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A 70s cowboy and a beautiful cowgirl fall in love at the age of fourteen. New adventures, new people. Yes they have their ups and downs but they always know how to fix them. This is their story!! I have been writing this book ever since the sixth grade. I am now in high school. Hope y’all enjoy this book. I love you all❤️❤️

Romance / Adventure
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The New Kid

One day in the year 1972 in Houston, Texas a boy with blond hair and beautiful blue eyes walked into a huge white rectangular building with the words Canterwood High School. He was the "new kid" to all the people in his 9th grade homeroom.
Mrs. Andrews the homeroom and 12th grade calculus teacher clapped to get everyone's attention. "Now everyone we have a new student joining us this year, Peter Evans!" she exclaimed clapping. Some kids clapped some didn't. "Peter you can go and take a seat," she continued. As Peter went to sit down the school bully raced to the seat Peter was going for. "Sorry this seat is taken," he snarled. He was kinda tall and had red hair. Freckles scattered his face. "Sorry," replied Peter nervously and sat in a seat in the back of the room.

Hi, my name is Peter Evans, I'm 13 years old and sadly going to Canterwood High School. It's not that I hate school it's just different. I moved to Houston from Huntington,West Virginia, and I'm used to having a smaller class.

When History class came, the chance for Peter to talk to a girl was coming. "Is this seat taken?" asked a girl with curly blonde hair, blue eyes, and freckles. "Yes... by you," said Peter nervously. As the girl sat down Peter felt a weird feeling in his stomach. " I'm Sarah Wells," she said smiling and holding out her hand. "I'm Peter. Peter Evans," he replied smiling back and shaking her hand.

When school was over, all Peter could think about was Sarah. "Sarah Wells, Sarah Wells," he said to himself. When dinner time came around Peters mom said to him, "So the Wells family invited us over for dinner tomorrow night," she said with a fork full of carrots. Peter chocked on his milk. "Wells," he said clearing his throat. "Yes, Wells," she replied.
After dinner Peter tried to find his "good clothes" that he wears for church but all he could find is jeans and an old flannel shirt.
The next day Sarah came up to Peter and asked him about coming over for dinner. "Are you excited?" she asked with a smile. "Yeah," he replied with a smile. "What are we having anyways?" "It's a surprise," Sarah replied with a smile."Ok, see you in history," she Send walking away. "See you then," Peter added.

As the went on all Peter could think about was dinner. When Peter got home he got ready right away. When Mrs. Evans stepped into the house she was greeted by nervous chaos.
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