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Brittany Marcus was struggling to get a job after graduating college, her brother convinced his best friend, Billionaire architect Jack Cohen to grant his sister a job interview at his company. Both of them fight hard the attraction they feel for each other until they couldn’t anymore. Letting the sparks and passion take over them. Having a not dating policy at his company and Brittany being his best friend little sister, they knew they had to keep their relationship a secret for a while. After figuring some things out, they had the perfect plan before coming out to light about them being together to Brittany’s family and the company, but everything blew out before they thought when their little secret got Brittany pregnant.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1


Monday; 7;15 AM.

I woke up with the bright light of the sun hitting my face. "what that fu.." I rolled and picked up my phone "Damn I'm late for work!!" I jumped out of my bed and ran to the bathroom, brushing my teeth and getting dressed at the same time. “My brother is going to kill me!” I said all loud.

My brother Jensen is the reason I got this job. He happened to be best friend with the billionaire Jack Cohen. My brother was a smart kid and always kept excellent grades. That helped him to get into one of the ivy Universities. That’s where he and Jack met. After I graduated college I was struggling trying to get a job. Because I don’t have the experience they were looking for. So my brother called Jack and asked him to grant me an interview. One interview and I got hired on the spot. At the time of my interview, I didn’t know what the job was. I almost had a mini stroke when the woman who interviewed me, told me that I will be one of Mr. Cohen personal assistant.

Although Mr. Cohen is my brothers best friend, I never met him before. Which makes me a little nervous, cause I’ve seen pictures of him and he doesn’t look bad himself.

I will try to gain the most experienced I can get. I recently graduated college. Major in business but I made the mistake of not getting into any internship. I decided to dedicated 100% going thru my classes and get out of college the soon as possible. Now I’m regretting that decision. I have the degree but not the “experience”.

I know I got this job as a favor made to my brother. But anyways, I’m really grateful for this opportunity and I swore I was going to give my best.

And now I’m running late on my first day of work. After running back and forth I grabbed my phone and my purse and called a cab. Finally when I was on my way my phone started to ring “shut..” is my brother.. “Oh hey! Um how you doing?”

“Britt why does it sound like you are in traffic?”
“Um mayybee I’m a little bit late?”
“Wtf Britt! You should be there by now! I told you to not screw this up!
“I know, I know but my alarm clock let me down and didn’t work this morning. Please Jen don’t make me more nervous than what I am already.”

“Okay, please at least tell me you are almost there”
“Um yes, actually I think I just got here, I will call you later Jen byeee” then I hung up. I took a deep breath paid the taxi and got out of the car. Wow it’s a huge building.

I rushed myself inside and walked over the receptionist. “Hi, my name is Brittany Marcus and is my first day”. She looked at me up and down and then looked at the time. “Um I know, I’m fifteen minutes late” I said with a mortified face. “Yes you are. Not a good impression on your first day young lady. Get the elevator to the top floor. Mr Cohen is waiting for you in his office.

After saying my thanks I ran to the elevator and up I went. Damn I am so nervous. I’m god damn late on my FIRST day!!! Way to go Britt.. after the elevator ding and opened the door I got out running but ended up crushing myself into a human wall.

“Ouch! Oh my God I’m so sorry I-I’m, um”
-“Are you okay?” I opened my eyes and looked up and lord Jesus, this guy is gorgeous. A tall, muscle build body, black hair and the most beautiful blue eyes that I’ve ever seen. Seriously, pictures don’t do justice of how attractive this guy really is.

My heart started beating a thousand miles per hour. Running and collapsing into him was definitely not the way I thought I was going to meet Jack Cohen.

“Yes I am ok! I’m Brittany, Brittany Marcus” handing my hand for a handshake.

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