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Lily is a lonely girl been made fun of her whole life has no friends her dad gets a new job and the whole family and now she's going to private school and a snooty nonetheless come embark on her journey oh how she find with not 1 but 2 men

Romance / Erotica
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My name is Lily

Hey guys my name is lily and today I move to California from Boston because dad got a promotion am I excited.... Absolutely not just another place so I can be made fun of for being fat and ugly and to have no friends
Only good thing is my cousin lives there and even though she's is beautiful and I'm not me and her get along great! So here I go saying goodbye to the house I know and onto my next adventure....
So while I travel to my new lovely abode
.... (SARCASM) let me tell you a little more about myself, I'm about 5'7 or 5'8 depending on what my license says I have red curly hair that's not long and freckles all over my face and very pasty white skin. I'm an only child my parents decided one was enough but I had my cousin with me so not lonely, my mother is stunning very skinny and has very long legs you'd never think she has an 18 year old frumpy daughter that's look like me only thing I got from her is her red hair and pasty skin as for my father he's chunky and short and has blue green eyes wish I got that! their height difference is kinda funny but very cute they have a great relationship and really love each other they never made me feel ugly or less than others but it's hard to always believe your parent when everyone else is telling you the complete opposite. On my free time I love reading romance books since my love life will always be non existent, love watching old TV shows from when I was growing up and listening to music I don't have any friends never been easy for someone like me... Well enough with the sad part we just got to the new house I can only hope school will not be hell.

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