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59_ Epilogue

Everything has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Is this the beginning, the middle, or the end? She can never figure that out. It seems like the beginning of a fairytale, the middle of a drama, and the climax of an epic show.

But it's perfect, whichever the part is.

Niall, getting down on his knees and proposing to her freaks her out but she isn't dumb to turn it down. Niall is a dream man. Any woman will meet any ends just to tie knots with him and look how things turn around. Five months after the proposal, here she is getting ready for her wedding. Emma peels off the facemask which she has been wearing for half an hour.

Four more hours before the wedding.

"Calm down, you're going to be alright", says Emily rubbing Emma's back as she keeps throwing up into the toilet.

"The food didn't like me", she tries to joke but keeps throwing up. Eventually, when she is done puking, Emma sits on the bathroom floor. Emily goes out to give her some space and maybe get her some pills.

Emma makes sure to spell out the name of the pill to Emily because that's the only pill she can take according to her condition.

It gives her shivers. She hates the idea but Niall will be overjoyed. She doesn't even know how it happened because she is very careful but is He? They are only getting married and things are getting even more dramatic.


They haunt her. She hates it so much but she could see how much she is getting attached to it. Emma wears loose hoodies and baggy clothes as much as possible to make sure that Niall or anyone doesn't see anything. Her wedding dress, designed by her father, Alexander Knight himself, the great fashion designer has some kind of hiding mechanism along with it.

A beautiful white silk mermaid tail gown. Her father made another layer of fabric material over the torso part just so that she can hide whatever she wants to hide in there. The net is embroidered with off-white cherry blossoms and crystals.

The boat-neck of the gown has fluffy laces stitched on and it looks like tiny clouds sticking onto the neckline. The secret is not noticeable at all. If she removes the additional fabric material, the one with embroidery, the secret is revealed. She is scared.

It is mesmerizing how no one notices it at all. Not like she wants anyone to know anyway. Emma gets up and walks out the bathroom to see Maxmillian, standing near the doorway, smiling.

"Congratulations sissy."

She beams and hugs him. He exclaims, "Whoa! You feel like cotton candy, so soft. Has he been spinning you in the washing machine?"

"Shut up!", She chuckles heartily. "How's everything at work?"

He sighs. "Same old same old. It hurts me seeing people crying, and when it's me telling them that the mother or the child or both of them didn't make it, it just breaks my heart. I couldn't even handle the situation. Giving birth is so scary."

Emma hums nervously and Max says, "Three hours till you get married. Alright, go do your girly things and remind me to style up if you got some single friends in here."

She laughs throwing a pillow at him. "Idiot."

"Love you, I'm ready to cry", Max says, his voice drowning in melancholy.

She coos. "Aww, I love you too, bro. I'm excited to see everyone crying. It's gonna be fun!!!"

He giggles walking out of the door. If he's a Gynaecologist, he should keep those scary events to himself. Why does he want to share that with me? She thinks as she starts getting ready for her wedding.
"How do you feel?"

Emma flashes a tight smile. "I don't feel good, Dad. If I can call you that."

"You can if you want to, I'm so sorry."

"Let's not. I want to be the best for him."

Alexander smiles at his daughter. She's just like Sarah. Wants the best. For everyone. It breaks his heart. Why did he ever listen to Alessia and disown her? The stupidest thing he ever did in his life. The church bells ring, its echo filling every ear.

Emma takes a deep breath as Alexander holds out his hand for her. She takes it and he loops his arm with her, opening the door.

She exhales and pulls up a smile on her face.

This is the moment.....

Niall turns to look at her and he finds himself mind blown. A million-dollar smile graces his lips and Nick pats on his shoulders whispering into his ear, "She looks breathtaking, mate."

Niall nods as he feels his eyes watering. She will be mine, finally.

Emma can't help but laugh seeing Niall and all his best men blinking a tear or two. It is heartwarming. Her eyes scan through the people waving and cheering her and find what she is looking for.

The familiar baby blue eyes catch her grey-green eyes.

He came.

Calvin smiles at her with teary eyes and pulls a thumbs up at her. This time, she can't control her emotions. Tears roll down her eyes and she sees Chase standing beside him. He winks at her and waves and she does the same.

Alexander hands over her hand to Niall and he hugs him. Niall's eyes twinkle at her and she beams turning to face the priest.

"I do."

The priest smiles. "You may kiss the bride."

Niall pulls her to him and kisses her. A seal made. A bond built. An unbreakable promise. The beginning of a dream life.

Pulling away, she grins widely and he takes his hand in hers and squeezes it. They walk out of the alter together, hand in hand, and the crowd cheers.

Just so beautiful.

Her stomach hurts so much and she can barely sit there without pursing her lips and throw the glasses on someone.

Niall keeps eyeing her again and again but she fakes a smile not even being able to drink the goddamn wine.

