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Raising the Waters

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“What could I possibly help you with?” I ask. I’m more than confused.

“The werewolves are at war with an unknown person or group. We are trying desperately to find out who is causing so many problems for our packs. We aren’t having much luck other than learning that whomever it is, is using dark magic.” The king says.

“Dark magic? That sounds like something way above my ability level.” I say.

I know that I have some skill and that I’m not a lover ranked witch, but I have nothing that would help me against someone of that power. Dark magic is dangerous and difficult to use. Who ever is using it has to be beyond mine or anyone I can think of ability. If I‘m completely honest with myself, I would be terrified to fight with such a person.

“Gracan dear I think you underestimate yourself greatly. You are the strongest amplifier alive and I’ve just learned that you can teleport. You are more skilled than you give yourself credit for.” Helena says, giving me a soft smile. “The king needs you to help one pack that is struggling with their powers.”

I look over at the king who is watching my every move. It’s like he’s watching the most fascinating thing he’s ever seen. I’m guessing that he has spent little time around witches, or at least ones that amplify. I try to straighten my back and look like I have some confidence in myself. It only takes a few seconds for me to feel like an idiot, and I stop and slouch into my normal position.

“The water pack is a group of wolves who have had a hard last ten years. A group of rogue witches killed their previous alpha and luna. One witch in the coven wanted the alpha for herself, and when he would leave his mate, she sought vengeance. They killed both alpha and luna in front of their thirteen-year-old son. They left Jackson to take over a pack and raise his infant brother.” The king says.

My heart aches for the young boy who had so much placed on his small shoulders. No child should have to live through losing his parents and throwing becoming a parent on top of it would be harder than I can imagine. I’m sure he had helped leading his pack, but it must have felt like the Goddess had turned her back on the boy.

“If I go there and try to help, would they be receptive to me?” I ask.

“I don’t think that Jackson will be easy to deal with at all. He detests witches, so it will be hard to get him on board with everything. The rest of the pack seems to have an understanding that not all witches are like the coven that they had to deal with. After the damage they had done, the coven disappeared. All the witch community had put a bounty out on all their heads for their crimes.” He says.

I think back and I remember when that happened. I was still a child myself, but I knew that the group of witches had to have done something horrible for the covens to go after them like that. Helena had cried when she learned of what had happened. But being the good mother figure she was, I never knew the horrors of what had happened.

“Gracan even if the alpha of the pack is resistant to your help you can still help the others in the pack. They all need the help and if their lives are on the line, then we cannot stand back and do nothing.” Helena says.

“I understand. I will go, but I will not stay if I feel that the alpha will endanger my life. I will put my life on the line protecting others, but not because of a grudge.” I say.

The king smiles and I think my answer has made him happy. I have a feeling deep in the pit of my stomach that this will not be a simple job for me. The alpha will most likely fight me the entire way, but I will do everything in my power to protect those who need it. I was once the one who needed someone to come in and protect me. I was the girl that needed someone to step in and show me love and prevent me from turning into a dark person and witch. To this pack, I will try to be that.

“If you are alright with it Helena, I would like to take her with me in the morning. The attacks on the packs are getting worse and I know that with Gracan’s help the water pack will stand a better chance.” the king says.

“Is that alright with you Gracan?” Helena asks.

“Yes. That will give me time to gather everything I will need. Your majesty will there be a place that I can stay and store my things?” I ask.

“It’s just Atlas for you dear, and yes. I have made sure that you have a house off to yourself so that you can have your privacy.” he says, smiling.

“Well then, I will get to it.” I tell them.

Helena and the king leave my home and head to the main house. My mind works overtime thinking of all the things that I may need for the trip. I want to pack the things that I cannot locate once I’m in the pack. I make a list first and then pack my trunk. Most of the witches in the coven have given me a hard time about the way I use older objects in my life. Most, if not all, of them have embarrassed some technologies of this world, while I have not. Power and running water have been as far as I’ve gone.

I like the older objects that I surround myself with. They have character and make me feel like I’m a part of a world that has long since passed. I like to imagine what my life would have been like if I had lived a hundred years ago. I like to think that I would have fit in more than I do now. Although the coven treats me as one of their own, I know that I’m not the same as most of them.

I shake my head and start packing all the things that are on the list. I take care to make sure that everything has its place and that nothing will be broken during the travel. Once I’m satisfied, I take the rest of the day to meditate and think about what I’m going to experience. I know no one in the pack and that is a frightening thing for me. This will be my greatest test. I have always feared the unknown. I also think about how I plan to handle the alpha who will no doubt be unkind to me. My thoughts turn dark, and I know I need to focus on the light.

Magic is something that you must practice one way or the other. You are a part of the light or part of the darkness. I want more than anything to be a part of the light. There is nothing on this earth that appeals to me the way the light does. I want my heart and soul to shine brighter than anything. In order for that to happen, I must focus on the light. I send a silent prayer out to the universe begging for its help to keep me focused during my time with the Water pack. I fear there will be a lot of things to focus me on in darkness.

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