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My Mafia Princess: Stepping Into A Man's World

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Christian Caine

Her eyes pierce right through my soul as a mischievous smile rises at the corners of her lips. What I failed to notice all this time while wrapped in the passionate kiss is that her own arms were firmly surrounding my hips.

She hesitates if she should, but she finally pushes away. “You are a bad boy, aren’t you?”

“Only as bad as you would want me to be.” I pull her closer to me again.

“Now what is it that you would like to ask me?”

“Will you come sit by me?” I ask as I try to pin her into the glass again.

“Sure, of course,” she says trying to move away from me.

“No, not because you get paid to,” I explain. “But because you want to.”

She slips away from underneath my arms and steps out of the shower. She slowly starts walking away, but she stops to turn her head over her shoulder. “Get dry, and maybe I will see you later,” she says as she throws a towel over to me.

She starts to head off the stage towards the red curtains. I watch as she sways her hips, and I sear she is swaying them with even more purpose. I grind my teeth; she knows exactly what it is doing to me. She knows that I am staring at her, and now, now she knows the power she had over me. For tonight, just tonight, I can pretend she is mine, and my eyes are only for her.

...Cassandra POV...

Never in all the time that I have been dancing have I ever let a man go as far as this. And why, why did the bouncers not even stop him? Every inch of his skin felt so damn good. Every ounce of me drowned in his glorious touch. I am drawn to him now, but I know that I can’t, I can’t go and get into a man like this.

In a complete daze, I find myself back in my dressing room, shortly after I am joined by Tammy and Jessie. They are not only fellow dancers but my best. I just know it is gossip they are after. I do not even know what to tell them if I do not even know myself what just happened.

“Well, I was going to say when you stated you lacked some passion,” Tammy walks up to where I am standing.

“But girl, that dam shower was on fire,” Jessie comes over to joins us.

“Oh god,” a clasp my hand in front of my mouth. “I was so hoping that no one saw that.”

“I would have been pissed off if I didn’t,” Jessie says. “I mean you go and choose the hottest ass in town.”

“Hell yeah,” Tammy agrees with her. “What were you thinking. Damn, that boy is seriously got ti going.”

“So, tell us how it felt?” Jessie asks.

I close my eyes and playback every scene and every moment. His hard-sculpted chest that was so firmly pushed up against my breasts. And that firm ass, he did not even notice when I grabbed it. His soft lips that were locked onto mine, exploring me ever so soft and gentle, but…but the lust and passion. But what get me the most was the power of him rubbing against me.

I can feel the heat creep to my cheeks as I think of him and smile. “Mmm. The boy was absolutely yum”.

“Come on, girl,” Jessie encourages me. “You gotta give us more than that.”

But what Tammy says next, “You don’t go around kissing Christian Caine and get away with it.”

I stop…then...I breathe…I remember to breathe again. I look a Tammy in absolute shock, “Chris…Christian Caine?”

“The one and only girl,” Jessie nods and smiles. “Don’t tell me you don’t know who he is?”

“Oh, god.”

“Damn girl,” Jessie continues to say. “You got him all hot and bothered, and from what I hear he is the one doing the bothering.”

“And now he wants me to go sit at his table.”

“Well, we were going to have to sit there any case,” Tammy starts explaining. “The Queen is out to drill us tonight.”

“No,” I stop her before she can continue. “He said, and I quote ‘not because you get paid, because you want to.’”

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Tammy asks.

“Tammy, I am so out of his league, he would not even think about me once he steps out that door.”

“Girl, you just gave the boy the show of his life, do not leave a man like that hanging and beg for more.”

“I guess you are right; what harm will a little schoolgirl crush to on a man like Christian Caine?”

With newfound urgency, I furiously scratch for my best hot spanky outfit to wear. I grab my dryer for a few minutes to run through my hair. Next, I slip my legs into my black stiletto boots and zip them all the way up to the top. I give myself one final look and put a fresh coat of deep cherry red lipstick on. I slip my phone and my lipstick into my boots and turn to the girls to ask for a nod of approval.

“You got this one in the bag,” Jessie says, giving me an enthusiastic thumbs up.

