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54_ Never Have I Ever

5 Months Later.

"You have to tell me about it!" She begs Emily who raises her hand in the air defensively.

"I swear, I was just kidding."

"No no, I can see it through you. You guys did something!" She cries like a child wanting to know her sister's little secret.

Emily peeks at Nick through her lashes and looks back at her. "You'll know it when everyone else will."

Emma purses her lips. "Whatever!"

Niall clicks his tongue and shakes his head as he laughs looking at his pouting girlfriend.

"Emma, guys, why don't we play Never Have I Ever?"

Emma's face lights up like the Christmas tree and she nods jumping up and down.

They gather chairs and sits in a circle. Nick sits facing his fiancé and Niall sits facing his girlfriend.

Niall starts the game by saying, "Never have I ever stolen somebody's shoes."

Everyone raised their hands except Nick.

Emily giggled at her frowning fiancé and asked, "You stole someone's shoes?"

He groans. "I was a kid, okay? Don't bug me about it."

"A 13-year-old is not considered as a kid, Nick," says Niall smiling.

"Alright if you are exposing me and I'll expose you too," he says sitting straight in his seat getting ready for a battle.

Emily and Emma share a look and say, "This is going to be fun."

Nick says, "Never have I ever tried to strangle a girl's cat."

Niall playfully glares at him. "You are evil."

Nick chuckles darkly and says, "So are you. Wanna explain it?"

He looks at Emma and Emily gaping at him. "Why would you do that, Niall?" asks the girls and he shakes his head.

"I didn't do it on purpose. We are moving on," he says getting ready for another one.

Emily says, "Never have I ever stolen my sister's perfume because I was mad at her."

Niall chokes with laughter. Emma scowls at him. "It's called borrowing not stealing and you earned it for yourself."

Emily shakes her head in disbelief and chuckles. "Right."

Emma goes on, "Never have I ever swallowed somebody's saliva."

Emily hits Emma and she screams. "I'm playing!"

"Sure you are!"

"Calm down girls! We are not trying to get anyone killed in here. Just play, alright? Babe?"

Emma looks at Niall with a frown and rolls her eyes. "Yeah yeah."

"But why would you swallow someone's saliva?" questions Nick with curiosity but Emily hisses.

"Moving on, Never Have I Ever had s#x on the beach."

Emma inwardly gapes at the question and flips off at Emily to which she smiles apologetically. Niall throws her a quizzical look and she silently mutters, "Calvin."

His face falls and he gets up walking away. "Get me a drink!" shouts Nick after him and Niall shrugs.

Nick raises his chin at her in questioning and she shrugs with a hurt-hanging face.

"I'm going after him," she says and gets up.

Niall is sitting silently on the kitchen aisle with a long face.

She places her hands on either thigh and looks at him. "Niall? Are you okay?"

He doesn't reply. She cups his face in her hands and makes him look at her.


He struggles to look at her. "I'm yours."

His eyes twinkle as soon as the words leave her mouth. He looks at her attentively.

He opens his mouth to say something but she cuts him off saying, "Niall, everything is in past right now. Calvin, the old me, Natalie, the crazy me, even the little one. Both of us lost something precious to us but now, God has brought us together so that we'll make up each other's pain. Am I right?"

He nods quietly. She is right.

"We are each other's cure. Is that right?"

He nods again and hugs her tightly. "I lost myself in jealousy. I just couldn't get over the fact that you loved somebody before me. I'm sorry."

She runs her fingers through his hair and kisses his forehead. "It's alright, Niall. Now that you got me and I got you, everything is alright, sí? I can only love you because I've found the one." She taps on his nose and he blushes.

"Shall we go back?"

He grabs the drink and goes back into the dining room.

"What took you guys so long?" asks Nick taking the beer can from Niall's hand.

Both of them shrugs with a smile and Nick narrows his eyes at them but shrugs it off anyways.

"Can we eat? I'm starving," announces Emily picking at her fingernails and pouts.

Niall and Nick jump into action. "Sure, we'll get you food."

Emily sits in the room watching her ring shining in the light. The diamond is huge and bright. Emma sits beside and wraps her arms around Emily's torso.

"I can't wait to see you in white."

She smiles. "I can't wait either."

"You'll be so gorgeous, Nick would cry seeing you in the beautiful gown. I'll be screaming with happiness."

"Don't spoil it. I want to see you do that at the moment," laughs Emily pinching her twin's cheek and she sticks out her tongue at Emily.

"Dinner's ready!" announces Niall loudly and both of them go off to the table and dines.
3 Months Later.

11 September 2023

🎵🎶 Looking for some trouble tonight (yeah)
Take my hand I'll show you the wild side
Like it's the last night of our lives (uh-huh)
We'll keep dancing till we die (till we die)

I hear your heartbeat to the beat of the drums
Oh, what a shame that you came here with someone
So while you're here in my arms,
Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young

I hear your heartbeat to the beat of the drums
Oh, what a shame that you came here with someone
So while you're here in my arms
Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young

We're gonna die young
We're gonna die young
Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young 🎶🎵

[Song: Die Young by Kesha]

The music booms through the speakers which can destroy everyone's eardrums. But not that anyone minds.

Because this is the last night. Emily's bachelor's party.

"Can y'all cheer for the bride-to-be?" screams Emma into her microphone finding it hard to stand up straight.

She is drunk to her nose. Emily sighs and pulls her closer yelling into her ear to control herself.

Emma doesn't mind her but keeps on swaying her hips to the music, banging her head to the beats.

It's a No-Men party. It is an order from the Parker Brothers and it's not like Emma is gonna invite any men over anyway so she doesn't care.

