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The Dinner

"What are you wearing?" Mrs. Evans questioned looking at what her son. "What do you mean?" Peter replied turning around. "What happened to that nice shirt and khakis I bought you?" Mrs. Evans asked dismissing what her son had said. "I don't know, I've looked everywhere," Peter explained. "Can I just wear this?" He added. "Fine," his mother said displeased as she walked out of the room.

When the Evans got to the Wells house Peter's heart was racing. Before Sarah's mom open the door Peter calmed himself. "Amanda, Chris welcome," Mrs.Wells exclaimed opening the door. "Hey Peter," boomed a voice from behind him. "Oh, hey Sarah," he said while he hugged her. "I need to tell you something later," they said in unison. "Whoa that was weird," Sarah admitted with a face. Peter nodded in agreement. As everyone was eating dinner Peter couldn’t keep his eyes of Sarah.

“How could a girl be so kind and look so beautiful at the same time. How is it she doesn't have a boyfriend,” Peter thought to himself.
"So Peter, Sarah tells me that you play baseball," Mr. Wells started breaking Peter from his thoughts. "Uh, Yes sir," Peter said looking at the man at one end of the table. "What's your favorite team?" Mr. Wells added holding a spoonful of mashed potatoes to his mouth. "The New York Yankees sir," Peter added.

As the night carried on the only thing left on Peter's mind was what Sarah wanted to tell him. After dinner Sarah asked Peter if she could speak with him privately. Peter agreed and Sarah took his hand leading them upstairs. Sarah being confident as she was beautiful led the blond headed boy to her room.

When Peter stepped into her room a strong scent of fresh cut roses and vanilla filled his nose. "Is this your room?" Asked Peter looking around in astonishment. "Uh, yeah do you not like it?" She asked fear taking over her tone. "I love it never knew a girl could have that many boots," Peter assured her. "So Peter," Sarah started. "earlier we both had something to say to each other," she continued. "Yeah we did," he said standing up walking over to meet her eyes. Peter was tall for his age so of course he towered over Sarah. "but as always ladies first," he jokingly continued. Sarah took a deep breath then spoke. "Ok I like you and if you don't like me back it's.." Sarah began but was interrupted by Peter. Peter leaned down to meet Sarah's lips and kissed her deeply. "I've liked you ever since I saw you in history," Peter said braking away to look at her.

It was now time to go and Peter was feeling better than ever. That night when Sarah went to bed she felt like the happiest girl in the world. The next couple of weeks Peter and Sarah spent every day together, they were inseparable. On September 15th Peter got the courage to ask Sarah on a date. When Sarah excepted Peter smiled and kissed her.
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