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57_ I'm a human

Walking into Paris feels like walking into a fairy tale for her. It has been a week since they arrived in Paris. It's beautiful and makes her want to stay there forever, with him.

Her love.

Emma dresses up formally and meets up with the old lady who made an amazing deal with Niall. Her name is Noire Allard.

Like, that french name means Black. Noire is pronounced as [noo-waa]

Why would anyone name their child, Black? And she's french. Hmm.

Emma takes more than 2 minutes to pronounce the name correctly making a complete fool of herself. It is a surprise to her how fluently he spoke French. It's mesmerizing.

She does nothing but gazes out of the window and sighs. He is talking fast that she couldn't even decipher one word. Just one.

He is going through different expressions during the conversation like, surprised, shy, nervous, disappointed, confused, etc.

After a goddamn long time, they shake hands and laugh. She smiles at Noire and heads out. Mrs. Allard leads them to her house and Emma is shocked seeing how normal the house looks.

This woman, this French-ass billionaire lives in a normal-looking house. Like, it's smaller compared to her and Niall's house. Emma realizes that there is more to Noire than what is shown. Pictures that hang on the wall, remind her of a broken-hearted woman who lost every one of her loved ones.


"Yes, Mrs. Parker?", She answers and looks at Emma while she stares at her, stunned.

Every single drop of blood in her body flows up to her face, making her appear like a red tomato. Her blush remains where it is.

"Um, it's Miss Knight, Mrs. Allard. I'm not marr-"

"But it looks like you're gonna marry him anyway so......... I'm not taking it back, Mrs. Parker." And Noire flashes a smile.

Out of the corner of her eyes, she notices a little mischievous smile curling on the edge of Niall's lips but he quickly turns away to look into the pool.

"What was it?", asks Noire and Emma clear her throat.

"I was wondering who these people on the wall are, in the pictures I mean."

Noire visibly saddened quickly. Emma inwardly scolds herself. "I'm sorry if it wasn't-"

"No, it's fine. They were my family. My everything. All of them died in a plane crash. They were on their way to see me hosting our company's new sector", she pauses.

Emma looks at Noire with an upset look on her face.

"But they never made it."

"I'm so sorry", Emma says blinking a tear. "I know what it feels like to lose your loved one. How have you been since their demise?"

Noire turns to look at the pictures on the wall. Her daughters and husband along with her, laughing at something. Noire can remember the moment like it had happened yesterday. Her daughters were the carbon copy version of her husband who looked like a gentle, kind man.

Emma's heart aches for Noire and her family. It reminded her of her own old family.

The one that consisted of her, Max, Alexander, Alessia, and Martha. It was never a peaceful family, all because of Martha the devil but everything was going well until Calvin drifted into her life like a sports car crashing into a tree. Thinking about their first meet makes her shiver.

Niall nudges her and gestures towards the door.

"You're leaving already?", asks Noire and he nods saying, "We have somewhere else to go too, Madam. It was a pleasure doing business with you." And shakes hands with her and Emma does the same with Noire.

"We have nowhere to go to, Niall."

"We do but not at the moment. I wanted to take a breather. I'll drop you at the hotel, I have someplace to go and do some stuff and I'll deal with you after that, alright?"

Emma's hand twitches to slap him right across his pretty face. She thinks that Niall is avoiding her too much.

She sighs loudly and turns away from him and he notices it. Niall raises a brow skeptically and asks, "What was that for?"

She stares at him. "What?!"

"Don't give me that look. What did I do?", He asks raising his voice a bit, defensively.

"I didn't give you any looks. And you're doing nothing at all, that's the problem."

He scoffs. "Are you serious, right now?"

She stares ahead deadpan. "Did I stutter?"

He steps on the brake and pulls off his seatbelt, his eyes screaming frustration.

"What in the world are you talking about? What should I do? Emma, I'm not a jobless man, alright? I have work to do and an important thing to get done which is about to change our freaking lives and you're talking nonsense to me."

"You're avoiding me!", she shouts not being able to look him in the eye.

He sighs, his muscles visibly relaxing. "Emma......."

"You don't love me anymore!", She exclaims and Niall could see tears gathering in her eyes.

But he stays silent.

"We came here a week ago and you've been ignoring me, avoiding me a lot and it hurts me like hell. You don't talk to me like you usually do, you don't even spend a little time with me. You're always on your goddamn phone and laptop. Talking in gibberish."

Niall scrunches his nose in confusion. "Gibberish?"

"You talk in other languages in front of me making it appear like you don't want me to know what you are talking about. You're being shady, Niall. You don't even touch me!"

"I need some space, Emma. Why don't you understand that? I'm a human."

Emma pauses. Her heart skips a beat. What do you mean, Niall?

Her tears threaten to fall and they dare. She manages to say, "Are you breaking up with me?"

Niall gasps in shock and shakes his head. "What?! No, that's not what I meant. What I meant is that I can't have s#x every day, it's tiring and I don't want you to think that I'm not good enough either. My body needs time."

Emma pulls a face. Her forehead creases in confusion. "That's not what I meant either. I was talking about your regular hugs and cuddles. Your way of showing affection. That's what I meant by touching me."

He sighs and turns away trying to cover his embarrassed blush. Without looking at her, he says, "I guess we both misunderstood what each other said."

She hums in response and rolls up her window. "I wanna go."

As a reply, he starts the car but she says, "You're awesome in bed if you're wondering about it."

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