The wedding is going to be bomb and that's a sure thing.

As Emily sinks into the cold leather seat, her mind wanders back to how they were months ago.

She never cared to speak the truth. Because lying was her only way of making a living.

Nick was the party-life of the house. He cared less about what his brother told him or asked him to do. Never took his job seriously. Flirted with literally every girl including her twin.

Emma was the personification of trust issues and immaturity. Drank like there was no tomorrow and she still did. (Obviously)

There was nothing in the world that wouldn't anger Niall. He was frustrated, tired, and high on adrenaline. He still is high on adrenaline, you know, what Emma does to him.

As these thoughts invade her mind, she sees Emma stumble into the chair beside her and starts to giggle at Emily.

"What is wrong with you?" She asks looking at her sister in disgust.

"Nothing's wrong, love," she says giggling again, and pulls her knees to her chest and hugs them sighing loudly.

"There's this strong smell of alcohol all over you, Emma."

Emma shakes her head in denial. "Isn't that refreshing? You know, once, I stole rubbing alcohol from the chemistry lab just so that I can smell it."

Emily's jaw drops on the floor. "What in the world- Did they give you the truth serum or something? You stole rubbing alcohol? Are you an addict? God- Emma!"

"It's good. And Ryder broke up with me soon after prom. That motherf-"

Emily quickly slams her hand on Emma's mouth and shuts her up.

"God, stop it! I'm getting you home. Come with me!"

"Can I lick your palm?"

"What!?" Emily exclaims whipping her head in Emma's direction.

"I need a salty snack," she says with a smirk on her face and wiggles her eyebrows.

With a shocked expression on her face, Emily mumbles, "You are so weird, Emma. How does Niall still love you? He's nuts."

"I'm a naughty squirrel! Squeak squeak!"

She scrunches her nose. "Was that a pun? Oh Mother Mary, liberate me from this misery!"

"I'm not Mary! It's Maria- no no, it's Emma Skylar Knight or Parker. I don't mind, you can call me Parky if you want to. Wait- who's Parker? Is he your brother?"

Emily sighs facepalming herself.

Emma shouts over at a girl. "Hey you, boy! Get down, you're gonna hurt yourself! Pink head!"

"Emma, that's a girl. And you can't call people names like that!" She cries.

"Oh hush baby girl, I'm having fun. Where's my grey-eyed boy?"


"Who in the world is that?"

"Your boyfriend!"

Her eyes widen in surprise. "I have a boyfriend?"

"Emma, come on. We aren't staying any second longer."

"Ho l'insonnia!" (I have insomnia!)

"What? What did you say?" Emily inquires but Emma doesn't reply.

"Green-eyed girl wanna know what I said. She ain't getting shit. Love this pole. Straight as me."

"You are singing a song?"

"What do you think, Madeline?"

"That's it. We're out."

As she was dragging her sister out of the place, Niall and Nick comes inside.

Both of them look stunning under the lights and Emma slaps herself trying to stay awake.

"What's with her?" Asks Nick bending over to look at Emma rubbing her eyes out.

When she looks at them, Emma gasps. "I thought you said it was a no-men party?" She asks Emily and shakes her head trying to not let the alcohol get in her head.

"Emma....." She calls disappointedly and shouts, "THIS IS MY FIANCÉ AND YOUR BOYFRIEND, FOR F#CK'S SAKE, TRY TO STAY SOBER AT ONCE!"

Emily catches her sister off guard but she yawns.

"I've never seen this guy," she says pointing at Nick and crosses her arms in front of her chest, and closes her eyes.

"Is she sleeping?" He asks Emily and she nods.

Emma jumps startled and licks her lips.

"Whoa!" She says eyeing Niall and bites her lips, a flirty smile curving on her lips.

His tousled brunette hair looks like he has been running his fingers through them multiple times. His smoky grey eyes glow in a way she has never seen before. His black shirt was unbuttoned enough to give her a glimpse of his collarbone. His jacket, perfectly hanging over his right-angled forearm.

Just looking at him gives her goosebumps.

"Are you single?" She asks him and he stares at her in shock.

"How much did she drink?" He asks Emily and she shrugs.

"Last time, I was looking for her, she was having a competition with a girl to see who can take the maximum number of shots. Three shots and the girl was a goner. Obviously, Emma won. So that means she probably had more than 5. Probably 8, I don't know. I'm just surprised that she didn't pass out yet."

"Excuse me, you little- uh, what's your name? Oh yes! Emily. I'm still here, don't talk shit about me when I'm standing here!"

Emily rolls her eyes and shakes her head in disbelief. "You are so stupid when you are drunk."

"Just like when you are sober." She laughs and Pat's herself on the cheek. "Now, where were we?"

"Emma, let's go home," says Niall and sighs.

"Oh yes! Answer my question please, oh handsome one."

"No, I'm not single! What?"

"I'm sorry, but you're supposed to mine, darling. Only mine."

"But I love my girlfriend," he admits with a smirk stretching across his lips.

"And I love her too. But I love you more, Il mio amore." (My love)

Emily and Nick are already out when she finishes that sentence.

"Emma, let's go back home," he says but she holds him still in his place.

"She's gonna be fine. Take me instead, pretty boy. I love you too!"

"I don't want to make love to a drunk girl."

"But I love you!"

"And I love you too," he smiles kissing her forehead but Emma grabs his shirt and pulls him towards her. He stumbles into her arms and yelps.

"Let me take you home," she says with a seductive tone to her voice and he agrees.

"But I'll drive."

She smiles and nods at him. "So it's a deal."

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