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56_ Nothing a Kiss can't Fix

She chuckles as he massages her head with shampoo in her hair.

"It took you lightyears to confess your love to me and what do you expect me to do?"

He giggles washing her hair and says, "You scared me with your little stunt. Well, it's not like I didn't enjoy it." He smiles.

She bents her head up and he leans down to kiss her.

"I know, Niall. Your moaning proves it."

He blushes deeply and pushes her head the other way.


"Stop doing that. Don't make me do it."

She scrunches her nose. "Make you do what?"


She turns around to face him and he could see all of her. Everything.

She has the body of a goddess. Correction, SHE IS A GODDESS.

His eyes trail down her body. From her bright eyes to her parted lips, her beautiful round breasts to her flat stomach and her curvy hips and down to her thighs and he redirects his gaze to her face.

I still couldn't believe that this hotty is all mine.

"You are shy", she says and shakes her head.

He blushes again and kisses her hard, hungrily.

Pushing him away gently, she says, "We are not doing it again, Niall. I'm tired. Let's just finish the bath and get on with our work."

He sighs and agrees.

Nickholas and Emily come back from Ireland after a month. Yeah, that's too long according to Emma and Niall but it's not like they want both of them to interrupt their sweet time together.

While Niall annoys Nick with dirty jokes, Emma stays quiet because she knows how much Emily hates it when she makes a dirty joke about Nick and her.

At E.M. Parker's Office.

"Mrs. Parker, can I come in?"

"Yeah, come on in."

Emily places down her pencil to see her twin grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"It's you!", exclaims Emily and walks over to her with a sigh and Emma says, "It's always me."

They sit down and talks gossip for a few moments and then turn to the point of her visit.

The first reason is that she missed her sister like hell.

The second reason is that "I'll be away for like two weeks."

Emily's jaw drops. "But you said we could hang out next week!"

Emma purses her lips and nods. "I know, but the change of plans! Niall got in a new business deal with some old lady in Paris and we are going there! To meet her in person."

"What a bummer!"

"Hey it's good, okay? We got the deal and we still got time together right? It's alright. If you are free tonight, we can go to the carnival."

Emily's eyes glimmers with joy. "Let's do it!!"

"Oh my god, it's so loud in here!", screams Emily in Emma's ear and she screams back.

"Well, what do you expect at a carnival?"

Emma notices that Niall is quieter than usual. He looks around with a scared expression.

"What is up with him?", She asks Nick who is being himself, enjoying the lights and music.

He looks at his brother and shrugs at her. "He hates carnival."

Emma gapes at him. "Why didn't you tell me about it? If I knew, I would've taken us somewhere else."

Nick puts his arm around her shoulder. "He didn't want to upset Emily. So he said Yes even if he hated the idea of seeing the lights and Ferris wheel. He's not scared of the wheel but of getting lost."

Emma watches Emily keeping company with Niall as they continue talking. "Getting lost?", She questions back.

He nods. "When we were younger, he's probably 7 at the time, Niall kept looking into the food stall and band of musicians around and got lost because we were so far away from him."

"He got scared?"

Nick nods again. "When I looked back, I noticed that Niall was nowhere around and I started crying. That's when my parents noticed him missing. Ethan and Eva tagged along so Aunt Lena was there too. The adults were talking and took time to realize that their son was lost."

"Who's Eva?", She asks and sees Niall looking away from the food stall with a mad look on his face.

Nick facepalms himself and sighs saying, "Ethan's sister? You've been hanging out with him a lot, more than what I had, and don't know his sister? God, I hate her so much."

She chuckles. "You know what I was doing with him. I wasn't inquiring about his family. But why do you hate her? She's your cousin's sister, right?"

"She's an infuriating ass and that's that. Can we talk about something else?"

Emma is taken aback by his reply and nods thoughtfully. Changing the position, she holds Niall's hand in hers while she pushes Emily away to Nick saying, "Take care of your hubby, we're splitting ways. Meet us at the lakeside."

Emily chuckles at her as uses the word 'hubby' and nods pulling Nick away into the distance.

Niall panics. "Where are they going?"

She sighs. "Relax, they are not kids. We'll meet them by the lake. I wanna take you somewhere."

He eyes her confusedly. "Where?"

She shushes him and pulls him through the crowd and into the movie theatre.

They have no idea what movie it is, but it's some animation movie. Niall couldn't focus on anything and there is something that is bugging him. Emma grabs him by his shirt and pushes him against the wall and questions him.

"What is up with you?", she asks him and he says, "I forgot my phone at home."

She groans loudly. "Oh, my freaking god! What do you wanna do with it? Play Candy Crush or Talking Tom? Jesus! You had me going crazy!!"

He smiles. "Nothing a kiss can't fix."

She pulls a face at him. "Excuse you, sir, I'm not gonna kissing you tonight because you had enough mischief."