"Are you okay?", He asks as he takes a sip from the wine offering some to her and she politely declines. He stares at her with surprise and says, "I've been watching you from the moment we came out of the church. You look like in pain."

Her eyes glow. "I'm fine, just don't look at me."

He gapes and turns away mumbling something disappointedly.

Emma wants to scream at everyone for cheering when she's hurting but how can she blame them? They don't know anything. She can't wait to scream the truth because that's the only way she can escape from here and throw off the clothes away just so that she can sink in the bathtub with water till her neck.

Emily stands up and takes the wine glass lightly hitting on it with the spoon to make a ringing sound. Alright, the embarrassment time.

Emily finishes the speech wiping away her tear as everyone applauds for them and her bents down to give a hug each to the bride and groom. Nickholas gives a speech too and they all end up hurting their stomachs with all the laughs. Emma wishes for this moment to last forever but she can't hold in the pain. And she wants to pee so badly.

What a time.

Everyone feast after that. She jumps from her seat and runs back to the room, in search of the bathroom. Releasing from her full bladder, she sits in the bathroom. Breathing heavily. She couldn't hold in her pain. Emily comes in and brings her back. She doesn't question her because Emily knows what it feels to be the center of attention, it doesn't feel good but suffocating.

Niall stands up from his seat and rings on the glass getting everyone's attention. Calvin peeks at her through his lashes and she looks away feeling exhausted. I want to die.

"I have something to announce."

She looks up at him and he beams. "Be right back", he says pecking her lips, walking out.

After some moments, he comes back with a box. He places them on the table while everyone peeks to see what it is.

He pulls out a painting and three letters.

"It's a gift for you....... Wifey."

She chuckles at the word and stands up taking it from his hands. She freezes.

It is a painting of Emma sleeping. But as a princess.

If she remembers right, it looks like the sleeping beauty. A smile spreads across her face as he looks at her expectantly. She ambushes him with a hug while Emily grabs the painting from her hand showing it to the people.

She kisses him softly whispering against his lips. "I love you so much, darling. Thank you, it's fabulous."

He hugs her one last time and leaves her to show the other things. Taking the first letter in his hand, he smiles. Everyone smiles at him but their smiles fall he finally announces.

"I quit my job."

Emma gasps and stares at him wide-eyed. Nick doesn't seem to have an expression change. He smiles like he heard nothing.

"Niall, what are you--"

"I'm not finished, Emma." She nods slowly and looks straight ahead.

He takes the second letter and hands it to Emma. She eyes the letter suspiciously and opens it and reads.

She sits down speechlessly. "I don't--"

"Congratulations, Mrs. Parker. You've been promoted to the COO position."

Emily gasps as he says this and cheers loudly. But Emma doesn't move.

"Who's the CEO?"

Nickholas winks at her and chuckles lightly making Emily scream with bliss. "Oh my lord, mate, Congratulations!"

People start murmuring to each other and he silences them. Emma just can't understand it.

"But what are you gonna do?"

He nods. "And that..... Is what this letter is about."

Everyone listens carefully as he says, "I got my state license."


She blinks. He laughs and scratches the crook of his neck saying, "I've been secretly re-studying everything and I wrote the examination. I am a doctor, Emma!"

She stares at him wide-mouthed but smiles. "Congrats, hubby." And she slowly rises to hug him again as people start to applaud again. Ethan and Max buzz with joy. Another doctor to the family.

Calvin cheers along with everyone. He doesn't feel embarrassed anymore. What's gone is gone. She is not gonna come back to him anyway so he wants her to have the best.

Niall looks at her with a twinkle in his eyes. She shares the feeling with him. "I have something to announce too."

Silence. No one talks anymore. She inhales deeply and takes the small paper bag from the floor and hands it over to him.

He shares an amused look with Emily and Nick and turns to Emma and watches her pulling at her veil.

A tiny letter which reads,
Thank you for the promotion
Love, Sky.

He gives a puzzled look. How come she knows about the promotion even before he told her? She gestures him to go on and he pulls out some tiny pictures. Not something he can understand. Something black and glitchy picture.

He puts his hand in the bag again and feels something soft. There are two of them.

He pulls it out to the shock of his life.

Baby dresses?

Niall's heartbeats escalate quickly as his eyes darts to hers in realization. She removes the additional fabric off of her torso, revealing her baby bump.

She smirks at him saying, "Congrats, you've been promoted to a Daddy."

What the baby?

Calvin's expression falls as quick as it came. He indeed wants the best for her but... He thinks, Isn't that a little too much? Chase looks at Calvin and realises that both of them have the same reaction.


Niall couldn't hold in the joy, the surprise, or the pride. Before the people could even react, he collapsed into Nick's hands.

A gaping Emma stares at Niall's unconscious self as she blurts out nonchalantly.



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