“Hahaha,” I burst out laughing. “There is not even a bag, Jessie. This boy is only mine for tonight.”

We bundle up in a group together and head out the dressing room. As we go to find their table, he is nowhere to be seen. My heart drops at the thought that he has left and even more that he has left without saying goodbye.

But it is time to work, so there is no time for disappointment over things that should not even happen. We soon find ourselves at the table, and I know…it is time to put that fake smile on.

“Hello, ladies,” the tall man with dark blonde hair says.

“Evening gents,” Tammy is the first one to greet him.

“Are you lovely ladies sitting with us tonight?” the man with the dark brown curly hair asks.

“Well, we would not be standing here if we weren’t.”

“Are we only getting you three for the night?”

“Hold on there, Rambo,” Jessie blurts out. “Do you want me to go grab you, Paulina, over there as well?”

He looks over to Paulina and just shakes his head. “Uhm…no I think we would rather pass”.

Now Paulina, let’s just say that Paulina caters for the man that comes here looking for a real blonde bimbo. Sometimes I wonder if there is not enough face for her make up.

The girls sit with the boys while I find a spot open on the other side. I was so hoping that I would see him, just to spend a moment longer with him tonight.

While the guys seem to be into Tammy and Jessie, I might as well send a quick message to my mother. She knows what type of work I do even though she disapproves, but still she worries about me every night.

I move my chair a slight bit back and unzip my boot to find my phone that has fallen in all the way down…Suddenly I hear a man speak…

“What else do you have hiding in there?”

...Christian POV...

Have I just made a complete fool of myself? There is the beautiful woman, and I fully take advantage of her supple lips the very moment I can. Then asking her to come sit by me like a little schoolboy. My stupid nearly makes me flee the club immediately, but instead I step outside to get myself together before I head back inside.

When I make my way back through the doors, I see her sitting there waiting. My stomach is fluttering like a million small butterflies; I love the way she is making me feel, but it also saddens me so for I know that beyond tonight, there can be nothing between us.

I chuckle to myself as I see her reach under the table and slowly unzip her boots…then she takes out her phone. She comes up too fast and bumps her head against the table, messing her drink all over her hotpants and legs.

“Fuck! Ouch! That is going to leave a bump. Where did you come sneaking up from?”

“I had to get some fresh air after you had me all so hot under the collar,” I explain.

“I thought you had left?” she says as the disappointment leaves her face.

“And leave without saying goodbye?” I ask. “Now what type of many would it make me?′

“Makes you Christian Caine; that is the type of man it makes you.”

“Ah,” I remark at her comment. “So, I see you have figured that out, now tell me, Cassandra, does that bother you?”

“How…how do you know my name is Cassandra?”

“Wild guess…or…or maybe I know more about you than you think.”

Her cheeks go that rose color ted as I take a chair and pull up closer to her; if I ever thought that the heat I felt in the shower was only the water, then being so close definitely says that I am wrong.

My eyes can’t help to wonder down to her lips again; every part of me wants to kiss them. Instead, I put my hand on her knee and slowly run it up her leg. “Can I tell you a little secret?”


“You are wet.”

She pushes my hand away in an instant and moves her chair even further from me. “I am not!”

I point over to her legs and laugh. She has not noticed the contents of her drink has messed all over her legs, which tells me that she is feeling that very same feeling that I am feeling for her. That heat that is creeping up from under and threatening to consume me.

“Your drink Cassie, you have messed your drink on your legs.”

“Oh…I am sorry…I thought…I thought you were…”

“Having naughty thoughts of you in my head?”

“Yes, something like that,” she shyly admits.

“Mmm, maybe I am,” I tease her. “Can I get you a towel for that?”

“For my dirty thoughts?”

“Hahaha,” I burst out laughing. “Okay, if you want, the bouncers can give you one.”

I head away from the table, but before I can reach the bouncers, my phone starts ringing. I check the call to see that it is from my father. I need to take this call. I find a quiet place far from the people and press to answer. “Yes, dad?”

“I need you!”

I drop the call and head over back to the table.

“Boys, we have to go.”

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