Always Forever

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They said that we would be Always Forever. I hope it stays that way...!

Romance / Drama
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The Beginning

Hello there my name is Teddi, and I would like to just write about my life with the most amazing person anyone could ever wish for. I know it sounds cheesy but it’s true.

It was just a normal day of me scrolling through Pinterest, but then I see a notification pop up on the side of the screen saying that someone had commented on one of my posts. So I got interested and decided to click on it, I see that it was someone called Hannah.Cloud, then I look a little lower to the comment written. It said “oml you’re so cute <3”. I thought to myself - woah , someone actually thinks I’m cute - and I decided to text them to see if they wanted to be my friend.

So on 19/12/2020 at 22:10 I asked her in these exact words,
“Hi, erm sorry but I was wondering if you wanted to be friends’. Then I said a bunch of things about them telling me I’m cute and that no one has ever said that before to me. I then said thank you and waited. Then the next day at 11:27 I get a text from them, it reads,
“I’d love to be friends”.

To be completely honest I thought they would just leave me on read and abandon me. So when I read that I was very surprised.

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