He grabs her by her waist and pulls her close. "Hey, come on. Give daddy some sugars."

She scrunches her nose. "Ew, you're not my dad, idiot. Leave me!", She says and steps on his feet and yells.

"Why........ Ow, it hurts", he cries holding onto his leg, jumping up and down.

She walks out and runs away into the crowd and he follows her around. "Emma!", He calls after her but she runs into some drinking area and there's a lot of people in there.

He couldn't find Emma but he is sure that she would stick around somewhere in there. Going deeper into the room, he finds Nickholas drinking his heart out.

Emma laughs heartily as she watches Niall pulling Nick from the counter and making him sit straight. It's a little dark in there but not too dark.

She can see all too well. Over time, she befriends an American girl with kept talking about how much of a douche her ex was. Not something she wants to hear but she listens to the girl ranting and she decides that it is the end of the story, she looks over her shoulder and points at the guys standing and laughing at the corner asking Emma's opinion on hitting off with them.

Emma looks back and takes in the handsome figure. "Definitely. He looks hot. Take your shot", she encourages the girl and she flashes a smile at her.

Emma watches the girl moving towards the tall guy with the shiny silver watch. She will recognize it from anywhere.

He looks at the girl and then looks at the guy standing next to him and nudges him with his elbow. Emma walks around and sits beside the guy near the counter. The bartender asks her what she wants and she quickly orders whatever she wants waiting to hear what the girl is gonna do.

The guy turns to his side and sees her smiling. "Hey Emma, I thought you went missing."

"And here I am", she chuckles and looks over at Niall. He has no idea that she is standing right next to him.

"That girl is hitting on him."

She chuckles darkly and whispers in his ears, "I know, Nickholas........."

He narrows his eyes at her and she completes, "Because I sent her."

He spits the drink out of his mouth and chokes. Both of them laugh. "Why would you do that?"

"I could see through her that she had no experience in hitting it off with people in the pub and I just wanna have fun watching her stutter!"

He nudges her with a sly smirk plastered onto his face saying, "You're so evil."

"Yeah, and my man digs that."

"He does and let's watch."

Emma frowns. "But where is your wifey?"

He cringes at the word but says, "She's playing games. Said she'll pack a teddy bear home."

"That's the confidence", she chuckles proceeding to the sitcom.

The girl tries her best to appear appealing and smart and all she does is put up a clown face.

Niall smiles at the girl. As soon as she is about to open her mouth, he asks, "How can I help you?"

That is one hint to show that he is not interested in her and that he is looking for someone else.

The girl adjusts with some stupid joke and laughs. Niall looks over at her tiny figure and fakes a smile. How can he ever laugh at some joke like that?

He could sense that she is flirting with him but all he wants is to find his lady and take a ride to heaven with her.

"Are you lost or something? Should we call your parents?"

The girl gales at him and shuts her mouth. "No, I'm old enough--"

"I can call your mom."

"I came with my friends and I'm over 18."

"Oh", he says and looks at Nick and sees Emma smirking mischievously at him and winks.

Oh...... It was Emma.

He looks back at the girl and says, "Honey, why don't you just go back to the girl who sent you here?"

She looks back but couldn't find anyone there.

Emma gasps and hides behind Nickholas while he chortles aloud.

Niall pulls out Nick's phone and shows her a picture of Emma asking, "Is this the girl who told you to go?"

She gapes and nods.

He laughs and shows her another picture from Instagram in which they are kissing like there's no tomorrow.

His hands in her hair, enjoying the bits of moments.

The girl's face quickly falls at the sight of them kissing. An embarrassed blush flies across her face but Niall says, "She's my girlfriend."

The girl twists around uncomfortably and smiles awkwardly, "I'm sorry-"

"No, it's fine. I bet she was just joking around. Right, Emma?"

She gasps and curses under her breath while Nick struggles to breathe with his silent laughter. "He caught you!", He laughs and wipes away his tears nudging her.

Emma embarrassedly stands out and smiles apologetically at the girl but she excuses herself walking away. "Why did you have to do that?"

She blows her cheek. "I was just messing around and it was cute to see how the girl was simping on you. I played along, that's it."

He sighs and shakes his head pulling her closer to him. "I'm gonna punish you for that tonight."

"Oh shit."

"Oh my god, hahahaha stop, Niall! Hahaha I'm dying hahaha."

He tickles her everywhere and Emma can't seem to control the laughter.

She screams and tries to push him away but there's no way that Emma can handle Niall in a situation like this. He is laughing along with her, his face lit with life and joy. So much love.

She is surprised when he quickly stops but little did she know, that it is for a grand ride of ecstasy.

Niall pulls off his shirt in a split second and is on top of her, sliding his tongue down her throat.

Feeling high under his spell, she could think one thing.

How the hell did I get so damn lucky?

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