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7_ I'm home

Emma wakes up with a jerk and stares at the ceiling. She panics not knowing where she is for a second and then, relaxes.

I'm home, in Los Angeles.

"Hey there Sleeping beauty. How do you feel today?"

She looks down at the owner of the voice and sees Ethan leaning on the door.

"I'm feeling good, how are you? Haven't seen you for a while." She smiles.

Ethan's expression falls for a moment but quickly regains it remembering that she has forgotten what has happened in the last two weeks.

I'm thankful that she fell, he thinks.

He walks up to her and kisses her cheek. She blushes a little and smiles. "What brings you here?"


She raises a brow. "Really?"

He adjusts himself on the bed. "Yeah."

"You said you were looking for a job, weren't you?", He asks looking into her eyes.

She gapes and nods. "Oh yeah, oh my I forgot about it!"

He smiles.

Oh Jesus, don't make me regret saying this to her.

"I drove from New York to Los Angeles to tell you about this and also to visit you."

She sits a little closer to him.

"Tell me."

He takes a deep breath. "Ok um, there's a job opening at Parker's CO at London as the personal assistant of the CEO."

She grins widely. "Oh my god Ethan, that's wonderful. Parker's CO is one of the greatest companies in the world! I'll be so honored to be his or her's assistant."


She nods, jumps, and hugs him tightly. "You are the best friend ever!"

"Yeah keep that for later. I need to go soon. I have some serious job to do." He pulls away from her embrace and taps her cheek gently.

She giggles. "Alright. See you later, Dr. Spring."

A thought quickly runs across her mind. The Parker? Isn't that Ethan's cousin's family? Why couldn't he say 'my cousin's assistant'?

She shrugged away the thought and gets up from her bed and walks out of the room.

There is no one here.

She processes things for a moment and remembers something again. She walks out of the door and sees Ethan driving out of her compound. "Ethan wait!", She shouts.

He steps on the brake and rolls down his window.


"You didn't give me any details. When should I go?"

He looks ahead and looks back at her. "Oh! Tomorrow there'll be an interview at Parker's CO at 11:00 am. Dress to impress, alright? Don't wear that denim jacket of yours. Wear something like a pantsuit or something? Maybe a pencil skirt, show up your curves a little bit? And don't forget your certificates, GPA, whatever you need for the job. And one more thing......"

She leans closer, boring her eyes into his blue ones. "What?"

He gulps hard. "Don't even dare to show up your stubborn ass to him. Never talk back or question him. Try to maintain eye contact, he hates it when people look away from him. Don't smile too much."

She pulls a weird face. "Uh, I don't smile too much anyway. Sounds like he is a grumpy dude. What's his name?"

Ethan's lips twitch weirdly and he clears his throat.

Emma looks carefully at him and he blurts out.

"Niall Parker."

"I don't know why you gave such a dramatic background to say the name but it will be cool. Don't stress."

He frowns. "I should say that to you! Why would I stress out? You are the one applying for the job, not me!"

"I know you'll be stressed out for me", she says with a laugh, winking, and turns around walking away.

Ethan watches as she stops in her track to turn around and shout, "Goodbye, see you later!" And vanish inside her house.

Did she lose her screw with a concussion? He thinks as he drives away.

Back to New York.

He could've called me to tell me about the job. Why travel 41+41 hours to tell me this? Isn't he damn stupid for a doctor?

Maybe he has somewhere else to visit too. Who knows?

She catches Max walking forth and back on the balcony talking over the phone to someone.

He stops in his tracks when his eyes meet hers. "I'll call you back later." He says into the phone and hangs up.

He gasps and places a hand on his chest, getting dramatic all of a sudden.

"You are getting married!", He announces.

She raises a brow. "So what?"

"You are not excited?"

"Why would I be excited? I don't know this dude and I don't love him either. Arrange marriage is crap."

He frowns. "What are you gonna do right now?"

She smiles. "To book a flight ticket."

His eyebrows draw together as he questions, "To where?"

"London!", She squeals merrily.

His expression falls replaced by a hurtful look. "Does that mean I should move out? I mean, I've been here for only 4 days."

"Aw, I know honey but this is a very important job interview that I'm going to attend. All of these because of our heartless dad."

He raises a brow in questioning.

"He disowned me remember? Because of that, I don't have enough money to start my own business. He can stick up the money in Martha's ass!"

Max leans over the rail of the balcony and sighs. "Don't talk about her like that, Sky. She is still your sister."

She clenches her jaw. "Stepsister!"

"Whatever! Don't take the rage on me alright? Is your friend gone?"

She looks at him. "Who?"

"The blonde dude?"

"Oh, Ethan yes he went away like, 10 minutes ago. He is a doctor, Oncologist."

"Oh......", says Max in surprise and pats her shoulder.

"I'll book the ticket for you."

"Thank you but I can do it on my own, Max."

He holds her hand in his. "I insist, Sky."

She sighs defeatedly and says yes.

Emma sits on the sofa drinking from a can of soda while Max gets himself busy booking a ticket for her, sitting right beside her.

She says, "I need to reach there before 11:00 AM and the duration of the flight is 10 hours and 15 minutes. Check if there's a flight anywhere near midnight today. 2 hours from now."

He searches with ease but couldn't find any more tickets.

"There's no seat in 1st class."

"Nobody asked for a first-class, Max. I just want a seat."

"Sorry, no more tickets for that flight. The next flight's at 5:00 pm."

She groans with disappointment and facepalms herself.

"Goddamn it. I need the fly."

Maxmillian blinks.

The wind almost blows her away as she walks towards the helicopter with difficulty.

Her hair flies in all directions and sticks upon her lips and face which she pulls away in frustration.

Goddamn hair.

"Thanks, mom, I appreciate the help." She says as she gives a quick hug and kiss to Sarah and steps into the helicopter with grace.

Max waves at her with a smile and wipes away an invisible tear teasing her.

She chuckles heartily and waves back at him as she flies to London.

Max looks at Sarah and says with a regretful tone, "Will it go smoothly as we planned?"

She bites her bottom lip and says, "We shall see."

Max asks her as they walk back down the building, "Where will she stay?"

Sarah smiles, "Your other sister, went back to her place 2 days ago. She'll stay there."

They get in the car. "With Emily."

Max fidgets uncomfortably as he says, "I'm scared for her. She's so explosive and fragile. I don't know if she'll make it."

"They'll adjust well."
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