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6_ Won't hurt

"Good morning Sunshine! You've been out for 2 days."

She blinks open and yawns. Maxmillian looks down at her and smiles.

"What?" She glares at him.

"Do you remember anything?" He asks her while playing with the tip of her hair.

"Of course, I do."

He grimaces. "Then tell me, what were we planning to do last night?"

She stares at the ceiling. "Ugh, I don't-- mm, let me think."

Moments pass and Max watches Emma dozing off on the bed with her mouth slightly opened. "Great, you remember nothing."

Sarah rushes into the room followed by a worried-looking Emily. "Oh my god, look at my baby laying like that."

Emma jerked awake hearing her mum whine aloud and she rubs her eyes.

"What is it?" She inquires with a frown.

Emily gapes at her injured face and says, "Wow, you look cool with that bandage across your broken nose." And giggles.

Emma scowls and gives her the finger making her mum scold her. "Sky, behave."

Maxmillian looks at both twins and shakes his head. They are still childish at heart.

"This is not funny, you know," they hear a voice behind and turns around to look at Dr. Ronaldo walking towards them with a clipboard in his hand along with a sphygmomanometer.

"Doctor," Max addresses him and moves towards him.

"I heard that she has a history of concussions. Is that right?" He asks turning over to Sarah, Emily, and Maxmillian.

They nod in unison and Dr. Ronaldo continues, "And this is her third time?"

They nod again. He sighs and says, "So her condition is not so good but not that bad either. What I am saying is that one more concussion and her life will be in danger."

Emma's head falls and she holds a poker face. So great, my life is in danger.

Doctor Ronaldo moves towards her and sits on the edge of the bed and comforts her. "Miss Knight there's nothing to worry about. You should be careful enough, that's all I want you to do."

She smiles and nods at him and he turns to Sarah. "Mrs. Knight, can I talk to you for a second?"

She nods and follows him out the door.

He tells her, "Look, Mrs. Knight, Emma has taken a big hit while she was a kid and a teenager, right?"

Sarah says yes. Ronaldo speaks, "As this is her third time, the risks are high and we don't want to take a chance."

Sarah's face melts into a sad expression. He continues, "As you can see, her brain has taken a small damage and it will kind of affect the way she behaves," he says showing an x-ray of her brain.

Sarah looks up at him and narrows her eyes in confusion. He adds, "Memory and concentration problems, mood swings, personality changes, headache, fatigue, dizziness, insomnia and excessive drowsiness for several weeks to months could be seen in her, I mean it's possible."

"This is known as post-concussive syndrome. I don't have to explain this to Mr. Knight as he is a fourth-year medical student but I'm telling this to you as you are the mother of the girl and we need her to be careful or else........." He trails off pursing his lips and sighs.

Sarah completes it, "We'll lose her."

"Right," he nods.

"So, she doesn't remember anything?" She questions.

He shakes his head. "Not everything but yes, something. Like, things that happened within two weeks."

That gives Sarah an idea.

She nods and thanks to him as she walks back into the room to see her daughters and their half-sibling, Max, laughing over something from the phone.

"So shall we go home?"

Emma beams but winces. "Yeah yeah, my nose and head hurt. But we should probably go home."

Sarah smiles smugly in her mind and gestures, "Come on."

They reach Emma's home and helps her walk into her room. She settles in her bed and sinks in. "Ha, what a relief!"

"Mm, yes it is." She unlocks her phone and starts recording without Emma seeing.

"Memory problems, mood swings, personality changes are possible in her case," the voice of Dr. Ronaldo rings in Sarah's head.

"Honey, what do you say about getting married to this guy?" She says showing off his picture on her screen.

Emma stops what she was doing and looks at it. She tilts her head to the side and mumbles, "Mmmmm."

And says, "He looks familiar. But I can't remember from where."

Calm, listening mood, that's good, thinks Sarah.

"You guys have seen each other many times, but you can't remember that's it."

"Oh," Emma shifts on the bed.

"You guys like each other very much."

Emma tilts her head again and sucks in her lips. "I don't remember liking him but I don't know." She shrugs.

"Look at him Sky, you promised him that you'll marry him the day before you left from New York."

She gapes. "I don't remember anything. Did I say that?"

Sarah nods. "You did."

"Okay......." She trails off.

Sarah smiles at her and holds her hand. "When did I say that I'll marry him?" Emma questions again.

"Almost a month ago."

"But I don't think I like him," she says quietly.

"You are not stable honey, that's why you don't remember."

Her face changes. "Did you just say that I'm crazy?" She asks, her face growing darker.

Oh shit!

"No, I didn't say that, you fell and had a tiny memory loss. That's why you can't seem to remember telling him at all."

"Oh..." Emma's smile comes back again as her face brightens.

"Fine, I'll think about it. He looks cool and handsome though. Maybe a little attitude but nothing I can't manage," she smiles.

"Very good," appreciates Sarah clasping her hands together and walks out of the door, and stops recording.

Sarah laughs internally as she thinks.

"A little lying won't hurt anybody, will it?"
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