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8_ Lovebirds

London, At Emily's house.

"Hi Sista!"

Emily jumps in surprise and pulls her into a bone-crushing hug and cries, "Sky, You came!"

Emma pulls away from her and says, "Of course I did. I have an interview today. In one hour, in fact."

"Oh......" She trails away disappointed with the answer but smiles nonetheless.

"Come on in." She welcomes her.

Emma looks around in wonderment as Emily shows her the photograph on the wall which has a golden frame around it.

"Wow wow wow, would you look at that?" Emma fangirls over the picture and waves her hand up and down in front of her face to show appreciation.

Emily smiles and says, "Did you like it?"

"Like it? I love it, Maddie! Where did you find it?"

Emily clears her throat. "I asked dad about it. He promised to give me after tons of pleads and whining. It was hidden in the drawer."

"Oh my. Did you ask Dad? You are a tiger, Madds. We looked so lovely as kids."

Emily steals a glance at her sister as she says this. Emma laughs and admits, "We still do."

"Hmm, that's what I thought." Chuckles Emily.

It was a picture of their younger selves. Emma and Emily were laughing at something and looking up to someone standing in front of them. Their eyes weren't focused on the camera but the person standing opposite of them.

By the angle they were looking at, it wasn't their parents. It was something shorter and interested them. Well, maybe it was their parents who were kneeling before them at the time.

Who knows?

There were approximately 4 or 5 years old at the time. And it seemed like that they were having the best times of their lives.

Both of their eyes twinkled brightly. With chubby and rosy cheeks, pink lips, a million-dollar smile with some missing teeth, nobody can call them ugly or hate them.

Their brunette hair is let loose, falling on their shoulder with some beach waves. They had colorful hair clips on their head with shimmery butterflies.

They were barefoot, standing somewhere in the middle of a park. They were wearing a baby blue dress with shimmery lace stitched at the end.

The kids looked unidentifiable with similar clothing and style except for the eyes. One of them had their fingers stuck in their mouth as both of them were laughing.

"I'll take your luggage," says Emily as she picks up her suitcase and goes to the room in the corner.

Emma hears a car pulling into Emily's driveway but she doesn't move or look back but keeps staring at the picture.

She pulls her phone out of the pocket and clicks a picture of it. Suddenly, she feels something tightening around her waist and is quickly pulled up and swings around.

"Aah!" She screams and the person keeps swinging her round.

All of a sudden, the person lets her go, kissing her cheeks. She tries to stand on the floor but her legs feel wiggly, jelly. Maybe it's her vision getting wiggly.

What the hell?

"Hey." Someone says and she turns around getting the surprise of her life.


"Happy to see me?" He smiles dashingly.

She pulls a weird face. "Why would I be happy to see you?"

"Whoa, you have an accent change! You were gone for like two weeks? And now you are like, so American."

"That's because I'm American." She laughs.

He stares at her with utter confusion. As he is about to open his mouth and speak, Emily pads into the hall with a paper in her hand.

"And Sky, I was wrong-- Nick?" She stares at him and her sister.

"Emily?" He looks at her in shock.

His face relaxes all of a sudden as he realizes his mistake.

"I'm Emma," says Emma with a laugh and pats his shoulder.

"Well, I'm not gonna complain because I got a free kiss," she says pointing at her cheek.

His face turns into a lighter shade of red and smiles awkwardly at her. He scratches the nape of his neck. "I thought you were, uh um I'm sorry."

"Nick, it's fine. Seriously. It's all fine," she says stealing a glance at Emily who is gaping at her and mouths 'explain this later' and looks back at him.

"You looked so cute blushing. Oh boy, I wanted a picture of that," says Emma and walks into her room closing the door behind her.

Emily smiles at Nick but Emma quickly opens the door again. "Oh and...." She drags the word, smirking at Emily.

She winks at Nick. "Welcome home." And goes back into the room, closing the door.

Nick grows red again as she says this and kisses Emily. "You both are so alike."

She giggles in his arms. "We are."

"Did she knew that I was going to come here?" He asks burying his nose in her hair.

She shakes her head. "No, how will she know that?"

"Does she know that we are dating?" He asks her again but this time, she pulls his face out of her hair and cups his face in her palms.

"She'll probably know that by now."

She adds, "You forgot that I don't have long hair like her but still you hugged her from the back."

"Sorry," he pouts.

"Well, would you look these Lovebirds!" cooes Emma from the door and when they turn around, she clicks a picture of them holding each other in their arms with Emily's Nikon.

Emily gasps. "Come back here, you little--"

But Emma runs away into the kitchen giggling, saving herself from Emily.

"You guys make a lovely couple!" She shouts from the kitchen.

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