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My brother love's me so much. He even quit college for me. Matt loves me. He even moved I with us to help. But I am realizing something that I don't think they are ready for.....

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Little Sister

I was 16 when I got the news that my mother and father was in a tragic accident. My father passed away on the seen of the wreak My mother was rushed to the hospital and was placed into a medically induce coma. My brother was away at college two hours away from here. He had already received the phone call.

I sat by my mother side by my self for what seemed for hours. I turned when I heard her door opening and there stood my 6 foot 4 handsome brother. His face was a tear stain, his beautiful hazel eyes met mine. He pulled me from the chair and held me so tight. He has always been so loving towards me. Oh baby girl I am sorry I wasnt here. he whispered in my ear. it is ok Bubby, no one could have known a drunk driver was going to be out at 2 in the afternoon.

After a few minutes he put me down for me to only be grabbed into another set of manly strong arms. My Matty, Matt has been my brothers best friend for as long as I can remember. He was like another big brother to me.

After a few days Chad and Matt had to go back to school. I was OK, I could take care of my self. We thought my mother was doing better and would be home in no time. Chad called me every day after school. I had my friend Brianna and my sweet boyfriend Cayden. We have been together for a few months now.

The day I got called out of class I had the worst ever feeling. I walked into the office and there was my brother, Matt, and an officer. Chad grabbed me Mia baby I am so sorry He was crying I knew I mother had gone to be with my father.

With me only being 16, I would need a guardian. Seeing how Chad was 22, he was able to sign the papers. I had told him that he could go back to college and I would be OK I had a job and our parents left enough money for me to pay the bills. My brother being the loving man he is would not leave me alone.

Chad and Matt both came home to be with me. Within a week they both had good jobs. Chad went to work at the truck yard as a mechanic. He has always liked working on cars and trucks. Matt got a job with a construction company. Both places were not to far from the diner I worked at.

They both worked so hard to take care of me. I dont understand why, though. I asked Chad all the time why he quit school and came home Now what kind of brother would I be if I just left my baby sister all alone? I wouldnt be alone, I would have had Brianna and Cayden.

After a few weeks of my brother being back, he was not too happy with me being with Cayden. He had heard about his family or whatever. I didnt have a problem with him having 14 brother and sisters. I guess what pissed my brother off was he had 4 dads and one mother. They live in some type of poly thing. I thought it was cool. It wasnt long after we broke up that him and his 2 older brothers had to go to some camp.

I kept myself busy with school and work to really have time for a boyfriend anyhow. Plus with Chad and Matt working so hard, they were always so tired when they came home. I would try to have their dinner ready for them and make sure the house was cleaned. During the week we didnt get to spend much time together, but with us living in a small town a lot of the places were closed on Sundays. We spent Sundays just hanging out like old times. Either cooking out, Matt was a really good cook also or having a big dinner after the guys and their buddies watched the game. I tried taking care of Chad and Matt like they took care of me. I love them both so much.

Chad finally got a girl friend. She was really pretty, her name was Clair. She works at the bar that they would go to after work on Saturday nights. She was nice to me most of the time but I felt that she was jealous of me. I didnt understand, I am Chads sister.

I wondered why Matt never brought home any girls. He told me that he was waiting for the one that he has had his eye on for a long time now. She is gonna be a lucky woman. Matt is a little shorter than Chad but built the same. He has tattoos on his chest, back and arms. Thats a major turn on for me.

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