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Playing house

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Hes just protective

A couple of weeks has gone by, and I was watching my brother change. He has not had Clair over that much anymore. He has been coming straight home form work, which he use to go and hang out with her at the bar after work.

I have been catching him watching me. He has been asking me more about where and what I am doing also. I know he worries about me. He is just being my big brother.

One night my car broke down at work and I had to get a ride for a co-worker. The boy did that piss him off. I thought I would not hear the end of it. He was pissed because I did not call him or Matt. I didnt want to bother them because they have to get up so early for work. So now on the nights that I close he picks me up and Matt drives my car home.

One night Clair was over when I got home from work. I had to get a ride because Chad never showed up. I had just figured they fell asleep.

When I walked in I heard yelling coming from the kitchen. I didnt want to be nosy but then I heard Chair yell..What are you fucking in love with her? Chad, are you fucking her? Oh my god you are a sick mother fucker or should I say You are a sister fucker! Chad didnt say anything back to her. There is no way my brother would cheat, thats not how he is.

I quickly ran up to my room thinking no one heard me, I was wrong. Mia baby girl is that you? Matt yelled from the game room.Yeah Matty, it is only meI yelled back throwing myself down on my bed. I tried to get what I just heard out of my mind, but with being able to still hear them fighting that was not going to happen. A few minutes later I hear someone tap on my door. I kind of figured that it was Matt. Yeah What is going on down there, baby? Matt asked as he opened my door slowly and sat on the bed next to me. I smiled at him because he was acting so cute.I dont know, they were yelling when I came in. I think Chad is fucking Clairs sister. God, why does he look so freaking sexy right now. I wonder if he knows I have a crush on him. HMM, Baby girl Clair doesnt have a sister. He said with his head resting on his hand slightly turned looking at me. Then why is she calling him a sister fucker?

For a while Matt and I talked about school and things like that. We was taking turns going downstairs to get either a drink or snacks just to be nosy. About 3 hours later they were still frighting, over what we had not figured out. We decided to try and go to bed. Matt went to walk out then he turned and asked Want me to lay in here with you until you fall asleep? Please if you dont mind...I dont like hearing Chad yell... It's scaring me.I would do anything for you, Baby. He said with a sexy ass grin on his face. He took his shirt off and I could not help but to stare at his gorgeous chest.What ya looking at, you see something you like baby girl? He asked as he threw his shirt at me.Hmm I dont know I might like it... you just lost your shirt.? I put his shirt on taking my bra off and pulled it out from the bottom of it. I took my shorts off and tossed them on the floor.

He reached over and turned the light off and not even 5 minutes later I heard him snoring. I giggled and laid next to the man I have had a crush on for a long time. All of a sudden I felt his big arm wrap around my waist, me pulling me closer to him. Oh my I can not believe I am laying here in his arms.

........The next morning......

I woke up with a very heavy arm wrapped around my waist and a very handsome face in my neck. I tried moving his arm, so I could go to the bathroom. Baby if you do not stop wiggling that fine ass of your on my cock you are going to have to take care of it for me. Snickering and kissing my ear and neck.Really Matty, I have to go pee. Please let me up! I whispered to him. He finally let go of me. He rolled over on his back so when I got up I would have to straddle him to get out of bed. Mmmm I would never get tired of this He whispered as he lifted his hips pushing his very hard huge cocl into my now wet pussy. UGH!!!!!

After getting done in the bathroom I head to the kitchen. I try to be as quiet as I can be, god only knows how late Chad and Chlair were up fighting. I went to make the coffee and I saw it was already made. I turned around to get my creamer out of the frig and I hit a very hard chest. My hands landed on his chest as I looked up at Chad. His eyes looked full of rage. I have never seen him like this before. I brace myself so I wouldnt fall. I had forgotten that I was only wearing Matts t-shirt and my panties. Hey Chaddy Poo you ok ? Do not fucking Chaddy Poo me. He said in a very angry tone. What the fuck is this? He said as he grabbed Matts t-shirt So you are fucking Matt huh?What?... Oh god NO Chad. He just was laying with me until I fell asleep, but he ended up falling asleep as well. He leaned down and whispered in my ear You are not a fucking slut dont let it happen again! He grabbed me by my arm and pushed me up against the wall really hard. I felt myself starting to cry when he leaned to my ear again and whispered No one is to be sleeping in your bed buy YOU... Do you understand me, little SISTER? I have never seen my brother like this before. I just stood there with tears falling down my face staring him in his eyes. I have let my brother down the only person I have left. I am so sorry Chad I promise i will not let it happen again. I told him as I kissed him on his cheek and ran to my room.

Matt was still laying in my bed. I feared what would happen if Chad followed me up here. Matt, you need to get up and go to your room. He rolled over and looked up at me with his sexy brown eyes. He saw that I was crying, and he shot up out of my bed. He went to reach for me and that is when he saw the red mark on my arm. Baby what happened? I thought we had a good time together last night. He came closer to me Did Chad do this baby girl?Nothing happened Matt, Nothing can happen between us. I am fine. You have to go now please I grabbed a shirt and ran to the bathroom taking his shirt off putting my own on. I walked into my room to find him standing with his arm crossed his chest holding his other up while it held his chin up. Here is your shirt Matt He went to grab it and grabbed me instead by my waist.Baby I will always be here, You can tell me anything. I care so much about you beautiful.

I heard what he said, but Chad is not happy with what is going on. He put his life on hold for me.

Matt, you are like a brother to me, Think you for staying with me, but you have to go please.

I stand in the middle of my room watching him walk out of my room. Knowing what I had to do to keep Chad happy. I decided right then I would not talk to no more boys until I was 18 and then maybe Chad could go back to school and become what he wanted to become. I ruined my brother's life.

I get my clothes ready for today and go to the bathroom to take a shower. I was washing my hair when I heard the bathroom door open . Hello, I'm in here get out now I open the curtain just enough to see out and Matt is standing there.

" Your brother aint to happy with us right nowThen why are you in here get out I yelled at him in a whispered voice." Im not giving up baby girl.... I always get what I want..... And I want you I have wanted you for a while now. He looks me in the eye saying as he walked out.

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