fought every day on silly matters and she finishes everything with a scream. She used to make it appear like I was hitting her or something. I never touched a hair on her body.

Then came the day where I was so fed up with her screams and complaining that I blew up which shocked her to her core.

I yelled in her face and threw the engagement ring at her telling her to get lost. She started crying and stormed out of the house taking her car keys with her and for a second, I worried about the child.

I still believed that it was mine. And oh boy was I so wrong.

Before my brain started to analyze what car she took, I got a call from my company.

There was a fire!!

I rushed to the place and managed everything and sat down with everyone saying that it was alright.

That's when I got the call.

Guiltiness was choking me tightly on my neck, making it impossible for me to contain my emotions. I couldn't drive properly so I called Nick to drive.

Everything on my mind was about Annabelle. I felt stupid for letting that happen.

If she would've taken my car, it would've been fine.

The reason that I knew she saw her lover while I was gone, made me do something childish and evil.

I drew out most of the gas in her car and the tires were in low pressure. The tires will blow out and it will cause an accident.

I only drained the gas but not the air in the tires. I told her about it beforehand but maybe she forgot about it.

Nickholas was panicking too much and that even seeing him made me feel scared.

When he finally arrived at the hospital, everything was done. She was gone, so was the baby.

It broke my heart into a million pieces.

But when the doctors said that it wasn't my baby, that was when the sirens went on in my head.

That little b#tch was cheating on me all along. How could she? I thought.

Then I remembered that I was just an ATM for her.

I didn't dare attend her funeral. I was more than furious and heartbroken. I don't want to see her again.

Everything moves faster after that. I moved on with my life and that's when Emma crashed back to me like a wave.

Knowing that she was my little Sky, IS my little sweetheart, makes my heart leap.

Look at us now, we are dating and I'm going to ask her to be my girlfriend very soon. I can't wait for us to be official.

She will be mine.

The starting of our meeting wasn't so good but the tables started to turn quickly. The attraction between us wasn't magic. It was there from the moment I laid my eyes on her. Not at the fashion show but when my mom brought me and Nick to the Knight's house.

She was all tiny and cute. So adorable. I wanted to squeeze her, tease her, and wished for her to be my sister. But God had different plans for us.

I'm grateful for everything I got. I'm grateful for having a brother like Nick, who is annoying yet my soul brother. I'm grateful for a friend and sister like Emily. She is funny and quite a clever creature.

I'm grateful to have my dad who is always there for us. He is the best dad in the world.

At last but not least, my love, Emma.

She is my universe, my dream, my beautiful angel. Every wish I wished on the fallen eyelashes is for her to be mine.

She is so mine. I don't know what I'll do without her. I want to hold her so badly like Calvin used to. It hurt me to think about it.

I'm grateful to have her in my life, my soulmate.

My dear lady.

The love of my life.


Wait- did I just make an entire marriage vow?

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